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10 Cosmetics Huda Kattan Can Not Live Without


10 Cosmetics Huda Kattan Can Not Live Without

She left the world of finance for her passion for beauty and, six years later, has become the most famous Muslim blogger who has her own make-up line. The Iraqi, Huda Kattan, was born in Tennessee (United States) 32 years ago, far from the strict Islamic rules that women should wear hijabs and tunics to go out. Since she was little, she was attracted to the world of beauty and her dream was to be a star makeup artist on the East Coast of the United States, but she studied Finance because her parents wanted her to have a university degree. Without giving up on this dream, Huda started writing her blog in 2010, while living for work in the United Arab Emirates, and one day she decided to leave everything behind and become a make-up artist, working with one of the most admired celebrities, Joe Blasco, in Los Angeles.

After this period, the young woman established her residence in Dubai and worked as a make-up artist for women and tourists in the city. In addition, Huda decided to change her blog and began publishing makeup tutorials with the aim of helping women who wanted to enhance their beauty and did not know how. Kattan’s empire has grown in such a way that she has her own makeup line that is sold in Sephora stores in the UAE. As a curiosity, the star product of Huda Beauty is the false eyelashes, inspired by Kim Kardashian, a reference for the young woman. Here are 10 cosmetics Huda Kattan cannot live without:

10. Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette: Rose Gold, Pink, Summer Solstice and Golden Edition

The new eyeshadow palettes by Huda Beauty are dominating sales in stores worldwide. They range in 18 different shades in various types like metallic and matte tones. Each palette has nine colors, divided by 6 groups that are soft and easy to mix. They are incredibly portable with everything that might be needed for the woman on the go. Just open, mix, create and apply! Huda’s favorites are the warm brown and smoky shades loved for making the look soft and easy for the whole day and evening.

The Obsessions series is another line of palettes that were inspired by Huda’s love for sophisticated shades derived from bold reds, pinks, and oranges. It probably comes from her affinity with sunsets and Mother Nature. They are intended to brighten the wearer’s style, most commonly used on the eyelids to create a more sensual look. Huda really wanted to give people the option of having fun with so many colors as possible without having to invest in individual shades, it was all about giving color addicts everything they needed, in a compact and affordable way.

9. Huda Beauty Lip Strobe

Having the birth of its name influenced by flashes of light, the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe is the flagship of Huda Beauty in lip sets. It offers a wide selection of bright and flashy colors that provide ample coverage of the whole lips. The sets offer a variety of tones and pigments ranging from the most lustrous colors to the more subtle shades of pearl. A flexible spray base is incorporated which provides the lips to look more voluptuous and provocative. It also offers a soft texture which makes its wear more comfortable in a single uniformed layer.

In order to get even more outstanding results, pair up with a layer of any of the Liquid Matte series to hypnotize anyone who passes by. There’s no way compliments won’t be given. Nonetheless, solely using the Lip Strobe also guarantees great results. It’s all about preference! Remember to correct the edges to showcase symmetry. Huda believes in the creativity and shine of women all over the world. Try mixing shades, adding highlights or other combinations that come to mind. Be outstandingly daring and bold with only a few little tweaks!

8. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

These lipsticks combine finish and comfort. They have a very light formula that slides easily over the lips leaving a matte finish that’s hyper pigmented and doesn’t run. The formula is enriched with a complex that helps maintain the hydration of the lips. Your favorite liquid lipsticks of all times are now available in mini versions! Each set includes four amazing minis with beautiful monochromatic colors, perfect for your bag and touch-ups on the fly. The Liquid Matte formula is lightweight, easy to apply and comfortable to use. Combine tones to show off your look from day to night for an impeccable pout.

Huda Beauty provides a very wide selection of nude tones ranging from pinks to blues, varying for any occasion. The collection contains pale-like colors with catchy names such as Bombshell, Wifey, Muse, and Venus. However, this does not mean they are boring. Huda encourages to play mixing and matching different shades so women can express their own style. As always, remember to contour the lips first using the Huda Beauty lip contour. It will give greater definition and volume to the lips.

7. Huda Beauty Lip Contour

Coming from the same family of the Lip Strobe, the Lip Contour series brings greater variety for Huda’s fans. The Lip Contour is a new liner from the lipstick line. It’s created with the most enriching formula with moisturizing properties, all from vegan ingredients, to define luscious lips around the world. It does a great job at creating the illusion of greater labial volume with its variety of tones. The Huda Beauty Lip Contours slide smoothly over the mouth and offer an incredibly lasting matte finish in one stroke. Get ready to have men dying to talk to you!

Available in a range of desirable colors, the lips contour of Huda Beauty is designed to help you create a complete and enviable pout (without fillers!). Driven by the collective obsession with the outer coating, these soft and buttery pencils allow anyone to achieve a precise contour. The trick is to mark outside of the labial line in order to smoothly augment their look before filling them. There are 18 different shades to choose from, which go from intense colors such as deep plum classic pale nudes. Huda’s favorite is the Trendsetter, a brown-like shade versatile with many tones of skin.

6. Huda Beauty Eyelashes

Made from soft synthetic fibers that mimic the appearance of mink skin, false mink eyelashes are the latest addition to your everyday makeup look. The innovative conical fibers are placed in 3 intricate layers in the band, which gives the eyelash an outstanding fluffiness and a gently dramatic effect. Each tab can be used up to 15 times depending on the attention. No need for a mask. It looks best when used by women with bigger eyelids and rougher factions since the three layers of eyelashes provide greater volume and longer lashes.

