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10 Celebs with OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has been trivialized into a fashion statement with even those who do not understand the struggles the people who actually suffer from this disorder go through a claim to have the same. This is anxiety disorder and people who suffer from OCD get unwanted, sensations, ideas and even thoughts which can be so strong that the person who suffers them finds themselves compelled to do something over and over again as a form of compulsion, be it  excessive hand washing or cleaning among others. This behavior interferes with the suffers life as well as their social interactions.

People who suffer from OCD suffer great distress if they fail to give in to this repetitive behavior. For those who suffer From OCD, it first manifests itself in early childhood, adulthood or adolescence. The need to repeat a task to perfection is what makes most people who have OCD so successful as the need to do well and even surpass expectations through repetition is an obsession that is life or death to them. Celebrities are the people who mostly suffer from OCD and most of them have come out to talk about it. Despite this affliction, celebrities are not thwarted in their quest for success and have utilized the rituals that come with OCD to be the best at what they do.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio requires no introduction especially after his stellar performance on the Titanic. The iconic actor makes acting seem so effortless and at no time was this better portrayed than when he acted in the movie “The Aviator”. It is in this movie that it first emerged that he too suffered from this rather common disorder amongst celebrities. In an interview with, the actor narrated how as a child he would step on cracks while going to school and have to go back a whole block just to step on the same cracks all over again.

The actor made a deep connection with his character and this made his performance quite realistic. His familiarity with OCD made his teamwork with Martin Scorsese smoother as he would let him know what it is like to live with OCD, how it makes a person act and feel and what it would entail if things didn’t go as he hoped. His role as Howard Hughes brought to the fore his own struggles and it was a stark reminder of what he went through allowing him to sensitize and educate people about this, not a well-understood disorder in the only way he knows how – through acting.

9. Nikola Tesla

He has been dubbed as the inventor of the 20th Century due to his unmatched prowess as an inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer and Physicist. This is one of the many hats that Nikola Tesla wears thanks to his groundbreaking work. His undying. Modern-day Electrical Engineering was pioneered by Tesla’s work with groundbreaking discoveries. Tesla’s contribution to this field is represented by over 700 patents in his name. He garnered respected after his wireless radio demonstration of 1893 when he emerged the War of Current’s victor. No man at any time has proven to be as much a genius as Tesla was and his name is celebrated to date by no other than Tesla Motors who opted to honor the man thanks to his invention of the induction motor as well as the alternating current power transmission.

Despite his contributions to science, Tesla suffered under the weight of germophobia. A form of OCD where he had a deep aversion to round objects not to mention hair that wasn’t his own . As if that wasn’t enough, Tesla was repulsed by jewelry as well as things that came in threes including those that could be divided by three. His form of OCD was so profound that he had to weigh anything that he consumed and to make matters worse, he couldn’t dine with a woman alone and always had to have 18 napkins at hand.

8. Lena Dunham

She is by far the most open about her problems with OCD. She has even addressed the issue on her TV show ‘girls’ when she explores Hannah Horvath and her struggles with OCD. In an interview held recently with the New Yorker where they discussed her book, “Not That Kind of Girl”, she was quite candid about her life and she described an experience where she was sitting with her mother one afternoon in a beauty salon and she came across a commentary about obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In the article, there was a woman who gave an account of her life and how it was burdened with the strong obsession to lick art whenever she was in a museum as well as crawling on the sidewalk the symptoms felt so familiar to hers and not worse than what she had to go through. Her OCD was diagnosed when she was just nine a time when she was overly afraid of everything. She spent sleepless nights obsessing over typhoid, appendicitis, unclean meat, leprosy and foods that her mother had not tasted with a hope that if her mother died they would both die together. Her symptoms were so profound that she developed hypochondria.

7. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is undoubtedly the most attractive woman on earth and we are not the only ones who think so as she has women plenty of awards in this regard. Despite her great beauty, Megan Fox also suffers from OCD. Her issues seem rather mundane but for her, they are quite debilitating. Meghan has issues with restaurant meals as well as public restrooms.

When she spoke to Allure magazine, she informed them that she has a lot of problems and that she even has to carry seat covers wherever she went because she believes that each time a person uses the restroom, all the bacteria shoots up into the air (thanks for messing up our minds too). As if the toilet thing is not bad enough, she has problems with restaurant silverware because for her, the silverware has been used by millions of other people and she can not put her mouth in the same place because every time she tries to do that, she pictures all the bacteria that all these millions of people carry in their mouth. Hers must be one terrible existence and living in her mind sounds scary even to those of us who do not have OCD.

6. Billy Bob Thornton

He is an academy award winner, an actor, a screenwriter, a singer, a play write as well as an occasional director. The first time his name gained prominence was when he wrote, starred in and directed the movie SLING BLADE in the 1990s. at that time, he was married to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in the form of Angelina Jolie before they broke up in 2003 and Jolie went on to marry Brad Pitt. Billy has confessed to the fact that he felt inadequate and this interfered with their marriage.

