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10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable


10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable

Drastic weight loss changes the way that a person looks, whether they’re famous or not. The ten celebs on today’s list took control of their weight, by embarking on serious fitness and diet routines that changed their bodies for the better. They burned off the flab, and, in the process, completely reinvented themselves.

If you need to lose a few pounds, or even more, be sure to read every celebrity weight loss story on the list. You may find that these stories provide you with amazing diet and fitness tips, as well as plenty of inspiration. If you’re already fit, you’ll still enjoy reading about these stars. They’re some of the most famous people in the world!

When a celeb really commits to weight loss, the results can be startling and these results tend to bring rewards, such as positive media exposure, lucrative endorsements and other exciting career opportunities.

We’re going to track the weight loss transformations of some fascinating famous people, including Jonah Hill, Christina Aguilera and Wendy Williams. Read on for the inside scoop on celeb weight loss. Weight loss is never easy, but dedication and willpower definitely pay off. 

10. Christina Aguilera Transformed Her Body

Christina Aguilera has confidence at any weight and confidence is the most attractive thing there is. She’s got great pipes, she’s charismatic and she does her own thing. This bold and gifted singer lives life her own way. She’s achieved incredible success since her days as a Disney child star.

Christina is now 37 and she’s a mom. This year, the Cheatsheet website did a feature on her recent weight loss journey. According to the article, Aguilera has dropped a whopping forty-nine pounds. She wasn’t shy about sharing her diet secrets with everyone. To slim down dramatically, she started The Fresh Diet meal plan. Her meals were delivered to her home and she generally consumed 1600 calories per day. She made sure to eat breakfast, to get her metabolism going early in the day, and also tried to de-stress, because stress makes it harder to lose weight.

When we’re stressed out, our cortisol levels go up and this inhibits fat-burning. Higher cortisol levels provoke snacking and general overeating.

If you can’t afford meal delivery, eat avocado, berries and turkey bacon for breakfast, indulge in healthy salads with low-fat meat for lunch and go for veggies and chicken for supper. Avoid high-fat condiments at all costs and snack on fresh fruit, celery sticks and nuts. When you follow these tips, you’ll get sleek and sexy like Christina. Be patient, as weight loss takes time. Regular exercise will help you to speed up the weight loss process. 

9. Jennifer Hudson Looks Great Both Ways

Jennifer Hudson looked beautiful when she was curvier and she’s gorgeous now, at a much lower weight. According to the Goodhousekeeping website, Hudson dropped an astonishing eighty pounds and now focuses on maintaining her dramatic weight loss. So, how does she do it? Well, she’s all about diet, rather than exercise, because she’s very busy and doesn’t usually have time to work out. For her, maintaining weight loss is about calorie control and eating the right things. She became a mother years ago and joined Weight Watchers when her son was seven. She wanted to be a good role model for her little boy. She found the process of developing healthier eating habits challenging at first, but learned to change the way that she thinks about food and eating. She doesn’t restrict food groups or avoid carbs. Instead, she focuses on creating balance in her diet. Portion control is also a big deal for her. 

She eats healthy meals, such as burritos for breakfast and turkey sandwiches for lunch. A typical supper might be a stir-fry with plenty of veggies. She also opts for snacks that do her body good, such as apples, Greek yogurt, Chai lattes and small spoonfuls of peanut butter. Her new mindfulness about food has changed her body totally. Her guilty pleasure is chocolate. When you eat healthy 99 percent of the time, a little chocolate treat isn’t going to short-circuit weight loss goals. 

8. Melissa McCarthy Took Control Of Her Weight

Melissa has so much charm. She’s hilarious, endearing and blessed with adorable dimples. However, she had always struggled with her weight. This beloved comedienne decided to lose weight, and her new approach to eating led to a drastic, seventy-five pound weight loss.

Melissa is realistic about weight. She knows that she’ll be likely to experience weight loss fluctuations in the future. Right now, she’s committed to maintaining her weight loss. Also, she definitely hasn’t lost her feminist views on how society sees women and how shallow the practice of rating actresses based on their body shapes really is. She’s the same Melissa McCarthy, with a sleek figure that makes her almost unrecognizable, especially when new photos of her are compared with older photographs, when she was so much heavier.

