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10 Chicken McNuggets Hacks that Make Them Even Better


10 Chicken McNuggets Hacks that Make Them Even Better

These small, pop in your mouth bites of crispy chicken are not only super delicious, but will give you just the right amount of protein in every bite. Great for those fast food junkies with a busy lifestyle. These hacks will take your Chicken McNuggets to a whole different level.

10. Quick General Tso’s Chicken

This popular dish is a proverbial favorite with many people, a staple of the Chinese /Hunan cuisine since the early 1950’s, it has survived more than half a century. Created by Chef C.K Peng in Taiwan and named after his hero General Zuo/Tso, this dish remains popular with foodies as either a quick grab’ n’ go when choosing take-out at their favorite Asian fast food restaurant or a sit-down meal with family and friends. It is no wonder that Chicken McNuggets are so popular with Americans as they are a perfect imitation when dipped in the Sweet’ n’ Sour sauce. With this hack, you won’t need to spend lots of money in a fancy Szechuan restaurant or wait for that uber eats driver to get your fill. It’s pretty simple just recycle your days old Chicken McNuggets with a jar of prepared sauce from the grocery store or leftover packets of your favorite sauce from McDonald’s. Turn your McNuggets into a fancy dish in seconds. There is no need to take out the deep fryer and slave away for hours marinating, slicing and deep-frying chicken pieces to perfection. If you don’t like prepared store sauces, you can make your own with just a few ingredients that are found in many Asian food lovers pantry. Mix together small amounts of hoisin sauce, soya sauce, Sriracha, rice vinegar, cornstarch and sugar. Throw the McNuggets back in the wok for ten minutes, top with the homemade sauce, add some chopped red and green peppers, onions and garlic. Serve with steamed rice and you are set for a delicious dinner meal fit for an a General.

9. Chicken Caesar Salad

This Classic salad was made famous by Caesar Cardini around the mid-1920’s. No, the salad was not named after the Emperor of Rome, but many arguments regarding its origin have ensued in regards to the creator. People have gone to battle for this salad. Yet this salad is another American favorite that we find ourselves having for lunch time and time again. You can always find Caesar Salad listed on any menu in many Italian restaurants. These days many fast food restaurants have made this their signature dish for take-out lunch. This is a quick and easy hack that will work for any busy schedule and save you lots of money. It’ s a simple no fuss salad and not complicated at all to make. It’s tasty and healthy too. All you will need to do is chop up some of your favorite lettuce, romaine is preferred, but you can use any other type. Make a simple dressing with mayonnaise, grated parmesan cheese, garlic powder and a squeeze of lemon juice. Top with whole or diced McNuggets, don’t forget the croutons, and if you like anchovies, you can add these as well. For garnish, add a wedge of lemon and you really do have a salad fit for an Emperor. If you are too lazy to make your own dressing, any Caesar salad dressing from your grocer will do. Don’t have time to pack lunch for work the next day, take your leftover McNuggets and lettuce, pack it in a take-out container and avoid going to the lunch counter the next day. It is cheaper than your local fast food salad counter, will save you lots of money during the week and you will not be wasting your precious McNuggets either.

8. Chicken and waffles

A proverbial Southern favorite which has gained popularity in the last few years. Chicken and Waffles is great for Breakfast and any other time of the day for that matter. This dish actually is not Southern at all, but originated in Harlem NY at The Wells Supper Club, where a dish of fried chicken thighs was served alongside deep -pocketed batter resembling waffles. It was at this point that others started to perfect and imitate it. Nonetheless, things are always better in the South, so we will stick with that theory. This slow and easy dish is even better when we can use our leftover McNuggets to make a lazy man’s meal. Furthermore, it’s just perfect for those foodies who have spent a long night out eating and drinking and who hate stepping out early in the morning in their pajamas to stand in long line up at their favorite breakfast places. This hack is for you If you like to linger in bed with your espresso coffee till at least mid-morning. You will no longer no need to step out! You can make this in your own kitchen at any time of the day. It is a versatile dish with a quick prep. The great thing about this hack is that you don’t need to fry up a batch of chicken or linger around your waffle machine for hours making waffles. Just pull out a few of those ready-made frozen waffles out of the freezer, pop them into the toaster or mini oven, top the waffles with McNuggets, maple syrup and lots of butter and it becomes the perfect delicious Southern themed breakfast. Not to mention a real artery blocker and cardiac arrest, but so decadent. For double trouble, sandwich the Chicken McNuggets between two waffles and call it a wrap.

