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10 Cheetos Flavors Ranked Worst to Best


10 Cheetos Flavors Ranked Worst to Best

We all know this is hard. Ranking anything so satisfying as Cheetos with the numerous flavors they offer is one heck of a task. But, never fear, we’ve outdone ourselves. Here is our Ranking of the 10 Best Cheetos Flavors!

10. Cheetos Korean BBQ

Those in the know may be surprised that Cheetos Korean BBQ made it on to our list. Why? Well, a few online forums have bashed this flavor, saying it was revolting! What we say to those eaters is “hey – maybe the Cheetos Korean BBQ is not for you – it does not mean they are all that bad!” The Cheetos Korean BBQ are actually great because they are so different. They are kind of sweet and tangy while still having some spice flavor. They really won’t be what you are accustomed to, but maybe that is okay!? Maybe we need a little flare, a little shock and awe, a little bit of Cheetos adventure in our lives! We give the Cheetos Korean BBQ a thumbs up because of its weirdness. You will have to try them and see which side of the line you fall on; are these a yay or a nay for you? Also, you will have to establish what they taste like. What flavor profiles do you get on these Cheetos? Do they actually taste like Korean BBQ or more like soy sauce? Give it a go and let the world know. No harm in trying, right?

9. Cheetos Crunchy Wild White Cheddar

The Cheddar flavor on the Cheetos Crunchy Wild White Cheddar is perfect. You will be licking your fingers and wishing you could take the cheddar flavoring from the bag and put it on everything! What is really great about these Cheetos is that they are not super duper different. They are not quite regular Crunchy Cheetos and they are not super spicy or ranch-like. They have found a spot for themselves that is close to original and yet not very different. The Cheetos Crunchy Wild White Cheddar are a fan favorite for a reason and we could not not put them on our list. It is a given that they would be here because they are just so good. If we personified these Cheetos they would be friendly, constant, and silent. They wouldn’t get a lot of recognition but you wouldn’t go anywhere without them. They are like the BFF you never realize you have because they are such a huge part your life. Or like a next-door neighbor who is so awesome they will shovel the snow off your driveway if you aren’t home or lend you an egg if you are baking. Well, that is what these Cheetos are like. They are so wonderful. Check them out and take a moment to recognize all the unassuming constants you could not live without.

8. Baked Cheetos Crunchy 100 Calorie Mini Bites

Believe it or not you can eat Cheetos and still go on a diet! It’s true! The Baked Cheetos Crunchy 100 Calorie Mini Bites have made it on to our list because they are diet friendly! First of all, it’s important to note that any of the baked Cheetos are advertised as  better for you than all others. Secondly, you must remember that by eating the Baked Cheetos Crunchy 100 Calorie Mini Bites you are not sacrificing a whole lot. It is not like these Cheetos are any less flavorful or scrumptious. The biggest difference between these Cheetos and others is the portion size. In all truth, you could probably just have any kind of Cheetos variation you want if you separate them into 100 calorie portions. Dieters appreciate the 100 Calorie Mini Bites because they are proportioned to perfection and easy to grab and go. So when you are on the run and you need a little snack to replenish your taste buds give these diet Cheetos a try. You may feel a little naughty, like, “Woah, I am having Cheetos! This must be my cheat day!” but no, no, it doesn’t need to be a cheat day. You can stay on track with this snack! But, remember – it only works if you have one bag at a time!

7. Cheetos Sweetos Caramel Puffs

Mmmm. Hmmmm. Get your sweet tooth on with the Cheetos Sweetos Caramel Puffs! They are super great for mixing! That’s right, you can mix your Cheetos Puffs with Cheetos Sweetos Caramel Puffs and bam! You have a Cheetos Chicago mix! You will please all party goers with such clever handiwork! People will ooo and ahhh at what you have done! The Cheetos Sweetos Caramel Puffs may get a little stuck in your teeth though… But, hey, it is what it is! The caramel on these Cheetos is so lovely. It is sweet and super buttery. If you haven’t had these yet you really need to. They are a great dessert snack! Especially if you love any kind of chips or bagged treat for that reason but want something sweet instead of the traditional salty flavors. And let’s be real, Sweetos is a great name for a sugary Cheeto counterpart! Now some reviews suggest these Cheetos don’t have enough flavor. You be the judge of that. Are these Sweetos buttery enough? Do they taste like cinnamon? Or is it more like caramel? Do you feel satisfied with the product? How can they improve? You know, it is totally okay to be a constructive critic. Give it some thought and don’t forget to try these Cheetos Sweetos Caramel Puffs with Original Puffs! That certainly is a great combination!

6. Giant Cheetos

Doesn’t everyone say bigger is better? Bigger is awesome? You’ve probably had bite-sized mini Cheetos but have you ever seen any this size? The Giant Cheetos certainly are impressive, both in size and in flavor. They are like Puffs but bigger and more circular. Eating one piece in one bite may even prove to be a bit of an ordeal. Why you ask? Well, because they are flipping big that is why! They are big enough for us all to contemplate; will this thing fit in my mouth? And with huge Cheetos comes a lot of food. The Giant Cheetos are filling! You can eat a bag and be good to go. We highly recommend bringing these on road trips so you won’t need to stop again and again for snacks. Giant Cheetos really deserve some praise. So go get a bag, skip dinner, you won’t need a full meal, you have a bag of Giant Cheetos!