He has also made a confession that his obsession is mainly repetitive action. He is very good friends with fellow sufferer Warren Zevon a bond they formed due to their shared affliction. When he spoke to Ann Curry on dateline, he told the world that his disorder was as a result of a very difficult and highly abusive childhood. His compulsion is rather cool though as he gets the compulsion to do mathematics something most of us wish we never had to do. He believes that some numbers represent some people and he is not able to use the same number in other areas then reuse it in other areas. Quite confusing if you ask us.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt

On ghost whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt became the darling of many and when he was featured on criminal minds, we were convinced that this beauty comes with both beauty and brains. Even with her unmatched success, Jeniffer who makes no secret of her affliction says she may have inherited her obsessive-compulsive disorder from her mother. this fact is reinforced by science as it now emerges that if OCD is diagnosed in a child at an early age, chances are it is inherited from the child’s caregivers.

Despite her affliction, Jeniffer has been able to scale the ladder of success and she says that OCD does not define her. She does not even care that she is just like her mother in terms of her OCD saying that she is quite strong just like her mother and she also inherited her mother’s stubborn nature, especially when what she is fighting for is something she truly believes in. Even though they both have OCD, their obsessions are different with her mother counting steps while in her case, she cannot fall asleep with closed closet and cabinet doors in the house. That is a very strange form of OCD by all accounts.

4. Donald Trump

Its not only actors that suffer from this malady as even the President of the United States Donald Trump who has confessed to being afflicted to a borderline phobia for germs and is scared of handshakes He cannot touch the button for the ground floor on a lift saying it is a cesspool of germs and that he would rather walk up to his office to prevent touching any of the lift buttons. He has also made no secret about his deep aversion to handshakes with teachers. When he was interviewed by Howard Stern who also suffers from OCD, Trump was in agreement with the fact that his desire to frequently clean his hands could be as a result of a psychological problem but he had never found the need to seek treatment for this problem.

He did, however, concede to the fact that he has germophobia and that he would rather drink from a straw whenever he had to eat out. He defended his aversion to teacher handshakes saying that he would do everything humanly possible to prevent it because there was a study that showed them as the germiest jobs in the world. He even had some statistics saying that teachers have 17,000 germs for every square inch of their desk which he estimated as ten times germs in the other professions.

3. Howard Stern

He is the King of media and is not shy about proclaiming himself as such. He has interviewed some of the most prominent people in the world notably, Snoop Dogg, Donald Trump. and even Madonna. this media personality has been candid about his own struggles and he even wrote a book in which he discussed his obsessive behavior. In the book Miss America written in 1995, he let his readers know what it was like living with the affliction. For him, he had to tap the dial an unspecified number of times before he could switch on the radio. He let us know that those rituals were a distraction.

He continues in the book that the pressure was much worse when he was in college as he was apprehensive about his entry into the broadcasting world as well as earning a living. His brain set up a defense mechanism in the form of rituals to prevent her from coming face to face with her cope with the OCD, Stern has gone through years of emotional therapy and he has mastered the art of transcendental meditation which has gone a long way in relieving her of some of the OCD symptoms. He goes on to inform his readers that to treat OCD, the only effective way is to prevent the OCD behavior as well as expose the person to the thoughts that trigger the OCD.

2. Jessica Alba

She has come from far but everything she has gone through has not diminished the light of her beauty as well as her amazing personality. Even with great movies under her thumb as well as a cosmetic company, Jessica Alba has been to hell and back. When she was younger, Jessica suffered from pneumonia at least four times a year and she even came down with collapsed lungs at least twice, she came down with a tonsil cyst as well as the ruptured appendix. All the physical maladies notwithstanding, Jessica also had to endure OCD from an early age.

She used to disconnect every electrical appliance in the house as well as double and triple check the locks in the house to make sure that the house was locked securely at night. Each time she was under this yolk, she would get a panic like feeling and she would have to take action but the minute she had done her double check routine, the panic would go away. What it felt like was the need to be in control. She is however in agreement with the fact that actors who have OCD are a lot more successful because when they get down to something, they do things a lot more proficiently.

1. Charlize Theron

To complete the list of celebrities with OCD we wrap up with the Glitzy American/South African beauty, Charlize Theron. She had to learn to be strong at an early age having witnessed abuse and alcoholism in her family and especially having to witness her mother shooting her father when she was quite young in self-defense. She has scaled the heights of success as an actress and model and her life seems to be fairy tale kind of perfect with most women wishing they had just a pinch of her perfect life. Despite all this, Charlize like most of the celebrities in Hollywood these days suffers under the yolk of OCD.

Charlize has been quoted saying that she has issues with messy cabinets and cannot bear seeing people shove their things into closets and closing the doors. The condition is so bad that her sleep is often interrupted by thoughts of an imaginary mess in her cabinets and that she has to straighten up. Compared to people like Tesla, her OCD seems to be on the milder side and would be rather cool for people who hate cleaning up. A clean closet would be a welcome change for some of us.

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