To lose the weight, Melissa chose to go on a Keto diet. With this type of diet, carb intake is quite low and healthy fats are a staple. If you’ve had trouble dropping pounds and you want to find a new way to slim down, you may want to research the Keto diet yourself…and then give it a try. 

So far, Melissa is doing an amazing job of keeping the weight off. She’s been exercising and sticking to her Keto diet meal plan. She’s said that the first part of the diet, which lasts about fourteen days, is really the most challenging. After that two-week period, things get a little easier. To maintain her drastic weight loss, she makes sure not to overindulge in yummy carbohydrates, including fruit and quinoa. 

7. Wendy Williams Lost The Big 50

Losing 50 pounds is a major life change. Wendy Williams did it and anyone can do it, as long as they have the drive and dedication. Wendy let her loyal fans know all about her weight loss journey during a question-and-answer chat. During the video chat, she revealed that it took her three full years to lose the full fifty pounds. She’s maintaining her weight loss and feeling great about the way that her body looks. Williams says that her weight loss has freed her up to enjoy fashion. She’s not choosing clothes based on how they hide certain parts of her body. She wears what she likes and loves it. 

Like other celebs who’ve lost a ton of weight, Wendy Williams now understands the importance of eating healthy meals in the mornings. She does not skip breakfast. While many people don’t bother with breakfast, they should eat it, because skipping it leads to lower energy. Sometimes, Williams eats cheese, egg and sausage on an English muffin. Other times, she chooses fresh fruit for her first meal of the day. She always has green juice along with her food. 

Wendy has said goodbye to poultry and red meat. It’s been a long time since she’d had either. While she misses the fulfilling chewiness of these proteins, she now opts for fish to get the nutrition that she needs. She considers herself a pescatarian.

6. Jonah Hill Achieved The Leading Man Look

Jonah Hill’s body transformation is really startling. He looks so different now that he’s slim. From a distance, he might actually be mistaken for Bradley Cooper! According to a 2017 article at The Independent website, Jonah gained pounds for a film called War Dogs and then decided to slim down drastically. Hill says that working with a nutritionist was the key to his dramatic weight loss. He didn’t use pills or other quick fixes. He focused on eating a Japanese diet and that helped him to drop the pounds, without losing energy. One other Jonah Hill weight loss tip is too stay away from beer. When he doesn’t indulge in beer, he finds that he’s a lot slimmer. One funny story is that Jonah Hill sent his food diary to Drake my mistake, and Drake didn’t even respond to Hill’s weird message. 

Jonah started losing weight in 2011, but rebooted his weight loss efforts years later, in 2017. He’d gained a whopping forty pounds for his part in War Dogs, which co-starred Bradley Cooper. Hill reportedly asked for help from Channing Tatum, who knows all about staying in shape, thanks to body-conscious roles, such as his part in Magic Mike XXL.

Jonah looks great and he’s currently very slim in his new Netflix show, Maniac, which co-stars the beautiful and talented actress, Emma Stone. Now that Hill is so fit, he’s being cast as the leading man. It’s an exciting time for him and his weight loss was surely great for his health.

5. Jared Leto Loses and Gains for His Roles

Jared ballooned up to play John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, in a film called, “Chapter 27”. To gain a lot of weight rapidly, he drank melted ice cream and added soy sauce and olive oil to it, just to boost the fat, sodium and calories. This is a man who will go the extra mile to inhabit a role! He’ll also do the opposite, such as embarking on a crazy strict diet to play a character with a serious illness.

Leto made the very unhealthy decision to starve himself, because he desperately wanted to score a plum role in The Dallas Buyers Club. He did get the part, as it happens. This wasn’t the first time that Jared slimmed down drastically to get a part. He did it before, to play a drug addict in another movie.

