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10 Crazy Candy Corn Flavors You Probably Never Saw in Stores


10 Crazy Candy Corn Flavors You Probably Never Saw in Stores

Candy corn is one of those candies that you either love or hate. There are plenty of people out there who have very strong opinions about this little sugary treat. But no matter how many people say they hate it, it’s always one of the most popular Halloween candies. It comes back every single year and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Clearly, someone is eating it. That being said, if you’re not a fan of regular candy corn, you may be surprised to hear that there are actually many other flavors and varieties out there to try. While you probably won’t find these in your average grocery store (or wherever you buy your candy), they are available across the Internet. Some of these flavors are also available at Target if you’re lucky enough to find them in your area. Maybe you’ll find something from this list that catches your eye and changes everything you know about this controversial Halloween candy.

10. Sea Salt Chocolate 

This particular flavor combination is really popular right now, especially with those who can’t get enough sweet and salty. In fact, salt and chocolate have been blended together for centuries now. Just about any big chocolate manufacturer has something in their lineup of products that includes sea salt with chocolate. The addition of salt to chocolate also helps to control the sweet taste, especially for those who don’t have a major sweet tooth and just like a little treat here and there. There’s something about that crunchy bit of sea salt on top of rich, decadent chocolate that people just love. Including us. But when it’s mixed into candy corn, will it still have that same effect? Sea salt chocolate candy corn is made using a blend of sea salt and regular salt, as well as real honey and the usual candy corn ingredients. It comes in a big, resealable bag as well as smaller bags, so you can choose based on how likely you are to share your treats. From what we’ve heard about this particular flavor, it won’t go well with people who like to eat their candy corn color by color. A study by the National Confectioner’s Association showed that approximately 43% of candy corn eaters believe you should start with the narrow end and work your way through the colors. However, we don’t recommend this for this particular flavor, because apparently all of the sea salt is packed into the narrow white tip. In fact, some reviewers have stated that it’s actually crunchy in this spot because of the sea salt, which could add a great texture to the soft cocoa-flavored portion of the rest of each piece.

9. Brunch Favorites 

We don’t really have a lot of words for this because we are shocked it was created. Apparently, this happened for a limited amount of time in 2016, but you never know if it’ll make a comeback. The candy corn brunch favorites pack has been sold exclusively at Target and contains a mixture of three different candy corn flavors: French toast & maple syrup, waffles & strawberry, and chocolate chip & pancakes. Now, we’re all for blending different flavors together, but we’re not really sure about this one. This takes eating candy for breakfast to a whole new meaning. According to some of the very mixed reviews that came out when this product was released, the taste is pretty spot on. But if you’re not a big fan of maple syrup, you may want to give this one a pass because it supposedly overwhelms the whole bag. Others have pointed out that the flavors are pretty sweet and artificially created, but they do the job if you’re looking for the breakfast flavors without the carb overload. It seems like a lot of candy and sweet companies these days are looking for the most innovative flavors that will stand out on the shelves and give people something different to taste. We know that companies such as Oreo are doing this every year and seem to be testing the limits on what people will eat. Blending traditional brunch foods (minus the mimosas and Bloody Marys) seems like a unique way to appeal to those Sunday indulgers. In fact, we haven’t seen any other types of products like this that aim to take on the most Instagrammable meal of the day. 

8. Blackberry Cobbler

While it looks like a goth’s perfect candy, blackberry cobbler candy corn is more than just something pretty to look at. According to our sources, this particular flavor is released in North America in the fall, usually just before Halloween. It’s available in bulk from a few different suppliers, as well as in a tub straight from the company. Judging from our own research, this flavor seems to be pretty popular whenever it comes out and is overall pretty delicious. It’s pretty low in cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium, but like most candy, it’s packed with sugar. However, if you’re looking for the taste of a cobbler without indulging in the fats and decadence, eating a few pieces of the candy corn form could be an alternative. This would be a great solution for those people who like the taste of a blackberry cobbler without the thousands of seeds that are found inside a blackberry. While the Jelly Belly Company currently owns the original candy corn recipe, Brach’s is probably the second most popular supplier. However, unlike most of the other candy corn varieties, which are produced by Brach’s Confections, this particular flavor is created by Zachary Confections. Zachary’s makes their own candy corn and has its own variety of unique flavors to choose from, so they could be a big player in the Halloween candy game. 

