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10 Chip Flavors America Wished They Had

Potato chips just might be the most popular snack food of all time. But there never seems to be enough unique chip flavors out there. Apparently, the chip companies have been listening and have been bringing out new flavors or asking their loyal chip eaters for ideas! The only problem is that a lot of these new fangled flavors can not be had in the States. So let’s uncover 10 Chip Flavors America Wished They Had. 

10. Lay’s Seaweed Chips

A little salty and a whole lot satisfying. Lay’s and other chip brands came out with the seaweed flavor for the Asian market. You can find this flavor in Japan, China, and Thailand among other countries. If you like the sea-salty, earthy taste of seaweed, and you like the crunch, then you’ll love this flavor! An American chip fan who got their hands on one of these bags commented that they were one of the best chips tasted in a long time, and sadly lamented that they wished we had these in the States. Looks like Lay’s will have some seaweed chip demands from Americans sooner than later. But Lay’s is not the only brand that thought this would be a good flavor for the Asian market. Seaweed is a popular snack in many countries in Eastern and Southeast Asia. There are a variety of chip brands that have a seaweed flavor chip. This chip flavor is available in abundance from many companies besides Lay’s. If you don’t have the travel bug but love seaweed and desperately want to try these, then Amazon might be able to help you out. But who wants to pay shipping fees for chips? 

9. Lay’s India’s Magic Masala Chips

Indian cuisine has been a long time favorite food for many Americans. The magic masala flavor comes from India and is produced by the well known Frito Lay company. A delicious combination of spicy, sweet, and savory, these chips are one of the more popular Lay’s flavors in India. They also have another exclusive flavor in the Indian market called Spanish Tomato Tango. A fan who was traveling and stumbled upon the Spanish Tomato Tango flavor described them as reddish and wavy, and exploding with flavor. Each chip has its own unique explosion of flavor but surely the Magic Masala must have a more intense taste. The Magic Masala contains a long list of spices that go into the creation of these chips. One online review stated that at first they taste salty, but then waves of masala spice sweep over you, ending in a note of cumin. They also leave a pleasing burn on the lips. Well, this chip flavor might go down as the one with the most intense flavor! When the spices used are onion powder, chili powder, dried mango, coriander, ginger, garlic, black pepper, and salt – you know this chip must mean business. They sure know how to burst out the flavor in India! Let’s see if Lay’s ever brings that much flavor across the globe to America. 

8. Doritos Intense Pickle

As if pickles on their own weren’t enough to wake up the taste buds, Doritos came out with a flavor that has pickle flavor on overdrive. If you’re one of those people who asks for extra pickles on your burger, then this is the chip for you! This Doritos Intense Pickle was first released on the other side of the US border in Canada. They are described as subtle yet tasty. If you love dill pickle flavor, then the Doritos Intense Pickle will bring it up a few notches for you. It has won over the hearts of every dill pickle lover far and wide. According to the makers, these chips come with “extreme crunch and explode-in-the-mouth flavor”. After all, that’s one thing we all seek in a good chip, flavor, flavor and more flavor! However, if you’re considering a road trip to Canada to get your hands on these chips, you might want to hold off. It seems the Intense Pickle Doritos have been recently discontinued. Not to be left out of the pickle game, another popular chip brand, Pringles, had to step up to the plate when America couldn’t get the Intense Pickle Doritos. So Pringles came out with “Extreme Screaming Dill Pickle” chips, which are available in the US. A whole lot of crunchy and even more dill flavor that’s so bold you’ll probably scream with joy. Surely, Doritos Intense Pickle would’ve been a huge hit in America. If “orange is the new black” then “dill pickle is the new salt and vinegar”. 

7. Lay’s Hot Chili Squid Chips

You will have to order these chips if you want to get them in America. Or you can fly to Thailand to try these wavy chips packed with grilled squid flavor with a little added kick! Asia loves their seafood and a hint of spice too. Lay’s took it to the next level by introducing their Hot Chili Squid chip flavor. An American tried these chips and commented that the initial flavor burst is the hot chili, but at the end of it you get the taste of squid. The reviewer went on to say that the flavor was awesome and that they wished these were available in the United States. This is a flavor that’s hard to describe, but easy to enjoy! The flavor offers you the definitive smell and taste of seafood once you open the bag and take your first bite. Lay’s paired this flavor with their wavy chips and they use rice bran oil which reduces the saturated fat content by 50%. Another online reviewer was less concerned about the fat content and more concerned about the smell. The commenter stated that the hardest part is actually overcoming the smell of the chip and allowing yourself to eat them. Obviously that person is not a big seafood lover. So, how about it? Are you intrigued enough to want to try these Thailand inspired Lay’s chips? 

6. Lay’s Cream Cheese Salmon Chips

If you have always dreamed of a chip flavor that tastes like a New York City bagel in every bite, this is the one. But you will have to travel across the globe to get them because, no… you cannot find them in NYC. Lay’s Cream Cheese Salmon chips are another popular Lay’s flavor available in Thailand. What’s up with that? This flavor screams America with its cream cheese and salmon flavors. It seems like Thailand has a lot of interesting and great flavor ideas when it comes to chips. Other traditional “Thai” flavors that Lay’s has produced include Tom Yum, Thai Chili Paste, Thai Seafood Dip, and Chili and Lime. Which one of these sounds most appealing to you? Chili and Lime sounds like a good flavor that wouldn’t be overpowering and perfect for dipping in salsa. But we still think Cream Cheese and Salmon sounds like the perfect bag to dig into when you can’t find a local bagel stand. This flavor is hard to find even if you wanted to order them. 

