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10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss The Most


10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss The Most

Don’t you hate it when the foods you love the most just vanish into thin air? Sometimes these items return to us from the depths of the fast-food past. So we can never really know when a food is actually discontinued. Either way, we must acknowledge the truly fabulous fast-food items that do not have a fixed place on menus. We miss these items and we love these items. Here are 10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss The Most.

10. Taco Bell Volcano Burrito

This little beauty was available for a few years until Taco Bell pulled it from their menus in 2013 and now it ceases to exist, for which many people are still inconsolable. This flavor bursting burrito contained ground beef, rice, crunchy red tortilla strips, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. However, it was the sauce that was the star. The Lava sauce, which is said to be twice as hot as Taco Bell’s regular sauce, this special sauce stole the show and made this burrito something truly special. While everyone in the US and Canada morn for the loss of the Volcano Burrito, some parts of the world don’t as this tasty treat still exists. Iceland and South Korea in particular. So, should you be in either Iceland or South Korea check it out. You may be one of the few North Americans who are privileged enough to eat the Taco Bell Burrito since it vanished from menus. If you have no travel plans, or you do but they are not specific to Iceland or South Korea, then we are sorry to say that you are out of luck and you missed the eruption of this particular volcano! 

9. Wendy’s Bacon and Blue Burger

This next item on the list of the top 10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss The Most is Wendy’s Bacon and Blue Burger. This one tends to play hard to get with us all as it’s an on again off again kind of burger gal. This high-end sandwich consisted of a quarter-pound beef patty piled high with strips of applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese crumbles, sauteed onions, steakhouse sauce and all of this was served on a perfectly toasted brioche bun. The burger and its flavor was an instant hit with Wendy’s customers. Although, many people struggled to eat it in a dignified way as the toppings and sauce made the burger fall apart. But who cares? When a burger is this tasty, do we really need to look good while we eat it? Unfortunately for all lovers of this burger, it doesn’t look like Wendy’s has any plans to make this a permanent item on its menu. 

8. Burger King Cheesy Tots

Another item on our list of discontinued fast-food items we miss is yet another item that has a habit of disappearing and then reappearing. The legendary Burger King Cheesy Tots were already a bit of a crowd-pleaser and had been for years, but they reached true cult status thanks to their cameo appearance in the movie Napolean Dynamite. After that, everyone wanted to get their hands on these tasty tots. Hot, crispy and filled with melted cheese, Burger King’s Cheesy Tots were a big hit but only for a limited time. Then they came back again, this time actually being promoted by the stars of Napolean Dynamite. Then, guess what? They disappeared again. This has been going on for a while! Recently they came back again to the menus at Burger King and with a new twist; added bacon. While we all love this potato and cheese treat, we are not sure how much longer we can have Burger King toying with our hearts! 

7. Little Caesars Pepperoni Crazy Bread

Little Ceasars wanted to give us pizza-loving people something a bit different and special. They achieved this with their Pepperoni Crazy Bread. The idea of stuffing a breadstick really took this food to another level. The sticks were stuffed with pepperoni which made them meaty and spicy on the inside while being crispy and buttery on the outside. They were just like a rolled-up pizza but with some extra garlic goodness and a sprinkle of parmesan on top. While the breadsticks were tasty by themselves, you could get an extra burst of flavor by dipping the pizza stick goodness into their marinara sauce. As good as these breadsticks were, Little Caesars didn’t have them on their menu for long. While we can all feel a little sad about this, the popular pizza place does still have its plain crazy garlic bread on the menu, and sometimes they do have limited time only special which might include bacon in those breadsticks. But when it comes to the Pepperoni Crazy Bread, it looks like they may be gone for good. 

6. Dairy Queen MySTIRy Misty

TheDairy Queen mystery has gone. No longer will we be able to buy a fast-food item and not know exactly what we were getting. If you got to experience the Dairy Queen MySTIRy Misty then you know that the color would be the surprise. What color would your MySTIRy Misty be? You never knew, which was the point and gimmick of this drink. You pondered and you made bets. But you could never know for sure, you had to get one to find out. The drink itself was a colorless blue-raspberry slushy but it came with a special straw that when you drank it, the drink would magically turn either, red, blue, yellow or green. The drink appealed to the younger crowd and was a bit of hit with that demographic. Now, you cannot get the Dairy Queen MysTIRy Misty. Do you miss it? Maybe you think you do. Maybe you needed that little bit of anticipating before tucking into a refreshing slush. However, maybe you did not know that this was even gone until now. Or, maybe you never knew that it existed at all. The facts about whether this item was beloved or not is a mystery just like the item itself. How about this, next time you get a slush at Dairy Queen bring a magic eight ball with you and ask it a question before you sip your drink. This way you get a yummy slush and you get some mystery too. With a bit of a 90s resurgence in the mid-2010’s Dairy Queen did bring this item back, sort of. They released a Misty Slush which came in many tropical and fruity flavors, however, you didn’t get the magic straw that made the drink change color before your very eyes. The drink may have been tasty, but it just wasn’t the same. 