7. Eggnog 

Well, it looks like this was candy corn’s attempt at jumping across holidays and getting in on that Christmas candy craze. Like candy corn, eggnog is another one of those seasonal foods that can be pretty divisive. People either love it or hate it, and it can be an acquired taste for many others. Some people go nuts for it when it comes out around the holidays, for just a few months at a time. In fact, some people even refer to eggnog as the “candy corn of Christmas.” So, naturally, blending the two together sounds like it would just make sense. Eggnog itself is a pretty indulgent taste, with the blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg hitting your tastebuds all at once. There are so many recipes circling the Internet and in cookbooks that infuse the flavor of eggnog with just about anything, from cupcakes to popcorn. All of that indulgence results in a ton of liquid calories and fat. One glass of eggnog is chock full of cholesterol (at least 149mg per one-cup serving, on average). That’s more cholesterol than three McDonald’s cheeseburgers, just in a festive drink. Meanwhile, the eggnog candy corn has a ton of sugar, but it’s fat-free and cholesterol-free. So for some people, popping a handful of the candy corn version instead may be a way to get in the holiday spirit and satisfy a craving without feeling gross after an entire cup, or without sending their cholesterol levels through the roof.

6. Apple Pie 

A super versatile flavor, apple pie could appeal to a variety of holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Who doesn’t love the comfort of a warm apple pie on a chilly or crisp day? In fact, it’s no secret that America loves its apple pie. It’s one of those typical “All-American” foods that has become synonymous with the American culture. Since the early 1900s, apple pie has been seen as a symbol of American prosperity and success and has also been connected with the wholesome images of the traditional American family. In fact, when McDonald’s changed their apple pie recipe last year, there was a pretty big backlash from Americans across the country. So, it makes sense that this staple food would be translated into one of the country’s staple candies to appeal to those who can’t get enough of America’s favorite dessert. This particular candy corn flavor also looks like a slice of apple pie, so we’ll give them some extra points for that, even if it wasn’t intended. This is another candy corn flavor that will throw off people who eat section by section. The white part at the base is where the creamy taste lives, while the middle and upper parts contain the caramel and apple flavors with a touch of mild cinnamon. So, with this one, it’s best to pop the whole thing right in your mouth and enjoy the combination together. However, despite the fact that the taste is purely artificial (the word “apple” doesn’t even appear on the ingredients list) reports state that this stuff really does taste like the real thing. All signs point to YES on this purchasing decision.

5. Gingerbread 

Another holiday season classic flavor. This one is one of the original holiday tastes. You can find it just about everywhere once November rolls around, from gingerbread houses to cakes and cookies. It’s a classic dish that has been around for centuries, starting as far back as Medieval England, and enjoyed by many people from generation to generation. Even if you don’t eat it, almost everyone loves making gingerbread houses. Speaking of gingerbread houses, here’s a fun tidbit: the world record for the biggest gingerbread house ever was a 21 foot tall, 2520 square foot contraption made in Texas. It was so massive, it was about the size of a tennis court, and contained approximately 38 million calories. That’s a LOT of gingerbread! Back to the candy corn. Gingerbread is one of those tastes that blends well for certain types of foods, but not so much with others. For example, it tastes great in an autumn-themed dish, like an apple cake or pie. In the candy form, it’s probably fine. Does this particular taste stack up against the traditional gingerbread men we know and love? There aren’t a ton of reviews out there for this particular kind, but we’re sure that Hansel and Gretel would approve.

4. S’mores 

Who doesn’t love a good S’more? This popular treat is an absolute staple that spans over two seasons: summer and fall. Whether you’re camping in the summer or having a bonfire on a chilly fall night, S’mores are almost always the snack of choice around any campfire. In fact, they got so popular that many grocery stores now sell S’mores kit, pre-assembled with all of the ingredients you need so you don’t have to buy them all separately. It seems like most candy or treats companies have come out with some type of S’mores flavor at one point or another. That’s for a good reason. People can’t get enough, and by nature, S’mores flavor translates to anything. A S’more itself has the sweet, crunchy, and savory all together in one treat. As you may have guessed, each colored layer on the candy corn is one of the signature trifectas that make up a S’more. The brown bottom layer is chocolate, the white middle is the marshmallow, and the yellow tip is the graham cracker layer. Word on the street says that the chocolate flavor is the most dominant, so that’s good news if the chocolate is your favorite part of a S’more. According to the Brach’s website, this particular flavor came back due to popular demand. So, while they certainly aren’t the most visually appealing flavor of candy corn out there, they are loved by enough people to bring them out of retirement and back onto the shelves. Just in time for those late summer, early fall nights.

