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10 Changes Megan Markle Made For Her Royal Wedding

Royal weddings generate an unparalleled expectation that translates into our desire to know all the details. We want…sorry, we need to know even the smallest part of them. If there is a couple that has really aroused our curiosity in recent months that is what makes up Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Finally, after what seemed like a long wait,  all our suspicions were confirmed. Nonetheless, out of all the things Markle had to leave behind, it is also important to mention the things she changed from the usual wedding protocol that was in her control. Here are 10 changes Meghan Markle made for her royal wedding:

10. Her own coat of arms

The things that the majority of the world would not even think about can be, in the royal world, the most normal thing in the universe. Have your own coat of arms? Another step to belonging to royalty. Meghan Markle is living it on her own skin, after going to the altar to marry Prince Harry. In this way, the actress became a full member of the British Royal Family, with all that that entails (and yes, it seems that one of the requirements is to have a coat of arms).

As Duchess of Sussex, the title that has been granted to her by the Queen of England after marrying her grandson, it seems necessary that Meghan has her own shield, made specifically for her. In it, we can see a series of symbols in which meet their California origins and their new British family. For practical purposes, it is likely that said coat of arms does not have much use, beyond functioning as a symbol of the power that the ex-actress now holds, but considering that Elizabeth II herself must approve the design, it is clear that for the royal it is not a trivial matter.

9. Wedding candles from home

Sorry, but no, we still do not know all the details about the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (although we assume that we are very close to knowing them all). Perhaps the particularity of which candles the couple used to perfume the ceremony is quite insignificant compared to the magnitude of what we could already qualify as the event of the year, but it is much more striking when you discover that the firm they chose is, in fact, one that people most likely buy or have bought more than once.

It was not the impregnating aroma of the ceremony itself, since it already had its good dose of flowers to decorate and perfume the great moment, but the candles and sprays that the newlywed used in the rooms they were staying in to prepare for the wedding, as well as in the vicinity of St. George’s Chapel, where the ceremony took place. The firm in question is Diptyque, the well-known French brand with its characteristic candles in minimalist crystal glasses. Despite being a grand occasion, some things don’t need to be so royal.

8. Traditional nail color

It is proven: the best beauty tips are those of our mothers and grandmothers. Those who have the generational guarantee of the first-person experience. And although, in this case, the trick (or rather, the product) that Meghan Markle put into practice at her wedding with Prince Harry is the inheritance from her political grandmother, the validity is the same. The Duchess of Sussex decided to use the favorite enamel of Queen Elizabeth II for her marriage bond. It is an Essie nail lacquer that the British monarch has been using for 30 years and costs only 9 dollars. More specifically, the tone Ballet Slippers, a powdered rose to which English royalty has been faithful for decades to comply with tradition.

While our toiletry bag is full of colors, from red to black to metallic, the women of the crown have limited options for their manicures. Nails in neutral tones and perfectly trimmed, as Kate Middleton wore them in 2011, during her marriage with Prince William, with the Allure by Essie chromatic range. Maybe the dress of Givenchy Haute Couture designed by Claire Waight Keller, the aquamarine that belonged to Princess Diana of Wales or the tiara of Queen Mary de Teck move in the aspirational, in the fairy tale that took place in the chapel of St. George, but we will always have this small redoubt of beauty that we can access on any given day.

7. Her wedding dress

At last. Months of rumors, speculations, and leaked designs have passed. What would Meghan Markle’s wedding dress look like? Would he follow the coordinates of his personal style or opt for something more fantasy that surprised? Who would design it, a British or foreign brand? Now, all those doubts have been clear: it’s a Givenchy Haute Couture by Clare Waight Keller and, in reality, very different from all the bets that had been made so far. As soon as we got off the car, what had been intuited through the glass was confirmed: resounding simplicity.

The dress is made of white silk with French sleeves, tail and boat neckline, one that has achieved a “you look amazing” by Prince Harry when she arrived at the alter with him and, above all, launch a hyper-clear message of minimalism. There is nothing to distract the attention of the bride and her essence since dresses with simple cuts and tight silhouettes are common in Markle’s closet. According to the British royal house, after meeting Mrs. Waight Keller at the beginning of 2018, Meghan Markle decided to work with her for her timeless and elegant aesthetics and impeccable stitching, and Mrs. Markle also wanted to highlight the success of a British talent. who has now worked as the director of three fashion houses with global influence: Pringle of Scotland, Chloé and now Givenchy.

6. The vows

Taking into account the expectation and number of headlines that generated the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, it is not unreasonable to encumber her as the link of 2018. One that is striking not only because it is a member of the British royal family (which enjoys good popularity) but because from the beginning the couple showed signs of wanting to update certain protocols that renew, in a certain way, the image of the monarchy. One of those gestures has transcended a few times with their corresponding applause: changing the vows to eliminate the promise to obey the husband.

