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10 Celebrity Wives Who Make More Money Than Their Athlete Partners


10 Celebrity Wives Who Make More Money Than Their Athlete Partners

This world has never been fair when it comes to many things. The entertainment world,  just like in real life, is so full of stories about gender inequality. Whether one is a man or a woman, it is make-believe to think that men are the ones that have a higher income. These days, women are also out there, outshining their partners in real life when it comes to net worth and yearly income. Women have the capacity to be very good when it comes to financial decision-making. 

Popular male athletes are already earning a huge amount of money and it may be hard to believe that a wife would be earning more. But the odd part is, some celebrity wives are better earners than their athlete husbands. As we all know, work and personal life balance is very difficult to manage, especially for popular celebrities. Here are the ten celebrity wives who are earning more income than their sportsman partners.

10. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bündchen is still one of the highest-paid models in the world. No wonder she got the spot as the 99th highest paid Hollywood icon and celebrity in 2016 according to AOL. Would you believe that of her total net worth is double the total net worth of her husband and known American football quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots? Her husband, on the other hand, is no doubt one of the greatest quarterbacks in the world. He has been selected the Super Bowl MVP four times already and NFL MVP twice in his career. So they are really meant for each other even if Gisele is the one who is earning more than her husband Tom.

In her interview with Vanity Fair, she was described as an over-achiever and that she wanted everything to be in the right place. While she was still studying, she was a straight-A student, which means that she really enjoyed her studying days. She enrolled in a modeling course, but she never dreamed of becoming a model so soon after. She was just planning on enjoying the travels and gaining experience. Shortly after, she was chosen to be represented by a modeling agency. Then the rest was history. She has walked on major runways, including the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2000.

9. Kerry Washington

Being a very strong and powerful female has never been more achievable these days. One of these women is Kerry Washington. She started making films in 2000, but she started earlier in TV shows in 1994. She got wide recognition in her ABC drama series, Scandal, that started in 2012 and was created by Shonda Rimes. Kerry is married to American football cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha, who is considered one of the wealthiest American football players of all time. Some don’t know that he’s earning his fortune, not only from football but also from his acting career. His latest movie, Crown Heights,  earned a big amount at the box office. So, not bad for this awesome couple. But who is really earning more between the two of them?

The answer is Kerry Washington, who proves that it’s not only men who are the ones bringing home the bacon. It seems that she didn’t only play on her in looks, but also in how much money she’s earning comparing to her husband. But despite the fact that she knows of this, she remains with her feet on the ground. She remains creatively ambitious to do lots of things, especially for her children and more to that, she focuses on doing her work and craft with integrity.

8. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has done a lot of things in life as much as a normal individual would do. She is a great singer, actress, TV personality and much to a surprise, a successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She launched a line of hair and beauty products, as well as some designer shoes, handbags, and fragrances, under her full name. So, probably she has earned millions for this. With her music, she has a lot of top hits that made it on the Billboard list. Mind you guys, platinum and gold albums have been released in past years. In terms of movies, she appeared in some TV, movies, and even became a judge for Fashion Star. Although she got divorced from her former boy bander Nick Lachey, she considers him to this date, her worst financial mistake when it comes to her marriage with him.

That’s why Eric Johnson is one heck of a lucky guy. This former NFL tight end is now the husband of Jessica Simpson and they have two cute kids; Maxwell who is three years old and Ace Knute who is just two. He began dating Jessica in May of 2010 and before the end of that year, they already announced their engagement. Seemed like no one can stop him from taking her into his life.

7. Ashley Judd

Not only an actress but a famous political activist, this admired actress can be looked upon by some women because of the fact that she is also earning more than she should. She has more feel-good movies than anyone can remember. Some of these movies are Heat, A Time To Kill and Double Jeopardy. She also came from a family of showbiz royalty. Her mother is Naomi Judd and her older sister is Wynona, both of whom are a country music combo, The Judds. It can be remembered that there was a headline in social media where they announced that Ashley Judd topped the annual list of highest-paid actresses of all time.