7. Chicken Parmesan

Everyone loves Italian food; this is another North American staple that has been modified for the North American masses and taste buds. A take on Sicilian Eggplant Parmigiana, its sister Chicken Parmesan has all the same ingredients, but is replaced with Chicken Protein. This cool hack is perfect for any die-hard Italian food lover and a sure pleaser for any guest. Olive Garden mover over, this chicken Parma will have your guests believing that you make it from scratch. Use leftover Chicken McNuggets to cut your cooking time in half, by not having to cook cutlets in advance. A few extra simple ingredients are needed in order to make this dish successful. You will need some tomato sauce; this can be your favorite ready-made sauce purchased from the store or your own that is left hanging around in the fridge. Grate mozzarella and parmesan cheese, MUST HAVE the Parmesan cheese or else it’s not Chicken Parmesan anything! Last but not least fresh basil, ok you can use dried, if you don’t have any fresh basil. Start by layering the McNuggets in the bottom of a casserole, top with tomato your favorite marinara sauce, parmesan cheese and mozzarella, pop in the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Serve alongside your favorite buttered noodles. Bake till the cheese is melted and gooey. It will be Mama Mia Delicious.

6. Potato Croquettes

If Portuguese is more your style, this hack is the one for you. This one may take a little more time but they are an absolute aphrodisiac. This recipe reminds me of the sunny days at the beach in Azores, munching on these little fritters while lounging around under the palapa, listening to the sound of the ocean waves, while working up an appetite. Usually made with cod fish, but Chicken McNuggets will do just fine and they won’t sink up your kitchen either. Boil some white or yellow potatoes, then mash them up with some milk, butter and salt. You can also use ready made mashed potatoes in a box, just add milk and butter. Mince your McNuggets and add them to the mash potatoes, then roll them into balls, beat an egg, roll them in egg and breadcrumbs. Keep rolling to make as many as you need. Carefully sauté the tiny morsels in about an inch of vegetable oil till browned. Remove carefully as they fall apart easily. These delicious Croquettes will remind you of Portugal no fail and will keep you coming back for more. If you are getting really lazy sitting in the sun drinking too much Vinho Verde and the process is just not your style, skip the frying and just add your nuggets to the mashed potatoes, scooping a dab of Piri-Piri sauce on top for authenticity. A little secret, Arancini Siciliani can be made the same way, just substitute potatoes for arborio rice instead and you are set for a magical enchanted day.

5. Chicken Poutine

Have you not heard of this! A true Canadian Classic, from the province of Quebec. The land of the hockey and cold cold weather, were heavy meals are in order. But who is to say that it does not make a great snack for those hungry boys during Super Bowl Sunday or any day of the week regardless of the season? This is true junkie comfort food at its best, with its gooey messy cheese topping and oodles of gravy. Guaranteed to beat depression and the blues. These days you can make poutine with just about anything and they are doing just that across North America with all kinds of variations on this classic dish. No holds barred on what goes into it. Everything but the kitchen sink. There are whole restaurant menus just dedicated to poutine, in all shapes, sizes and combinations and permutations. A staple for many food trucks, who even put foie gras on it and sell it for exorbitant prices. Bring this dish home and make it your own. Just chop up and combine your McNuggets with any crispy fries or tater tots, top with cheese curds, mozzarella cheese or any type of cheese for that matter, pop in oven for 10 minutes until cheese is melted and it’s ready to serve. You can totally improvise and use spaghetti meat sauce, and other worldly cuisine that tinkle your fancy at the moment. Everyone will gobble it up and so will you. This is always been one of my favorites, it warms up the soul.