5. Popeyes Big Easy Chicken Bowl

When it comes to fast food and creating new items, we know there is some undeniable skill required in those fast-food menu labs. The creators need to make sure the item is tasty, pretty easy to eat on the go, hence the term “fast”, and be good enough to bring people back for more. The Popeyes Big Easy Chicken Bowl is one such item. It is a masterful creation, or should we be saying it was a masterful creation! The reason this particular order was so darn great was that it combined other menu items people loved. So it was building a new item from ones that already had a dedicated eating audience. What items are being used in this case you ask? Well, it seems that the Popeye’s Big Easy Chicken Bowl is an adaptation of the Popeyes Red Bean and Rice meal and the Popeyes Louisiana Cajun Poutine. So why would such a successful item be pulled from the menu? Perhaps it is because it was not as successful as some people thought it was? Or perhaps Popeyes wants us to lust after it for a while before they bring it back so that they can make the big bucks on it. Kind of like they are building off the expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder” in order to generate sales. Hopefully, it works for them. Hopefully, they bring it back and make loads of cash and we get to thrill in eating this item again, because oh boy do we want to.

4. KFC Hot and Spicy Popcorn Chicken

It’s hot. It’s spicy. It looks like popcorn and it tastes like chicken. It must be the iconic KFC Hot and Spicy Popcorn Chicken. Who knew that making chicken bite-sized and spicy would just about rock everyone’s world. The KFC Hot and Spicy Popcorn Chicken is pretty fantastic when it is around for us to eat. When it is not we mourn for it, but typically this one does return. We always love it when KFC chooses to offer this particular option because it is addictive and can do no wrong. It has the internet buzzing and raving with reviews and you know that even if you have not posted about this item on your social media platforms that you are thinking about what everyone else is posting. Right? The chicken itself was a bit of a revolutionary when it comes to ‘toss in your mouth chicken.’ While any chicken at KFC is always tasty, the spicy version of this popcorn chicken has yet to be matched in flavor and heat. This little bad boy often leaves the menu, but when it is brought back it is brought back by popular demand. The people ask for their Hot and Spicy Popcorn Chicken and KFC is kind enough to supply. Keep your eyes peeled for this one because it could always be there waiting for you to order it. While it can be annoying for chicken fans to see this item removed from the menus, one theory is that this item takes too long for KFC to make and it’s not considered a good use of time. Whatever the reason, many people out there wish that KFC could make this item work as we would all love it back on the menu permanently. 

3. Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho

 The Mexican inspired fast food restaurant Taco Bell broke everyone’s heart when they discontinued this item. The grilled Stuft Nacho was a true specialty item with its crunchy, meaty and cheesy delights. The grilled stuft nacho was triangle-shaped, which was also handheld for convenience, and was stuffed full of Tacho Bell goodness. Ground beef, nacho cheese, spicy nacho sauce, crispy red tortilla strips, and sour cream. All of that was wrapped in a flour tortilla. While there are similar items still on the Taco bell menu; the Crunch wrap supreme comes to mind as it has a lot of the same ingredients. Nothing was quite like the Grilled Stuft Nacho. It does just go to show that Taco Bell may use a lot of the same ingredients, their ability to change and mix those ingredients is truly great as they constantly come up with different and inspired items for us to try. As the Grilled Stuft Naco was a specialty item, Taco Bell took it off their menus after only a year. While it did make a brief reappearance, it has since gone missing in action and looks set that way. If other fast-food restaurants and items are anything to go by, then a petition on facebook should have the Grilled Stuft Nacho coming back. Let’s go! 

2. Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets

The next food on our list of discontinued fast food items that we miss is ‘winging’ its way back to us. Original these spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s where an instant hit. The tender white chicken meat mixed with that spicy breaded batter was so good that we just couldn’t get enough of them. However, much to everyone’s disappointment, Wendy’s decided to take these chicken nuggets off their menus. Naturally a huge outcried followed and Wendy’s actually had to release an apology for their decision. While the outcry was loud, Wendy’s didn’t change their minds. In fact, they actually posted alternate options for their spicy nuggets. One option Wendy’s recommended was for us to order their plain, spicy fillet of chicken and cut it into small squares. This improvised chicken nugget did not go down well with people. In particularly with rapper Chance the Rapper, who posted his love of the Spicy Chicken Nuggets and demanded that they return. Wendy’s responded by asking for at least 2 million likes to his post, then they might reconsider. The goal was reached quickly so Wendy’s had to go back on their choice to discontinue the nuggets and now they are returning. Everyone rejoice and praise real people power. 

1. Burger King’s Angry Whopper

Fast food restaurants are often promoting the next big thing in the entertainment world. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster movie, video game, or sporting event. Fast food chains love to get involved and push a new item on fans. This is what happened with Burger King’s Angry Whopper. To coincide with the release of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk movie, Burger King decided to release a monster of a burger. The Angry Whopper consisted of a quarter-pound beef patty piled high with bacon, habanero or manchego cheese, crispy fried onion petals, jalapenos, mayo, and a spicy sauce. However, while the bigger was a big hit with Burger King fans, they decided to take it from their menus not long after it was released. We all through a ‘Hulk’ sized tantrum when this disappeared. Burger King did briefly bring a version of this burger back, but again, for a limited time only. The Angry Whopper doesn’t look set to come back anytime soon in the US that is. But if you find yourself vacationing in Mexico, then you can pop into the nearest Burger King and grab an Angry Whopper as it is still on the menu there and looks set to stay that way. 

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