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10 Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can STILL ORDER! (Part 2)


10 Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can STILL ORDER! (Part 2)

We all have our favorite fast-food restaurant of choice; which is just as well as there are so many to choose from. Within those hallowed grounds of comfort food, we also have our favorite items to order. But what happens when those items disappear from the menu? Or worse still, what if those items get discounted all together? What do we do then? Never fear as there are a few tricks and tips to enjoying your favorite foods once again. Here are 10 Discontinued Fast Food Items You Can Still Order! 

10. Fully Loaded Nachos – Taco Bell

You know that when you hear the words ‘Fully loaded’ in a sentence you instantly know two things; One, it’s going to be bad for you and two, it’s going to be absolutely awesome. That’s exactly what we got with Taco Bell’s Fully Loaded Nachos, and boy do we miss them. These bowls of comfort heaven were released in the winter of 2008, and unfortunately, it was only a limited run and Taco Bell stop the Fully Loaded Nacho in early 2009. The dish itself consisted of a heap of tortilla chips, ground beef, salsa, Guacamole, a three-cheese mix, refried beans, sour cream and topped off with a generous helping of nacho cheese. The Fully Loaded Nachos came in a bowl, made out of tortilla chips. That’s right, you could eat the bowl and all. Heaven truly was a place on Earth for that winter. Anyone looking to recreate this nacho delight can do so fairly easily. Order a Fiesta Taco Salad, which also comes in a tortilla edible bowl, then comes the beef, which must be doubled up. Then just get rid of the lettuce, rice, and tomatoes and swap the cheese for a three-cheese mix and nacho cheese. It may not be quite the same, but it’s close enough for us all to get messy and enjoy it.  

9. Yumbo – Burger King 

Ok, so we admit that this is a bit of a strange choice for our list of discontinued fast food items that you can still get, but we can’t help but be a little ‘out there’ sometimes. Plus, the Yumbo is surprisingly tasty. So let’s get started with this sandwich. The Yumbo is essentially a ham sandwich and it was served with cheese, mayo, salad, and a toasted sesame seed bun. Simple right? Well, not quite. Although the sandwich itself is pretty simple, the Yambo found itself at the center of controversy. The reason for this is because no one could remember this sandwich ever existing. People just couldn’t remember Burger King ever selling the Yumbo. So much so that in 2014 social media starting buzzing that Burger King had actually made this sandwich up for a nostalgic reason. Because of the success of McDonald’s McRib, and the fact that it kept disappearing from the menu, and therefore even mentioning the McRib brings up a wave of nostalgia. People started to genuinely think that Burger King had invented the Yumbo to trick people into  longing for the ‘good old days.’ We have to admit that the Yumbo does have a real 70’s vibe to it. However, the sandwich was real and Burger King really did sell it way back when, so in 2014 Burger King brought it back, for a limited time only of course. But the Yumbo is easy enough to enjoy. All you have to do is go to a Burger King at breakfast time, when they serve ham and cheese, and just ask for it on a sesame seed bun with salad. Simple. 

8. Nacho Crunch Grilled Stuft Burrito – Taco Bell 

Today’s world can be complicated. There’s so much going on and even more ‘jargon’ that goes with it that it is a wonder anyone can understand anything. So, it’s so nice and refreshing when something is just simple and that simplicity comes in the form of Taco Bell’s ‘stuft’ menu. That’s right, no complicated words or description, they didn’t even want to use all the letters to write ‘stuffed.’ That’s exactly how we like it sometimes. We look at the menu and know that all items are stuffed with delicious Taco Bell goodness. Perfect. The Nachos Crunch Grilled Stuft Burrito was one such item. Having a limited run from 2005 to 2006, this burrito came fully ‘stuft’ with a double portion of beef, sour cream, nacho cheese, tomatoes, and crunchy red stripes. How we miss this crunchy burrito so much. But never fear, this is a burrito that is easy to put together. The first thing to do is order the Beefy Nacho Griller from your local Taco Bell, then just add extra beef or you can change the beef for steak if you want that extra meat injection. All that’s left is to add sour cream and tomatoes and you have a near-perfect Nacho Crunch Grilled Stuft Burrito.  

