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10 Discontinued Oreos We Would Do Anything To Eat Again


10 Discontinued Oreos We Would Do Anything To Eat Again

Oreos are the world’s best-selling cookies, having sold 450 million cookies since they were first created in 1912 (that’s right, they’re over 100 years old!). Nowadays, they are available in over 100 different countries, and an insane amount of flavors. Unfortunately, with so many new types coming out, some amazing flavors have been axed along the way. These gorgeous Oreos are gone but not forgotten, and many us would love to see them return. In the modified words of Meatloaf, I would do anything for these discontinued Oreos…

10. Double Delight Oreo

Is one flavor of filling just not enough for you? Well, unfortunately, you’re 15 years too late to experience the bliss of doubling up the flavor of Oreos. These premiered in 1987, and the first flavor out was peanut butter and chocolate. This half-and-half Franken cookie sounds monstrously good. They also had a little extra crème filling so you can really get a mouthful of these flavors. This smooth peanut butter surrounded by crunchy biscuit is a surprising resolution to the crunchy vs smooth peanut butter debate, as it sits somewhere on the fence. A treat that everyone can enjoy! Although these were discontinued, they were good enough to be later revived in 2003, as well as a few other combos. Nabisco released mint and cream, and coffee and cream flavour alongside the peanut butter and chocolate. According to reviews, the mint and cream flavour tasted like Thin Mints, but with an added cookie crunch. As a mint lover, this sounds delicious to me. As for the coffee and cream, I can’t think of a better biscuit for dunking during your coffee break. It’s definitely an Oreo that adults will love. All the flavour without the caffeine, and with much more sugar. All in all, the double delights are a varied collection of well-paired tastes which need to be back on our shelves ASAP.

9. Lemon Meringue Oreo

I bet you haven’t heard of this one. No, it’s not an obscure flavor that was only released for 8 days on some remote island – it was actually one of the original Oreo flavors. Back in 1912, Oreos began filling the shelves for the first time, but the chocolate crème wasn’t the only flavor they were unveiling. That’s right, they released Lemon Meringue flavour with it! While both were popular to start with, it was soon outcompeted by the chocolate Oreo, and the flavour was eventually discontinued in 1921. Legend says that the cookie paired a tart lemon crème with sweet vanilla biscuits to create the creamy concoction. You might be thinking, ‘how do we know its any good, it went away years ago!’. While it might not have been exciting enough in the good old days, we are surrounded by chocolate crème cookies nowadays, so is it too much to ask for something a little different? Oreo is experimenting with flavours all the time, but maybe we should go back to simpler times, and simpler flavours. Times have changed, and I think we’re more than ready for a taste of the classic Lemon Meringue from days gone by. Let’s relive the Roaring 20’s, using these vintage Oreos.

8. Oreo Magic Dunkers

Magic dunkers were a wonder of Oreo engineering, and had an experimental twist to them. Before I reveal the magic, and am then expelled from the Magic Circle, I’ll give a little context. Its 2000, and Oreos are getting very popular, but still want to reach out more to kids. Nabisco, the Oreo company, do a little market research into their consumers. This reveals that lots of children twist, lick and dunk their cookies in milk before they eat them. Armed with this information, the Oreo scientists got to work on making a snack which could make eating Oreos a little more magical. It took more than a year to design, but they eventually developed a cookie that could make the milk turn blue upon dunking, without changing the taste or appearance of the Oreo itself. Even better, the more you dunk, the bluer the milk. It would also dye your tongues and hands, just like an ice pop, but this could be easily washed off with water. It may have been almost 20 years ago that these were released, but kids have not changed. Do they still want their tongues to turn blue? Yes! Do they want to drink strangely coloured milk? Of course! Give the people what they want! All I’m saying is, we could all use a little more magic in our snacks.