5. Cheetos Stars Summertime Ranch

Oh. My. Gosh! These Cheetos are shaped like STARS! Stars!!! How fun and exciting! Whether you are stargazing on summer evenings or not you are still able to have some stellar stars in your life thanks to the Cheetos Stars Summertime Ranch. They have a light crunch and actually taste more ranch than cheese. That being said they rule. The ranch flavor is just right. These Cheetos are different enough to make you feel like you are consuming a totally different product. Yet they have a familiar essence that is just right. Cheetos Stars Summertime Ranch really do make you feel like you are on a summer vacation and we can attribute that to the name of the snack and frankly the shape of the snack. The star shape really does make these Cheetos standout. They are flatter making them more chip like than other Cheetos, so there is a nice distribution of flavor on the tongue. And, as an added bonus, they are gluten free and have no sugar added! That is pretty dope!

4. Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin’ Cajun & Tangy Ranch Dragon Edition

These Cheetos are in fact pretty darn hot! They will amaze your taste buds and even though you may start sweating when you eat these you know it will be worth it. These are so hot that you will literally blow fire out of your mouth like a dragon. Like Kalisi’s dragons from Game of Thrones. Then, you will grow green scales and fly around and live perched on top of a castle or in a cave or something. The Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin’ Cajun & Tangy Dragon Edition are the perfect blend of “oooo that is so hot” and “whoa, what is that subtle tangy after taste?” You will be glad you bought these. And hey, you may even go looking for some more.  So let your dragon out. Become the dragon. Be one with the dragon. You basically are the dragon already. All you need is a bag of Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin’ Cajun & Tangy Dragon Edition to get your fire raging!

3. Cheetos Paws

Cheetos Paws are obviously shaped like paws and that is pretty cute, right? They come in different varieties and flavors and they have a crunch that is just right. Kind of like what Goldilocks eventually finds in her searches… something that is juuuuust right. Because the paws have holes in them they are way less filling than some of the other Cheetos variations out there. Most of us could easily eat a bag and be like, wait, that’s it? Cheetos Paws go by in a flash. So eating a whole bag may not be just right for you. The crunch may be spot on but the quantity may lack. So, knowing this we suggest you buy two bags just in case. You want to be sure you hit your Goldilocks satisfaction rate! Goldilocks never settled and neither should you! Go in looking for perfection and you shall find it!

2. Baked Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot

There are so many kinds of hot Cheetos, but these ones rock. They are so good that people have started adding them in other foods. You can put some Cheetos on your burger! Or like in a taco… You can play with Baked Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot in any way you like! They spice up your meal like crazy! Not only that, they also add a perfect crunch to your meal! Imagine you do in fact put them in a burger… You bite down and you get that signature Cheetos snappy crunch along with the bun and the burger and perhaps even the tomato or the onion or the avocado… Some folks have even taken to grinding up these Cheetos into dust and using that dust to make a pizza crust! Say what!? Pizza crust! Can you even imagine!? By using the dust from a whole bag of Baked Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot (or maybe even two or three bags) you will spice up your pizza dough and add a kick to your slice! Not only that, but you will be adding that Cheetos flavor you just cannot replicate! You really have to try it to understand. If you like the then the options are endless. You can try using the awesome Cheetos pizza dough to make a calzone! Or you could add the dust to a batter and then make onions rings or something. Bottom line is that people tend to use the Baked Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot for all sorts of other things and that can only be because they are so good they have crossed over into a world of versatility. If you are feeling really crazy you can start experimenting with these suckers and then move on to other flavors. How thrilling. Let your soul be your guide. You are the Iron Chef. You are the master! Cook! Bake! Use Cheetos for all! Conquer them! Push your limits! What could it be that you make that no one else has dared try!? Is it a Cheetos ice cream? A Cheetos brownie?  You see? The opportunities are endless!

1. Cheetos Puffs

For most of us having a bag of Cheetos Puffs is like traveling in time. Suddenly you are at a best friend’s seventh birthday. Obviously you can’t help yourself from dipping your little fingers into the big bowl of Cheetos Puffs. Or maybe it is your kid’s party and you are eating the Puffs by the handful from the bag and not refilling the bowls for the kids. More for yourself, eh? Whatever the memory is, and there certain is a memory, Cheetos Puffs will bring you back to a good old time in your life. That is why they are so great. They are synonymous with joy and laughter and freedom. When you eat even just one Puff you go through some kind of sense-memory orgasm, no? If none of this is ringing true to you then maybe you were not alive for the 90’s and early 2000’s or maybe you just never got invited the birthday parties… how sad. It is never too late to create new Cheetos Puffs memories. Go on and buy a few bags and you will see how dangerously cheesy and magnificent they really are. Cheetos Puffs are like the real deal Cheetos. They are probably the thing that pops into your head when you think of Cheetos. Cheetos Puffs are… Well, they are Cheetos Puffs and that is just awesome. Nothing really more to say then they are what they are and we love them for that. 


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