According to different international media, the couple exchanged traditional Anglican vows but chose a way in which the bride does not promise to “obey” her husband. Curious? That, as the publication The New York Times, this small (but momentous) change was already chosen by Lady Diana and Kate Middleton, two women with whom, for obvious reasons, have been compared with Meghan Markle. Thus, this variation of the vows did not mean a radical break in the protocol, but an act of coherence with what, until now, have shown the newly weds and a path that others have gone before.

5. Song of the first dance

Every time we think we already know the smallest detail about the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – or, to cut it short, the wedding of the year – there is another element that makes us want to be even more present. The last thing that has transcended from it is the song that the newlywed chose for their first dance. Moreover, like an infinity of other particularities, it has surprised many of us. While normally the post-wedding party is usually led by songs of yesterday and today that often lead to more than one embarrassing dance, the song chosen for that super special traditional first dance is usually the opposite.

Although the possibilities are as wide as tastes and musical styles exist, usually the couple choose a slow, romantic song – of course – and whose lyrics have a special meaning for them. However, at this point we have had to digest everything that happened during the wedding of the year, we already know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not do things like the others. No, their first dance was not a ballad. As revealed by People magazine, the newlyweds chose to dance to the rhythm of Whitney Houston’s I want to dance with somebody. A legendary pop theme from 1987 that was a hit in its time and that, although it is not slow at all, has been the unexpected selection of Meghan and Harry.

4. White slippers?

In 2018, a wedding is still synonymous with high-heeled shoes. Yes, the protocol has relaxed and now the height can be quite variable and not have to surrender to some that are uncomfortable, something that has also helped the trend of the kitten heels and slightly retro silhouettes that allow more square structures and, normally, stable. However, there is no doubt that the notion of a royal wedding, like that of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, quickly outlines salons and sandals that tend to classics as medium or high heels. Moreover, as much as you’re used to them, the day started early (the guests started arriving about two and a half hours before the link) and a break at the feet was just as necessary … and yes, there was, because the dukes of Sussex gave the guests white sneakers.

The actress Troian Bellisario was one of the guests at the royal wedding. During the day, she shared some snapshots and videos through Instagram Stories, among which were the clips that revealed a small secret inside the celebration: after the ceremony, hundreds of white sneakers were distributed so that whoever wanted to take off their shoes and could change and be comfortable. And yes, the term refers to those that half the world has in mind, to the types of hotels; that is, white, slightly fluffy and discovered from behind. Simple as you cannot, but also the epitome of comfort for many.

3. Post wedding dress

If with the model designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy Haute Couture surprised half the world with its unique style and curves, Meghan Markle has done the same with the other half after the wedding. The Duchess of Sussex has chosen Stella McCartney, another British reference in the fashion industry, for what has been her second bridal gown. A white dress with a halter neckline and an open back that she used to leave Windsor Castle with her (now) husband, Prince Harry.

While it is true that Stella’s name swelled the list-along with Ralph & Russo, Erdem, Christopher Bailey, Burberry or Roland Mouret-of possible designers, no one imagined that the creation that would look for the banquet would be nineties sophistication made a pledge. However, the most striking thing is that Markle, so committed to global sustainability, has chosen a label that is characterized by being socially responsible: it uses ecological fabrics, vegan leathers and looks for the conservation of the environment. In addition, like the gesture of walking alone to the altar, says a lot about how she is and how she will use her position of power.

2. Great emotional speeches

Prince William, as Harry’s best man, was in charge of giving an emotional speech, which, according to a source that was present “was sentimental and fun, just the perfect balance. Lady Diana was mentioned, of course, and William said that Meghan was the best thing that had ever happened to Harry. Between that mention to Diana, it seems that her brother would have said that she would be very proud. Can there be a more moving speech? We know Diana must be proud of how her sons have grown to be great men.

Yes, she can, because Meghan Markle also gave a speech, in which she thanked her mother for supporting her “all her life” and Prince Charles for accompanying her to the altar and making her feel so welcome in the family. Are you still not crying? As it turns out, Harry gave another speech, in which he thanked the attendees for helping him to be who he is today and telling his new wife, that he could not wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Of course, there was time for laughter, including William joking about Harry’s future baldness, based on his own experience.

1. Rule-breaking hairstyle

It was anticipated that Meghan Markle would wear her hair up at her wedding with Prince Harry. Although more and more bucolic and relaxed manes are present in the nuptial terrain, now it does not seem that this trend will reach the royal weddings. However, and considering that effortless and natural is the maxim that always defines Meghan’s style, the wedding day hairstyle had to reflect that spirit. Meghan loves freshness and glow in all its versions. In the same way that she loves to wear a natural skin -as recently confirmed by her makeup artist for a long time, Lydia Sellers-, the same thing happens to her with her mane.

That’s why, on the day of her wedding, and following that basic maxim that all the stylists praise when combing a bride (not experimenting too much with her hair on such an important day), Meghan has continued with the sequence of low and undone bows who has been involved in many of her official acts since she became Prince Harry’s fiancée. Well, they did it and the stylist in charge of the royal hairstyle, the famous Serge Normant, the favorite stylist of Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts.

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