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10 Celebs Who Own A Car But Can’t Drive


10 Celebs Who Own A Car But Can’t Drive

Pretty much everyone is expected to learn how to drive. It is a necessity nowadays. It is easier for some people to go to a specific place they want to go, especially if they are the ones driving. But there are some popular celebrities who never got the chance to get their own licenses. It’s not because they are involved in some legal problems, but they just opted to not drive any vehicles.

Having a driver or chauffeur is quite an advantage many celebrities truly enjoy. Others just get one because of the fact that they don’t have any choice. Some say that owning and maintaining a vehicle is not a priority and for the many duties and responsibilities being held for each celebrity, technology also made the vehicle mania unnecessary. Celebrities are always in the headlines in any forms of social media nowadays. Some are in the news because they got into driving mishaps. But some make it in the news because people are talking about why they can’t drive the cars they already own. Here are ten celebrities who are qualified to have a driving license, but for some reason didn’t pursue to actually get one.

10. Barbra Streisand

Although she criticises others for their lack of driving skills while on the road, which means that she knows the rules and regulations of proper driving, she still didn’t move on from the off-ramp accident she had long ago and that’s the reason why she doesn’t want to drive anymore. This funny actress and songstress, Barbra Streisand, admits she was on the wrong side of what happened and sitting behind the wheel really freaked her out.

According to this legendary singer and actress, she had trouble being behind the wheel and she developed a phobia after hitting the ramp of a freeway when she was the one driving. After this incident, she got very scared and didn’t move on. Now she is just dependant on drivers whenever she feels like going someplace. But surprisingly, in 2000, she had a new road trip movie with Seth Rogen entitled Guilt Trip.

9. Lena Dunham

As they say, if somebody is presently living in New York, it is a valid reason for not driving a car around. So it is not that questionable if the co-creator of the known TV show Girls does not care about driving at all. She said that she’s afraid of injuring not just herself, but of course hurting other people if she is the cause of an accident. Though she wanted to learn at the start, it is very difficult for her since she is terrified of driving. She made this statement during her appearance on the Ellen show.

Like any other person, she decided to get a driving license at first. During her first attempt, she failed and that is why she just let it be like that. She didn’t try again. She also added that maybe it is really destined for her not to get a driving license because if given the chance to have it, she would probably hurt or injure someone. But at least she tried, just to show that there is a chance that she can still try anytime she wants to. It’s not yet the end for everything for her when it comes to driving. She’s still young and the world is still young as well.

8. Ed Sheeran

One of the most in-demand English singers, songwriter, record producer, guitarist and actor in these present times, no other than Ed Sheeran himself doesn’t drive. He has a lot of top songs that are always in the charts in many country worldwide. With all the millions he has because of his rising career in the music world, Ed Sheeran just bought a Mini Cooper for himself. Surprising right? But take note that he bought a Porsche for his sound guy last Christmas as a bonus gift. Why on earth did he just buy a Mini Cooper for himself? He explained in an interview that he is not really a fan of some fast cars. He also added that he can’t drive at all.

Well aside from his problems in driving, he also has terrible vision and that is another reason why he has difficulty driving. Actually, just two years ago, he passed the driving test and he treasured the chance to drive his own car. Now it makes sense after he bought his first car because he can drive it and he can go anywhere he wishes to go.

7. Robbie Williams

Though it is known by others that he is a lover of different types of cars and even watches Formula 1 racing, this English singer doesn’t want to be behind the wheel at all. He once promoted a track from the Disney Pixar sequel movie of Cars 2, a movie which is all about animated cars and racing. The singer loves cars but doesn’t drive at all. Robbie Williams does not want to drive simply because the traffic in London is the worst and he prefers taking cabs. Maybe there is never such a thing called an emergency for this English singer. Far from the huge amount of money he makes and how groovy he likes to look for his fans, he doesn’t care what people think about him and that he is not driving at all.

So, whenever he needs to go somewhere, he just depends on taking a cab or gets a driver. He is also accompanied sometimes by his friends whenever he needs to buy something.