7. Big Bacon Classic -Wendy’s 

Does anything go together better than a burger and bacon? We don’t think so either. During the 1980’s Wendy’s was trying hard to compete with the big fast-food names such as McDonald’s and Burger King. In order to match their famous burgers, especially Burger King’s Whopper, Wendy’s launched the Big Classic. The initial sandwich consisted of a quarter-pound of meat pattie with salad, mayo, ketchup, and pickles, all served in a kaiser style bread roll. Flick forward to the 1990s and Wendy’s re-launched the Big Classic by adding two strips of bacon and re-naming it the Big Bacon Classic. The burger was a big hit for Wendy’s, however, a few years later and Wendy’s was at the re-branding again and the Big Bacon Classic was gone from the menu and replaced with the Baconator. As part of their ‘back to basics’ initiative, Wendy’s Baconator didn’t quite have that same ‘old fashioned’ feel to it that Wendy’s was built on. Whereas the Big Bacon Classic did. So, for everyone craving a Big Bacon Classic, just order the Baconator, or the equivalent bacon burger of the time. Ask for two stripes of bacon and extra salad, which they will either put in the bun for you or give you it on the side.  

6. Twister Wrap – KFC

Life is constantly changing in the fast-food world. Not only are you serving millions of people daily but you have to keep up with what is popular and what isn’t. Not only that but the fast-food giants have to be aware of the growing number of issues with health and allergies. Because of this, fast food menus are constantly changing and adapting to what they think the public wants. Sometimes this can be a good thing as we suddenly get a nice surprise on the menu, and we fall in love with a new mealtime favorite. Sometimes, however, this can be bad as our once-favorite food has either disappeared, been discontinued or worse, has been changed. The replacement’s these restaurants offer us instead pale in comparison to the original item. The KFC Twister Wrap was a popular choice for so many people. That is until they discontinued it completely!  Unfortunately, there is no life hack here in the U.S as all traces of this tasty snack have been removed from KFC menus. However, if you find yourself across the border you can still pick up a Twister Wrap in Canada as they still sell them. Even in the U.K, they messed with the Twister Wrap. Although they didn’t discontinue it completely, they changed the filling and added coleslaw. But that is an easy change to make when ordering a KFC wrap in the U.K, just ask for yours without coleslaw. But for the U.S, the Twister Wrap is now a distant memory but we can still treat ourselves if we vacation in Canada or the U.K.

5. McDLT – McDonald’s

Ok, so this one isn’t actually going to be that difficult to recreate. Firstly, put your hands up all those who remember McDonald’s McDLT? We can’t be the only ones. For all of you that don’t remember; the McDLT was essentially a cheeseburger. However, the twist with this was that the burger came separately. The McDLT was sold in a polystyrene container with two halves. One half had the ‘hot’ food; the meat patties and the top part of the bun, while the other side had the ‘cold’ foods; tomatoes, lettuce, sauce and bottom part of the bun. The idea was that keeping the ingredients separate would make the burger taste better and stay fresher. No one wants wilted lettuce after all. Then, of course, comes the fun of putting it all together, like Lego you can eat. Unfortunately, the McDLT was discontinued in the late ’90s and the reason for this was because of the environment. As people started to become more aware of the world around them, and the impact we have, McDonald’s felt that all that polystyrene wasn’t a good thing. But, if you are craving a little nostalgia and want to enjoy a McDLT again, McDonald’s have all the ingredients. All you have to do is order a Quarter Pounder, without cheese, and then ask for lettuce, tomato, and mayo on the side, and then just enjoy the build. 

4. Cheesy Tots – Burger King 

One of the first foods that a lot of us truly come to love was the simple tater tot. Throughout Elementry and High School, many of us relied upon these pockets of potato goodness in order to get through the day. Not only that but the crispy, golden coating made us feel all warm inside. What happy memories the tots give us. Because of our love of tater tots, it’s no wonder that Burger King had a big hit on their hands with their version of tater tots, the Cheesy Tots. For years Burger King delighted fans with their Cheesy tots, which was the same as tater tots but with an added bonus of cheese. However, one day in 2009 the Cheesy Tots vanished from the menu without explanation!  As you can imagine, people weren’t happy about this. Social media lit up with angry Cheesy Tot fans and Facebook soon had a ‘bring back Cheesy Totts’ page. For quite a while after the tots became discontinued, Burger King restaurants did still serve them if you asked for them. Failing that, people started to ‘mash-up’ fries and cover them in cheese. That’s not quite Cheesy tots, but we love that ingenuity spirit. However, it has now become clear that Burger King has listened to the people as Tots and Cheesy Tots are back in Burger King Stores. The last time they re-released Cheesy Tots, they added bacon, which was a nice addition.  