7. Apple Pie Oreo

Apple Pie Oreos were released as a limited edition Oreo in 2016, and made a comeback the following year for Labor Day in the USA. As the apple pie is an iconic American food, the timing was perfect, and the cookies were incredibly popular. Oreo replicated the flavour of this classic with many changes to the standard Oreo. The first was using a graham cracker instead of the normal vanilla or chocolate flavours. This added some cinnamon flavour to every bite, replicating the crust texture and flavour of an apple pie. They also changed the filling to a smooth, silky and sweet green apple, that is tart enough to balance the sweetness. Sounds so good! And it can get even better than that! As a twist on the classic Oreo and milk, people have recommended eating them with ice cream, just like regular apple pie! Smashing them up and sprinkling them over ice cream is the ultimate hack for making a really tasty dessert in seconds. This is exactly why we need the back. They’re amazing to enjoy on their own, and even better as a dessert, while still staying true to the taste of this American staple. Fingers crossed that they’ll resurrect them again soon. Roll on Labor Day!

6. Oreo Dunkers

These delicious dunkers hit shelves in 2006 for a limited time only and were a re-imagining of the classic chocolate and cream Oreo. You might be thinking ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’, but allow me to convince you that the Oreo design is indeed broken, and it doesn’t have to be. By now, we are all aware of the best way to eat an Oreo – with a glass of milk, of course! However, the classic circle shape is less than ideal for its dunking destiny. Not only is it too big to fit in some glasses, but it’s also hard to get the biscuit properly dunked without also getting milky fingers. Amazingly, Nabisco managed to solve this age-old problem by creating Oreo Dunkers, which were oval-shaped biscuits designed specifically for navigating narrow glasses. These were the answers to my prayers, but were shockingly short-lived, leaving us with broken hearts and milky fingers yet again. People have rushed to the market to solve this problem in a different way, inventing items such as Oreo dunking tongs and spoons that wrap around the Oreo during dunking. For those without the cash for such a niche gadget, a method of choice is to stab the creme with a fork, instead of getting your hands dirty. Clearly, the people are crying out for a solution! Oreo Dunkers were the ultimate answer to the dunking conundrum. No cutlery, no gadgets, just Oreo and milk.

5. Uh-Oh! Oreo

Although the name is quite a tongue twister, you’ll definitely want to get your mouth around these gorgeous golden treats. The Uh-oh Oreo was created in 2003, and actually managed to last a quite a few years, and was rebranded in 2007 as ‘Golden Oreos’. The story behind the interesting name is explained in the 2003 ad. Supposedly, one day in the Oreo factory, a worker broke the machine, which resulted in the creation of an inverted Oreo. Wondering what that might look like? The Uh-Oh Oreo is, in fact, a chocolate cream sandwiched between two vanilla wafers. Although this may be the same combination on paper, the taste was surprisingly different, offering a lighter biscuit and sweeter taste. This name was later scrapped in favour of the name ‘Golden Uh-Oh! Chocolate’, which is good, as it sounds much less like the Oreo might make you unwell.  This was successful at first, and another Uh-Oh type Oreo was brought out, but this time with vanilla filling. These grew to become the Golden Oreos that are still on shelves today. Meanwhile, the chocolate Uh-Oh faded out of existence, and was eventually taken off shelves for good. Golden Oreos are the natural counterparts to classic Oreos nowadays, but there’s still room in that line up for their delicious chocolate version, which is somewhere between the two. For me, it would complete the Oreo range, and add something different, but still delicious, to the Oreo collection.

4. Oreo DQ Blizzard Crème

It might surprise you that this flavour was rolled out not so long ago. For those who haven’t heard of this, this flavour was made in collaboration with Dairy Queen to replicate the flavor of their infamous Blizzard ice cream. This was a stunt by the Blizzard team to mark their 25th birthday. This cookie had some special features, such as a Blizzard vanilla cream centre, with biscuit bits in the cream filling. Many people likened this filling to cake frosting, as it matches the sweetness and vanilla taste. While it was popular, it was on shelves as a limited edition flavor. It was released for one month only, and so many unlucky customers missed the chance to experience the Dairy Queen deliciousness for themselves. But it is lost forever? Well, maybe not. Dairy Queen tastemakers agree that it was out of this world, as they have recently revived this winning combination in their new gravity-defying ice cream. For the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this year, Dairy Queen have launched a galaxy-themed Oreo Blizzard ice cream. Ok, so its not exactly the same, and it has some extra flavors in the mix, but its close enough. This other-worldly Oreo treat might give you an insight into why we are desperate to see this flavour back on shelves again. Although the Blizzard Crème is living on through ice cream, we still want out Blizzard biscuit back!