3. Caramel Macchiato

Starbucks fans will love this one. This is a seasonal candy corn flavor that arrives in the fall, right on time to compete with pumpkin spice latte season. A traditional fall drink that blends salty and sweet, the caramel macchiato is definitely a popular one. And it’s a flavor that can definitely translate well to candy because many of us are so used to tasting artificial caramel in a variety of things. The waxy, mellocreme texture of candy corn is also perfect for capturing the creamy, milky texture of a caramel macchiato, so we’ve had pretty high hopes for this one. It seems like the perfect sweet treat to pair with your morning cup of java or your afternoon pick me up. For this particular flavor, the layers are pretty much a given. You’ve got your coffee layer, your caramel layer, and the little white milky layer on the top. We’re giving this flavor props for pulling off the exact colors that the drink would be, just like the apple pie candy corn on this list. Most people agree that the coffee flavor isn’t too overwhelming, and is more akin to the instant coffee varieties than it is to the real stuff. It’s paired perfectly with the burnt, sugary taste of caramel and just a little hint of salt. The consensus is in: if you love sipping on a caramel macchiato, you’ll love the taste of this candy corn.

2. Various Cake Flavors 

Brach’s has taken their candy corn came to entirely new levels with the release of a variety of cake flavors. Some notable cake-flavored candy corn includes birthday cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, and strawberry shortcake. Let’s start with carrot cake candy corn, released in accordance with the Easter season. We have to hand it to Brach’s – these little pieces look exactly like carrots. And from what we know, it tastes like carrot cake, but without the typical cream cheese frosting part. For those who love carrot cake, which seems to be another one of those divisive foods that people love or hate, this one would be a good Easter treat. Red velvet is another flavor that people love to blend with savory foods like popcorn to get a truly unique flavor. This was released around Valentine’s Day, as candy corn companies realized they didn’t have a flavor for this romantic holiday. Each layer represents the elements of a red velvet cake: chocolate, red cake, and icing. From what we know, the taste of chocolate is particularly strong, but overall they resemble their namesake pretty well. The birthday cake candy corn is a super sweet concoction designed to taste like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Each piece is layered blue, white, and pink, giving it the perfect visual appeal for a child’s birthday party or even a baby shower. Normally, birthday cake flavored candies and sweets tend to stick with the basic vanilla sprinkles and frosting model, so it’s interesting that they chose chocolate cake. However, according to many people, these candies taste more on the chocolatey side than anything and don’t really taste that much like cake at all. Last in the lineup of cake flavors, strawberry shortcake candy corn is another twist on a springtime favorite that was released for Valentine’s Day. It’s been distinguished by strong flavors of strawberry mixed with a little bit of tangy-ness. The sole review on for this particular flavor is a one-word response: “Yucky.” 

1. Peanut Butter Cup

This is another classic flavor combo that people tend to love. It seems like peanut butter and chocolate are just made for one another. However, generally, when you make this blend artificially, there tend to be problems regarding the taste. It’s not going to be like biting into a Reese’s peanut butter cup, where you have the specific tastes and textures right there in your mouth. In the case of candy corn, it’s all jammed into one piece. According to Brach’s, the company that makes this version, it’s designed to have a peanut butter center infused with the traditional candy corn shape and texture. Each piece is layered with brown, white, and caramel-tan colors, the basic colors associated with a peanut butter cup. It’s usually released around Halloween season. The main complaint we’ve seen for this particular candy corn flavor is the aftertaste. Essentially, it tastes like candy corn with an artificial peanut butter aftertaste. But not in a good way. If you really want a bite-sized combination of peanut butter and chocolate, you’re probably better off picking up a box of Reese’s Pieces. 

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