4. Buffalo Chicken Wing Redux

This other Classic North American dish was invented in Buffalo NY, in 1964 at Anchor Bar, by Frank and Teressa Bellissima. The story goes, that one day, they received an order of chicken wings from their wholesalers by accident, instead of the usual chicken legs. Not knowing what to do with them, they threw them in the deep fryer and poured some hot sauce on them and tested them on their patrons. Alongside they served carrots and celery sticks for the crunch, the blue cheese dressing was to cool down the taste. But what ended up happening was the patrons drank more beer to cool down the spiciness. They racked in the highest profits that day and continued to serve them for many years to come. Today they have become another party favorite and a popular finger food that can also be found in many buffet restaurants. Our hack is a different take on chicken wings. Why does it have to be chicken wings? They are too messy anyways and there is never enough meat on them? Furthermore, it gets your fingers all messy and sticky and you will need tons of wipes, unless you are the type that likes to lick your fingers. With one quick swoop, all you have to do is pop one in your mouth. This is a simple and quick hack to update your traditional Buffalo wing recipe. Warm up your McNuggets, top with any hot sauce, barbeque sauce and serve with carrots, celery sticks and blue cheese dressing on the side. A healthy snack for those who want to minimize on the calorie intake.

3. Butter Chicken

We are travelling the world to the other side of the globe to exotic lands of spices aplenty. Are you always craving something exotic? That is the dilemma with many of us, once we have tasted great food, we don’t want the mundane. But good Indian food can be expensive because It doesn’t stop with ordering one dish. They are so all so good that you need to sample them all. A must and a favorite with everyone is the Butter Chicken. That sweet creamy buttery tomato sauce with aromas of faraway lands packs as much heat as the hottest day in Mumbai. Spicy morsels of chicken and deliciously warm naan bread for dipping make this dish decadent. This hack has you re-purposing your chicken McNuggets, to create the closest thing at a fraction of the cost. All you will need is a jar of butter chicken sauce from the local grocer. If you are feeling adventurous make your own with a can of tomatoes, some chopped ginger, a jalapeños pepper and some curry spice. Pull out the fenugreek and the Garam Masala. Wait, don’t run away. All you will need to do is simmer your McNuggets (after you have spiced them up) in a saucepot for 30 minutes and just add some cream at the end. Serve with mound of basmati rice. A meal fit for the Maharaja.

2. Chicken Creole Soup

This classic Louisiana dish invented by the father of Cajun soul food, Paul Prudhomme at his restaurant K-Paul on Chartres street in New Orleans is a favorite that will make your day sizzle and blow your mind like a point 5 hurricane. Whether eaten as a meal or as a soup, you’ll definitely be coming back for more. A different take on this recipe is to minimize the time it takes to make it. With ready-made Chicken McNuggets, you are a sure winner. Follow these easy steps to make this delicious soup that will have everyone puzzled. Take a stock pot or large cauldron depending on how much of a witch brew you want to make. It is not voodoo, just melt lots of butter, sauté some chopped green peppers, onions and celery. Add three kinds of pepper, white, cayenne and black pepper to the mix before putting in your flour, chicken stock and cream. Throw in the Chicken McNuggets with some okra and boil for an hour till it toils and bubbles.

1. A Tropical Delight

This hack is a mix of sweet and savory from any tropical Island of your choice. It can be a Hawaiian Polynesian delight, Malaysian feast or a Caribbean Junkanoo. Everyone loves a sweet and sour dish, OK, maybe not everyone, but islanders sure do. Whether it’s with a tangy sauce or fruity additions. This hack will offer you a deliciously tangy dish that everyone will be itching to try. Follow this easy step to make it your own, you can even use the plethora of Sweet and Sour Sauce you took at McDonalds. Are you feeling guilty yet? You can purchase from the grocer a jar of Sweet’ n’ Sour in the Asian isle and keep it in your fridge forever. Warm a spoonful of sauce in a saucepan, add a handful of your favorite fruit like pineapple or mango. Sauté some vegetables like onions and red/green peppers for flavor. Serve your creation on top of some steamed long grain rice, you can also add Black Eyed Peas, fried plantains and “Boom Boom Pow”, you are all set to relax in your own tropical island. Ultimately, the world of culinary delights is your oyster, be creative .

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