The hair length is from 0.9 to 1.4 cm. Nonetheless, it may vary slightly depending on the production since all the tabs are made by hand. The length and thickness of the band is 3.5cm and 1mm, respectively. These lashes are made with the highest quality materials and are constructed by hand by Huda herself. Whether women are looking for a natural finish or a very spectacular style, synthetic fibers or natural hair, the collections are constantly evolving to adapt to the public’s needs and make sure they have fun playing with your style.

5. Huda Beauty Tattoo

The henna plant is a small tree or shrub in bloom. Originally, it grows in North Africa, Asia, and Australia. Henna ink is made of powdered henna leaves. The Henna ink for henna tattoos is the use of the henna plant to make an ink paste. We can think of it as a tattoo given from the veins of Mother Nature. Henna or Mehndi, which are artistic forms of temporary tattoos, was a very popular form of body decoration for women in India and Egypt. It is still very popular, even today. Many posts on Instagram can be seen where both men and women show off their creations. It’s another form of expression.

A true fan of henna tattoos, it was about time that Middle Eastern and entrepreneurial beauty icon Huda Kattan launched her own range of henna tattoos. The brand Huda Beauty by Huda Kattan has just obtained an additional product that will send its fans to the moon; Henna tattoos. Take to the preferred social networking platform of the brand; Instagram, Kattan’s other sister, Mona recently announced through a beautiful photo the release of Henna tattoos. Currently available in Sephora Middle East, Henna Tattoos are temporary and so simple to apply that you will not need the intervention of a professional henna designer.

4. Huda Beauty Fauxfilter Foundation

#FauxFilter is the hottest and sweetest base out in stores. A silky base able to provide total coverage of the surface area, and available in 30 distinct tones. This base has proved to be long-lasting and fault-free from a single application. The secret that separates this product from the rest in the market is an outstanding formula of refined pigments capable of hiding imperfections and discoloration. The substance gives the illusion to blend with the skin and dry in a matte finish that looks elegant. It’s not a surprise since the formula contains Argan Oil and Centella Asiatica, two products that are famously known for being friendly to the skin.

Women all around the world can place their trust in the FauxFilter to obtain great results in just one application. Nonetheless, Huda recommends mixing it with the Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection pre-makeup base to get the best results with a more natural outcome. These two products working at the same time can help improve skin texture. In addition, the Huda Beauty Buff & Blend brush is the best tool to use when applying but, in case not, a moist sponge will get the job done just as well. For those women who suffer from oily skin, applying a thin layer of powder prior to using the FauxFilter is best.

3. Huda Beauty Buff & Blend Brush

The Huda Beauty Buff & Blend Brush is the company’s flagship makeup brush. Huda believes that this is the perfect brush because using it while applying base is a very simple a comfortable process. It provides maximum coverage in the area applied and it is also great to combine, define and clean for a solid finish. She claims the synthetic hairs of the brush perfectly combine a complexion of colors without the struggle of other products. It’s the combination of the soft bristles that offer control when applying and flawless result.

It is designed with a lumped top and naturally adjusts to the maximum surface area where it is being used. Women have high reviews on how it softly contours the curves of the face. For the best results, Huda recommends to gently tap the brush on the base, such as the FauxFilter, and brush all over the face, especially the cheeks and forehead. Don’t apply too much, the size of a dime is enough to get the job done with the flawless look all the fans are looking for.

2. Huda Beauty Highlighter Palette

Huda Kattan has become an expert at bringing attention to her facial features using Huda Beauty highlighters. This is why highlighters have become an essential piece of makeup in her collection. Two of the better-known products are the Gold and Pink edition highlighters, which off the Insta-Glow, as advertised by the cosmetics company. They’re influenced by the oil-layered powder secret Huda has mentioned before, to augment its shine and gloss. For this, the highlighter palette consists of a distinct texture called the Melted Strobe, a velvety formula capable of illuminating a clean canvas. Three pearl-like tones to provide a defined glow in 3D.

In order to obtain the best results with an outstanding shine, Huda recommends applying the product as a base to correct imperfections on the skin augment the pearl-like colors. Then, apply the lightest point of the cheek to the temple to fix and highlight the pop. After that, use darker shades under the cheekbone to add form and, finally, dab the middle highlight on the center of the cheeks for a natural glow. In this fashion, it is possible to build the desired level of luminosity similar to how a goddess would look.

1. Huda Beauty Makeup Base

Make up is meant to make the women from all over the world feel beautiful and the Huda Beauty makeup base achieves just that. With its smooth and silky formula, it moisturizes and smoothens the skin while also serving as a foundation to apply heavier makeup. Complexion Perfection is the new pre-makeup base out in the market, capable of blurring rough pores and imperfections in order to ready a soft and smooth facial canvas. It has the shielding properties of dimethicone and it is rich with antidioxants, which help hydrate the skin.

Taking a small amount of it, Huda has expressed on numerous occasions to dab and lightly massage the skin. She believes an alternative is to use Huda’s Buff and Blend before applying the cream. This is recommended in order to get the best results. Mixing both the Complexion Perfection and the FauxFilter to make a unique cream helps to enrichen the moisturizer. Nonetheless, if not, it is alright too! The product is just as amazing on its own. The product weighs 58 grams and its dimensions are 30 x 30 x 150 mm.

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