3. Arch Deluxe – McDonald’s 

It’s funny how nostalgia can taint certain memories. When we look back at things gone by, our mind often remembers them completely different from how they actually are. Good things are remembered in a bad way and bad things are remembered good. That’s exactly what’s happening with the McDonald’s Arch Deluxe burger. Often considered one of the greatest flops in fast-food history, the Arch Delux burger was part of an adults-only range that McDonald’s had during the ’90s. The burger, which consisted of a quarter-pound burger patty, salad, bacon, and that special mustard/mayo sauce, was designed to bring in a more grown-up clientele to the otherwise family-friendly McDonald’s. The burger was a monumental failure, both physically and financially, so the burger was pulled pretty quickly. However, just as with many things in popular culture, things have a way of coming back around and becoming desirable again. The Arch Deluxe burger is finally having it’s moment as quite a few people out there are longing for another taste. The burger itself is easy to replicate; it’s essentially just a Quarter-Pounder with bacon. Recently McDonald’s has been adding to their Taste menu and has introduced burgers like the Archburger, which is an updated version of the Arch Delux burger, and they’ve been testing them out on the market in limited locations. The Archburger has done surprisingly well and will be back on the menu.

2. Chicken Sandwich – Popeyes

Who can forget the 2019 great ‘chicken sandwich’ debate? It wasn’t just a debate either, it was a mad rush and panic to get hold of a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. No one could have predicted exactly what would happen when Popeyes released a new sandwich. It seemed like such a normal thing to do and on such a normal day. Popeyes wanted to add more to their menu so they released a classic Chicken sandwich for a month-long promotional special. It’s fair to say that everyone went nuts for it. Soon, social media picked up on the chicken vibe and people started to debate which chicken sandwich was better; the new Popeyes one or the ever-popular Chic-Fil-A? Surprisingly it was Popeyes that was winning the battle. The general consensus was that Popeyes Chicken sandwich was simple yet delicious. The people liked it so much that Popeyes ran out of chicken in two weeks. They weren’t even halfway through their promotion! Needless to say that a lot of people couldn’t get their hands on the much talked about chicken sandwich and the suggestion from Popeyes itself was to order strips of chicken and put it in a bun. Not quite the same. However, for all those people who couldn’t get one the first time around and aren’t happy with the chicken strip idea, luck may be on your side. Popeyes re-released this burger on November 3rd, 2019 and all Popeye’s fans rejoiced.  Incidentally, Chic-Fil-A is famously closed on Sundays, we don’t think that is a coincidence, more of a dig at their chicken rivals. 

1. Anything – Starbucks 

We may be stretching the ‘anything’ slightly here. As friendly and kind as Starbucks staff are, they won’t do anything you want. So, we will change that to ‘most things.’ and by that, we are only talking about drinks. Everyone has a favorite season of the year. A time that you look forward too and a time of year that you really feel happy. We all have our favorite. Whatever the reasons you have for choosing a perfect season, one of our reasons is the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Teas and coffees take on new flavors and aromas depending on the time of year. Fall probably has to be a big favorite with people as Starbucks outlets become full of Pumpkin, Gingerbread, and other warming spices. Then there are the holidays with its Eggnog twists and its use of cranberry, chocolate, and Toffee. These seasonal coffees can really make our day. But wait, we hear you cry, these drinks are seasonal and I want an Egg Nog Latte and I want it now. Well, you may be in luck. According to many of the staff, plenty of them on Reddit, and even the ‘secret menu’ from Starbucks itself, some drinks can be made at any time of the year. Admittedly, some locations don’t keep all the spices in their store all year round. Especially not the smaller ones. But a lot of Starbucks do and if you ask an experienced barrister to make your favorite drink, as nicely as you can of course, then they should gladly do it for you. If you find yourself in a Starbucks that can’t do this, then it’s suggested that you mix certain flavors together in order to get something that resembles your favorite drink. Why not give it a try and order your favorite seasonal drink out of season for that little extra pick me up. 

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