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10 Childhood Cereals That You Completely Forgot About! (Part 2)


10 Childhood Cereals That You Completely Forgot About! (Part 2)

Let’s continue to throw back with part two of our Childhood Cereals that you completely forgot about list. Just because you forgot about them doesn’t mean you cannot remember them and pine for them. Long for them. Wish you could go out and buy them right now. Here goes!

10. Vanilly Crunch

We all know Capitan Crunch. He is always around, kind of like an annoying uncle or recurring dream. But, do you remember when he befriended a big white whale and she opened up her mouth in the commercial to reveal the newest flavor? The commercials are part of these walks down memory lane and if you have not taken a moment to go back and watch you really should. In the commercial for Vanilly Crunch we see the Capitan at sea. He encounters Wilma the Winsome White Whale. Nothing like fun W alteration to make this cereal and its characters stick in your mind! When the crew first sees Wilma the Winsome White Whale they are frightened that the whale will spoil the Capitan Crunch and they run to the harpoon gun to defend themselves. Ahhhh… This is where children learnt about what a harpoon gn was! Thank you cereal commercials for expanding the vocabulary of children. The white whale was a lady whale and she sported bright red lipstick. She was the bringing of good news! At her appearance Capitan Crunch reveals that he is launching a new cereal! A vanilla flavor of the classic we all know and love. Ahhhh…. Yes. Characters for specific flavors within a brand that already has a mascot. Marketing firms were not afraid of storytelling then. Have things changed in the cereal business? Are there still the same abundance of characters there once were?

9. E.T Cereal

Do you remember this cereal or did this totally pass you by? The E.T Cereal was launched in 1984 and discontinued in 1986. It tasted kind of like a Reese in a cereal bowl; it had peanut butter and chocolate flavored crispy puffs. It’s tagline was “A glowing part of a good breakfast” and the box depicted E.T’s famous glowing finger pointing at the cereal to… what? What was he doing to them? Making them their special flavor? Giving them special space magic? Hard to tell. Now, this cereal is particularly interesting because it chose to use E.T as its mascot. E.T, the same character who gave numerous children nightmares. Yes, he was kind. Yes, Drew Barrymore was scared of him too, but learnt that he wasn’t so bad after all… But, the point is he did scare many kids. It was bold of General Mills to launch such a campaign. Perhaps buying this cereal for your kids was the perfect opportunity to show them how friendly E.T was and how much fun you could have with him as you eat his magic space cereal and play the games on the back of the box? You could help him find his cereal in a maze of you could even read your very own free story book album that was offered to you on the back of your box. So many options! So much to learn! So much going on with the cereal boxes back in the day, no?

8. Teddy Graham Breakfast Bears

Picture this: you are so little that your feet cannot touch the ground as you sit at the kitchen table. Mom is on the phone. Yes, that phone has a cord. It is a long cord that allows her the freedom to move around the kitchen and prepare your breakfast and she talks. You have made plans with your neighbor to play street hockey or to draw with chalk on the sidewalk or to climb the tree on your front lawn but first you need to eat. Your mom places a bowl and a spoon in front of you. You know what is coming. It is your favorite cereal. The one that is basically like eating a bowl of cookies. She opens the cupboard and then there it is, you can see the box. She pulls it out and brings it to the table, placing it down haphazardly. You are annoyed because you cannot see the back of the box which has all the fun stuff on it. You twist the box so you can see. You are trying to read the big print which tells you how to play the game when Mom lifts the box and pours the little bears into your bowl. With some milk. Little bears! You know them well1 hey move around in the milk like they are swimming. The box will have to wait. You drunk your spoon in and fill it up with the tiny bears that are jam packed with honey, chocolate, or cinnamon cookie bears (depending on the flavor you have). You eat them up so fast you get a bit of a tummy ache. Its okay you think. It will be gone soon. You know this routine. You have done it so many times before. That is what it was like, wasn’t it? Go ahead and wipe the tear from your eye. It is okay. We understand. We miss the Bears too. Teddy Graham Breakfast Bears were just what you needed for your morning. Too bad they have left of. Left of like our innocents, our braces, our need to take the Flintstones vitamins, our training wheels and our secret handshakes. Bye bye Teddy Graham Breakfast Bears.

7. Sprinkle Spangles

The cereal with the sprinkles! The star shaped corn puff that sprinkled, sprinkle, spangled! Oh wow! That is fun to say! It was even more fun to eat! Sprinkled seem to make everything more wonderful don’t they? Like when you have soft ice cream and you roll it in sprinkles? Didn’t you do that? Didn’t we all? Don’t we all still do it now and then just because we cannot help ourselves? Sprinkles are kind of irresistible. There is something about the multicolor-ness of sprinkles that make them uplifting. Sprinkle Spangles cereal came in a turquoise box with sprinkles scattered all about. Making the whole box liven up! The star shape of this cereal also brought a warm, happy, and excited smile to your face! Stars AND sprinkles. Wow! Sprinkle Spangles were made with corn meal, sugar, corn syrup, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, oat flour, wheat starch, and salt. The rainbow of the sprinkles made “every kid’s wish come true” as the tagline promised. The mascot for this cereal was a genie who apparently appeared like magic and in a flurry of sprinkles. This cereal was likely a big hit with anyone who watched I Dream of Genie, which was a fun loving TV show which featured a young woman Genie. Sprinkles and spangles and genies sound like fun for sure! We miss this cereal and we will now go do something or eat something that involves rainbow sprinkles, right?

6. Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal

Next up in the Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal! The fast food joint you visited often was brought home for the first time ever in 1988. The cereal came in two varieties. Glazed Style and Chocolate. The tagline was “Crunchy little donuts with a great big taste.” Though this worked then can you imagine something like this now? It would be like if Starbucks had a cereal! What would that be like? Little coffees and the tagline would read something like “Way less money spent on way more lattes!” No? Too rude? To unlikely? Hmmm. Starbucks, if you are listening… We would like a classic looking Starbucks cereal please. We would like games of cut out things on the box and we would like a fun tagline that sounds better than this one. Please!? Pretty please with Donkin’ Donuts Cereal on top! (Maybe the pretty please with a cherry on top does not translate here?)

5. Honey-Comb

This cereal was epic. It has been said that Honey-Comb’s were like if Honey Nut Cheerios and Corn Puffs had a baby that then got jacked. This is a pretty spot on description. Honey-Comb cereal gave a satisfying crunch when you bit into it. Remember pressing it up and onto your palate? Where you a dramatic chewer of Honey-Combs or a gentle sucker? It is as if there were so many ways to consume this cereal. They were big enough and had enough flavor that you could almost have them like sweet chip replacements. Remember how the milk that was left over in the bowl would taste like honey? Honey milk is rather delicious. Honey anything really is delicious. Honey-Comb was first released by Post cereal in 1965. In 2006 the company faced numerous complaints for the high sugar content and they responded by changing the recipe. Adopting to an increasingly health conscious market was a smart thing to do. You would think. Not the case here… after changing the recipe Post Cereal continued to be aggravated by unhappy customers who now complained that the cereal they knew and loved has disappeared. All the reviews on the web on sites such as Amazon and Walmart rated the new version a meager one star. In the age of the crowd this could not do. Post Cereal opted to return to the old recipe in 2018.

4. Urkel’s-OS

Next up on our list of childhood cereals that you completely forgot about is Urkel’s O’s. This cereal launched in 1991 and according to many did not have the best flavor. It was kind of artificial in taste, but that did not take away from the power of the Urkel brand. Urkel was one character in the TV sitcom called Family Matters. The show aired from 1989 to 1997 on ABC. As the show gained popularity and the character of Urkel became more and more beloved by all Ralston decided to launch the Urkel O’s. Ono the box you could see Urkel making his Urkel face and surrounded by the cereal. Looking back on this may not make you long for the cereal but it may make you want to go back and binge watch Family Matters so  you could revel at his laugh and funny dance. The dance Urkel did in his “Life of the Party” episode which aired in 1991, the same year the cereal was released, became a sensation. You could joke around at home by dancing just like Urkel as you eat his cereal. If you were a fan then this was a good time. Urkel later distanced himself from the character that made him so famous and the cereal was discontinued. No one wants to eat a cereal that depicts a character that is no longer. That is alright though. We cannot hold anyone to that loss. Urkel and his cereal had their moment and now they can be looked back upon with love and nostalgia. Somethings are better in our memory anyway. Would Urkel still be as fun and funny as he was then? Likely not. Best he stay in the past. 

3. Alpha-Bits

They came in regular and frosted and they had marshmallows too! You could spell your name in your spoon and you could bite down on the alphabet. Alpha-bits were first sold in 1958 and were made from whole-grain oat and corn flour. They were a Post Cereal product and were taken off the market in 2006. That being said, they did return for consumer delight in 2008, but this time they boasted “0% Sugar!” Boy how times changed. Back in the day it was all about the sugar content and the Frosted Alpha-Bits were all the rage. However, the limited edition “0% Sugar” version that launched in 2008 did do very well. After taking yet another break from the market Alpha-Bits appeared again in 2017. This time they were bigger and “new and improved” whatever that means. Alpha-Bits were really fun because we all really did spell words with them. You may have written your first naughty word in Alpha-Bits. Though this is crass it is a coming of age moment and surely Alpha-Bits and Post Cereal would be honored to have taken part in such a memorable part of a person’s life. When and how will you come to us next Alpha-Bits? We are waiting for you.

2. Corn Pops

These. Were. So. Good. Some may still buy these because they may be available in stores near you. Others may not and may be salivating thinking of these little circular puffs of goodness. Sweet goodness. Remember the way that the Pops would slowly fill up with milk and when you would bring them into your mouth them would pop with milky sugariness? Pop! Bam! Deliciousness. This is one of those cereals the parents probably also ate a lot of. You could even eat this without milk. Just put them in a bowl and sit on the sofa and watch the Jetsons or the Fairly Odd parents or Looney Toons. This cereal is still available so if you don’t eat it and you want to have a taste of the past go find it. There’s nothing like a little bit of cereal nostalgia to make bad, dark days nice and bright.

1. Trix

“Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!” That is probably all that needs to be said in order to remember this cereal and its notorious white bunny that got up to no good. Trix cereal goes all the way back to 1954! Did you know that this cereal was that old!? Trix is made by General Mills. There is an agreement that the Trix trademark can also be used for Yoplait yogurt. Back in the 50s when this cereal was invented it was just a reworking of the popular cereal called Kik. This newer version was sugar-coated. Trix was originally forty six percent sugar. There were only three colors in the original: orange (orange), yellow (lemon), and red (raspberry). Over the years purple (grape), green (lime), blue (wildberry), and pink (watermelon) have been added. The rabbit came into play in 1959 in a televised commercial. The rabbit and the famous tagline were invented by Joe Harris who was a copywriter and illustrated for an advertising agency called Dancer Fitzgerald Sample or DFS for short. The company had been founded in 1923 and were very reputable when Trix cereal worked with them. The anthropomorphic cartoon rabbit is likely what gave the cereal is raging success. Even now the tagline rings in our ears and bring us back to our childhood. When remembering this cereal we remember the words “Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!”

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