6. Carey Mulligan

In the movie Never Let Me Go in 2010, her character was a teenage pro driver who seems to be very confident in driving a car. Come to find out that it is the total opposite of reality. Carey Mulligan mentioned in an interview that the experience was very traumatic because she was forced to get behind the wheel without any experience of driving at all. However, she met the challenge and surprisingly ended up obtaining an American driving license. But when she returned to the UK, she failed five times on her driving test and that is the reason she stopped pursuing the idea of driving a car.

Turns out that though she attempted to try and get a license, she didn’t maintain having it to some other place. Makes me wonder why it is more difficult to get a license in the UK than in the US.

5. Tina Fey

Tina Fey is a popular Hollywood comedian who used to have a license but she doesn’t have one anymore. It expired and she didn’t have any plans of renewing again. According to Tina Fey, she got the driver’s license when she was living in Pennsylvania in the 90s, but after it expired and she moved to New York City, she opted not to renew it. In New York City, it felt like she didn’t need to drive anymore because it is a place where the transportation system is accessible for all. That’s her excuse though.

The other thing about that she mentioned in interviews is that she forgot the lessons she got when driving. So that’s another big excuse for why she did not pursue getting a driving license. Although she did not mention anything about being afraid to be behind the wheel, she is really not interested in getting a license and she’s the type of person who does not care what other people might think of her. For her, she will do her job as an actress and entertain viewers with all her might.

4. Christina Aguilera

Yes, she did have a license and a car of her own when she was 21-years of age. But after a few years, she decided not to drive anymore. Her reason is that she got afraid to be behind the wheel while the paparazzi were after her and possibly running them over while she is living in Los Angeles. She is afraid that she will lose her privacy and that running away every time the paparazzi is following her could make her go insane all the time. That is why it is better that she does not drive because she may be caught in an accident. Well, it is still an acceptable reason for one’s safety.

There was an incident in May of 2011 where she spent the night in a police station because she was arrested for public intoxication with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler who was driving and he was charged with driving under the influence.

3. Mariah Carey

A Maybach 62 Luxury Sedan, custom matte Black Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe Couple, Maserati Quattroporte and a custom Pink Porsche Cayenne SUV are just some of the cars least owned by Mariah Carey and now her ex-husband Nick Cannon. Back in their sweeter years of being together, this ex-couple at least tried to raise the bar and gifted each other with expensive vehicles. Gestures like these are common to wealthy husbands and wives who both used to be madly in love with each other. But the odd thing about having such luxurious cars is that Mariah isn’t a good driver. She did not want to drive any of the cars and just choose to be in the passenger seat of all the time.

Back in 2009, Mariah once tweeted that she and her husband got into a little car accident in Los Angeles, but neither one of them was the one driving the car. Luckily, they were safe and they did not get any kind of injuries. So definitely that is another valid reason why Mariah wouldn’t want to be the one behind the wheel.

2. Noel Gallagher

Talk about having five cars but don’t have any plans to drive even one of them… But he admitted that he felt embarrassed about not driving at all. When his career started as part of the popular band, Oasis, he said that he was so thankful he didn’t have to drive at all. Instead, he can be in the back seat of a limousine relaxing with nothing to worry about with so much happening on the road. But just this year, he said that he is now turning 50 and that he realized why he preferred not to drive during his younger years, where obviously he could have done it.

Noel Gallagher, who is now a father of three, believes that he is better off staying in the back seat of the car. So this means if he is not driving at all, who is driving his wife and his children if any of them wants to go someplace? Of course, they have chauffeurs and that is the job why they hire such a person. But sometimes it is more fun if there is no one else except you and your whole family when going out.

1. Robert Pattinson

Born with a father who is a car dealer and is importing vintage classic cars from the US, Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson is just one of those good actors who didn’t become an expert when it comes to driving. He admitted he’s not that good at driving, though he took driving lessons after leaving London for the US. He took driving lessons in Oregon so that he could easily be in Hollywood. After all, he’s got the looks and the intense acting he can show to the fans and viewers in almost perfectly portrayal of his characters.

Though at first he was not that interested in driving cars during his younger years, just recently in the last year or two, the actor was seen driving his red pick-up in what seemed to be taking all his stuff out of ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s house in California. This happened during their major break up that lead them to finally part ways and there’s no looking back anymore. So this means, that it may not be that he can’t drive or doesn’t have a driving license, but chooses not to drive. With Los Angeles traffic, not many can blame him.


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