3. Dulce De Leche Caramel Crème Oreo

These classy caramel confections landed on shelves in 2006 and was mainly sold in Argentina and Chile. This was a controversial flavor and was not an instant hit. Dulce de leche is a popular sweet treat in Latin America and is made by slowly heating milk and sugar. Honestly, it’s tastier than it sounds, and it forms a sweet, thick spread which is added to desserts… and apparently Oreos too! While this did excite many people, some found the Oreos to be a little disappointing. Many believed they were not similar enough in taste to dulce de leche, and were overly sweet. This led to them being discontinued and not revived. Despite the artificial taste receiving an underwhelming reception, people would still like to see these Oreos return to the shelves, but this time done well. As opposed to a revival, these should be given a rebirth. The flavor is beloved by so many, it has the potential to be the new favorite Oreo flavor for people everywhere. So, how can it be redone? Serious Eats has reimagined this Oreo, using store bought dulce de leche spread on top of the classic crème filling. They believe this has the perfect balance of sweet filling and crunchy cookie, which fulfills the high expectations of dulce deliciousness. Just a few changes could take this Oreo flavor from hot mess to ‘oh yes!’.

2. Cinnamon Bun Oreo

Another classic American flavor which has been successfully been converted into a sandwich cookie form. It was released in 2016 as part of the Oreo ‘Wonder vault’ campaign, and was originally meant to be a permanent flavor. This campaign also included the release of caramel apple, watermelon and cotton candy flavors, which were varying in success. Despite being well-liked, these have recently began disappearing from shelves. Pretty mysterious stuff… It just went from cinnamon to cinna-none with absolutely no warning (yes, it’s a cinnamon bun pun – for fun). So, what did they taste like? Apparently, these taste exactly like Dungaroos, and are a pretty good imitation of a cinnamon bun. To achieve the signature taste, they included wafers packed with cinnamon with a delicious frosting filling, in place of the usual vanilla. These have sensational reviews (over 4 stars on Amazon and on Walmart), and are already being missed by loyal buyers. They are clearly delicious, but they also have an extra bonus – they’re vegan! This means more people can eat them, including people with egg or milk allergies! It really is amazing how good it tastes without using any of the animal produce needed for cinnamon buns. Hmmm, another mystery of the Cinnamon Bun Oreo… The plot thickens. The engima that is the Cinnamon Bun Oreo is a sorely missed by Oreo-lovers everywhere. Already, people online are now calling for it to come back soon.

1. Oreo Big Stuf

This retro treat is sorely has been sorely missed since it was discontinued in 1991. Once a big hit in the 1980s, it was a staple of cool lunchboxes everywhere. This gorgeous Oreo was absolutely huge – around 10 times larger than the Oreos we know and love today. They had a whopping 316 calories and 13 grams of fat per biscuit. This is shocking compared to the classic Oreo with 53 calories, and 2.6 grams of fat. As you can imagine, these were pretty unhealthy for kids, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to revive them. There are a few online petitions to bring them back from obscurity. While some of these are just nostalgic, others believe it is a perfectly-sized snack for people on-the-go. Nabisco, the company that makes Oreos, are yet to respond to online pressure to bring this iconic treat back. Luckily for those looking to try this monster of a biscuit, there is a similar product already on the market. Oreo makes an ice-cream sandwich which is roughly the same size of the Big Stuf, and, surprisingly, has fewer calories. The Oreo cream filling is replaced with smooth vanilla ice cream in the sandwich. It is pretty close to thee 80’s classic, apart from it being just a little bit softer. 

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