Starving yourself is very bad. It’s not a weight loss journey that anyone should follow. Jared goes to extremes to play extreme parts. He’s said himself that the things he does to lose and gain weight are detrimental to his health. So, skip this diet plan and choose another one on the list. Jared’s commitment to his roles is pretty intense. For example, while playing The Joker in Suicide Squad, he reportedly remained in character during the entire production. This meant zero chatting about the weather with fellow actors and other co-workers. 

4. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Lost 42 Pounds

Snooki was pretty endearing on Jersey Shore. She wasn’t one of of those annoyingly perfect girls. She had flaws, insecurities and problems that lots of people could relate to. Snooki has come a long way since Season One of Jersey Shore. She’s built a good life for herself and she’s also built a healthier body, by embracing healthy eating and exercise.

Snooki looks quite stunning now. She’s still got that memorable face, which is like no other, and her figure is fashionably slim, without being too slim. When Snooki started her motherhood journey, it was the beginning of a whole new life for her. She wanted energy to keep up with her kids. Her body makeover was accompanied by a fashion makeover. These days, she tends to stay away from the bouffant hairdos and sprayed-on dresses of the Jersey Shore days. She’s evolved in the best possible sense.

Snooki says giving up booze was hugely helpful, because drinking means taking in a lot of empty calories. She used to party hard, but she’s changed and skipping alcohol helps her to maintain a sleek figure. She also restricts grains, which tend to trigger weight gain, and hits the gym. 

3. Matthew McConaughey Lost Major Weight for a Movie Part

When it was time for Matthew McConaughey to prepare for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, he needed to lose a drastic amount of weight, because the character that he would be playing was suffering from AIDS. McConaughey had to deprive himself of his fave foods to attain the seriously thin body that was appropriate for this role. He did it through sheer willpower. While he was dieting, he would fantasize about eating a perfect cheeseburger. He’d go through the steps involved with creating the cheeseburger in his mind, and planned to make the real thing once filming was over. Matthew says weight loss is ninety percent diet. He would also dream about eating po’boy sandwiches. Losing major weight, at the extreme level, is about eating a lot less, basically. It’s more about diet than exercise. Like Jared Leto’s starvation diet, Matthew’s diet is too extreme for the average person. Losing that much weight puts a lot of strain on the body. Leto and McConaughey did it because they knew it would be temporary. Even then, it was a risky decision.

2. Mama June Spent 75 Thousand Dollars on Body Transformation

Did you know that Mama June Shannon lost three hundred pounds? That’s about as dramatic as weight loss can get. She didn’t do it by dieting and exercising. She did it with surgery. Reportedly, her weight loss journey cost her seventy-five grand. At her peak weight, the scale read, “460”. Post-surgery, she weighs 160 and looks like a different woman. After her operations, she laid low for a couple of months, healing and preparing to show the world her brand-new figure. She blames her former weight gain on frequent food binges. She would gorge on junk food and never really exercised.

A gastric sleeve operation helped her to lose the weight quickly, but the surgery didn’t stop there. She also opted for breast implants, an operation to tighten up the skin around her neck, and operations to get rid of her excess tummy skin and her “bat wings”. Overall, nine pounds of fat was removed surgically. If you’ve ever had any kind of operation, you probably already know how painful Mama June’s recovery from these operations must have been. Let’s hope she keeps the weight off forever. Some people do and some people don’t. 

1. John Goodman Lost Over 100 Pounds

John Goodman lost half of his body weight. During the highly-rated, but doomed, Roseanne reboot, lots of fans noticed just how slim and healthy Goodman looked, compared to the old days. Goodman says he’d yo-yo dieted throughout his career. He would gain and then lose. However, as he got older, the losing phases were fewer and farther between. When the scale hit 400, he knew is was now or never, and he began to make big changes. For example, he gave up booze. He says he used alcohol to self-medicate for three decades. John knows he’s damaged his health through drinking and overeating. He’s trying to repair as much as the damage as he can. Portion control was John’s diet secret weapon. He says he used to shove any food in his mouth all of the time. He seems like a great guy and his honesty about his problems is refreshing. It’s nice to know that he’s gotten a handle on his weight problems and it’ll be awesome if he can keep the weight off long-term. 

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