5. Paprika Chips

Paprika Chips are a very popular chip flavor all across Europe. Regular paprika chips are commonly found, but then Pringles came out with a sweet paprika flavor as well! Luckily, you might be able to get these delivered right to your doorstep, but surely America would love to find these in the chip aisle of their local grocery store. It’s a flavor that not only sounds good but tastes good too; these ones don’t disappoint! Lay’s Paprika chips can be found in various European countries including Russia, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Germany. Crunchips by Lorenz is another popular international brand that sells paprika flavor potato chips. With the unbeatable crunch of each chip, you get the taste of sun-ripened bell peppers. The advantage Lay’s has over their rival chip brands, is that they are one of the most recognizable brands on the market. Lay’s also cooks their paprika chips in sunflower oil, which compliments the paprika seasoning perfectly. Other chip flavors are typically cooked in corn or canola oil. If you really want to try paprika chips you can also find this flavor over in Thailand. Paprika is one of the world’s most famous spices and is used in all sorts of different dishes. 

4. Lay’s Cucumber Chips

Cucumber is a refreshing potato chip flavor by Lay’s that you can find in China. Just because the flavor is a salad ingredient does not mean you can count the chips as one of your daily vegetable servings! It turns out that cucumber-flavored potato chips taste quite different from actual cucumber slices. In Chinese, the word cucumber translates to “yellow melon”. This “yellow melon” flavor is as cool as a green cucumber and just as tasty as many of the other unique flavors. Traveling taste testers who found the chips on store shelves in China say that the first few bites take some getting used to, but after a few of them, the taste becomes addicting. It’s a great flavor for snacking! Many who have tried this flavor overseas say the flavor reminds them a little bit of sour cream and onion with the smell of fresh cucumber mixed in with the aroma of delicious fried potato chips. Not too salty, not too oily and just enough “cucumbery” taste was how one taster put it. Another fan of the chips said that they were also refreshing. Sounds like the perfect chip to serve at a fancy afternoon garden party.

3. Lay’s Baked Scallop with Butter & Garlic Chips

Scallop with Butter & Garlic sounds like a unique and bizarre flavor for chips. This Lay’s flavor is another one from…you guessed it: Thailand. This potato chip apparently tastes similar to a Red Lobster appetizer. These Thai chips deliver the flavor of buttery scallops with just the right amount of garlic. Even though this seems like a bizarre flavor for chips, we must agree that if they really taste like a Red Lobster meal then they sound pretty finger-licking good. Surely, any seafood lover who opened a bag of Lay’s Baked Scallop with Butter & Garlic Potato chips would polish off the whole bag! Some might not like the scallop flavor in this chip and would prefer just garlic and butter. For garlic lovers in America, Lay’s did come out with the Cheesey Garlic Bread flavor, but that only covers the garlic part of the chip. We’re sure that there are plenty of seafood lovers who would start a petition to bring these to the American chip market. A seafood lover in America commented that this flavor sounded amazing, delicious and mouth-watering—a favorite meal in the form of chips.

2. Lay’s BBQ Meat, Chilean Style

Head south to the country of Chile where you can find the delicious and savory taste of Lay’s BBQ Meat, Chilean Style potato chip flavor. As soon as you open the bag you can smell the grilled meat as if ready to come off the BBQ, or the chips in this case. Taking into consideration how much Americans love BBQ, especially during the fourth of July or… any time of the year really, they would truly love this flavor! It reminds us of patio weather and backyard barbecues with family and friends, and who doesn’t love that. These chips are the Mediterranean Lays edition done Chilean Style. In Spanish, they are called “Mediterráneas a la Chilena”.  The word “Mediterráneas” refers to the Lay’s’ advertising campaign of their line of different and unique chip flavors. This Chilean potato chip is flavored as “Asado a la Parrilla”, which translates to “Barbecued meat”. Americans love BBQ flavored chips and these Lay’s BBQ Meat flavor, Chilean style chips up the game when it comes to the smokey BBQ flavor that everyone enjoys so much. These would be a big hit in the US if they ever came out. Can’t we even get a limited or seasonal edition. Maybe we should ask Lay’s to “do us a flavor” and make our chip dreams come true.

1. Lay’s Ketchup Chips

They’re tasty, extremely popular and bursting with flavor. Sounds great, right? The only downside? Lay’s Ketchup Chips can only be found in Canada. It’s no secret that Canadians love their ketchup chips. That tomato sauce you use for your french fries or dip your grilled cheese in, is in fact, also a potato chip flavor and it’s amazing. It might sound weird at first but don’t judge a chip bag by its cover. If you are one of the lucky people who have been able to try ketchup chips then you know why they continue to be a top seller north of the border. They don’t taste like they’ve been dipped in Heinz, they have a more unique ketchup zing to them. If you love classic condiments, you’ll love these chips. Adding ketchup flavored seasoning to potato chips started somewhere in the 1970s. The idea came about from the classic french fries and ketchup duo that have gone hand-in-hand since the early 1800s. Inspired by this combo, they started to dust potato chips with tomato powder, garlic, onion, and spices. This spice combination infused smoky, salty and sweet flavors with a tart bite in each chip. Ketchup chips remain so popular in Canada that you can find them in almost any grocery store across the country. Lay’s ketchup flavor is on point but many other brands also produce ketchup chips. Since it’s such a popular flavor in Canada many other chip brands make their own version of these chips, from little known brands to big companies like Pringles. There’s also a popular grocery store brand called “President’s Choice”. Their chips are self-described as having “loads of ketchup” and every bag is packed with extra ketchup flavor! The brand also did a “loaded” flavor with all their chip selections! This is kinda like the “all-dressed” flavor that is also a common chip flavor found in Canada. So the next time you head north over the border, stock up on some of these ketchup chips.

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