Ashley Judd married Dario Franchitti in December of 2001. Dario Franchitti is a Scottish race car driver and they got married in Scotland in December of 2001. Though also earning enough for his family, no doubt the star actress still has earned more than her husband, which makes her a reliable person who is one of those “Silence Breakers” recognized by Time magazine. The movement in which women shared stories of forced sexual acts against their will. Ashley Judd really made her name as an outstanding model for the other actresses in Hollywood.

6. Eva Longoria

She is an American television and movie actress who has almost $35 million dollars all to herself. Now that’s a large amount of money right there. Eva was married twice before marrying her present husband. She is married now to Jose Antonio Baston, who is famous in the entertainment world since the late 1980s. They started dating in 2013 and a proposal happened at the 2015 International Film Festival. Eva was almost in tears at that moment and cannot express how magical she felt during that time. The great thing about this duo is that they are dedicated to a specific charity that they are both working in.

As a mainstay of the TV show Desperate Housewives, many people would greatly wonder how much her salary was per episode. It is just around $400,000 per episode of the show. Now that’s a lot of money. Aside from the famous TV show, she signed contracts with the huge makeup and hair care company, L’Oreal, plus Hanes and a lot more known brands. She also produced a movie that became a high grossing film and earned her a lot of money. So, no wonder she really is bringing home the bacon in their home.

5. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

It all started when she competed for a spot in the 2001 season of reality TV show, Survivor. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a popular TV personality and this is where her television career started. She went on to become a mainstay host on the FOX News Channel. Being a host on Fox and Friends, which is the highest-rated morning talk show, as well as in another TV shows before she moved to the Fox News Channel, The View. People are in awe of whether or not she has more earnings than her husband.

Her husband is a retired American football quarterback who is now an analyst for ESPN. Timothy Thomas Hasselbeck was Elisabeth’s college boyfriend. They have three children, a daughter, and two sons. So it’s a yes for the question of whether, just like many couples, she is the breadwinner of the family. Elisabeth has a net worth of around $12 million dollars. She has left Fox and Friends because she wanted to give more attention to raising her children. She and her husband owned an old estate that is  worth a whopping $4.78 million.

4. Adriana Lima

She is considered the longest-running Victoria’s Secret fashion model… Back two years ago, she was proclaimed by the Forbes list as the top earner among the Angels, with an estimated total net worth of $75 million. She is none other than Adriana Lima. Adriana has a career since she was a teenager when she won Ford’s Supermodel Brazil at an early age of 15. Then she signed with Elite Supermodel Management and moved to New York City and the rest was history for her. Though she has been through many past relationships, she didn’t need their help when it came to earning money. Isn’t it quite obvious?

Adriana Lima was married to Serbian Marko Jaric from 2009 until they got divorced in 2016. They have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. He was a former NBA player who played with the LA Clippers, Minnesota and Memphis. Until this date, there has been no specific reason given as to why they had to call it quits. All that is coming from her is her hope that people would somehow respect their privacy when it comes to this matter. Well, the marriage didn’t end well for Adriana, but she is still one of the highest paid models in the world even at age 36.

3. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a famous American country singer who became famous when she won on the music reality TV show, American Idol. In that season she earned a recording contract, a chance to ride in a private jet for over a year, drive a Ford Mustang convertible and lastly, $1 million. Her first song Inside Your Heaven received a lot of recognition and topped charts worldwide. Her songs were selling millions of copies across the world. Right then and there, she became famous and earned a lot for herself. Wondering who the lucky guy is who caught her off guard?

They had been set up by Carrie’s bassist Mark Childers. Mark knows Mike Fisher, a professional Canadian ice hockey player from the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League. How did they meet? They met backstage after one of Carrie’s concerts in 2008. At their first meeting, the two got their eyes on each other and since then, the rest was history. They got engaged in 2009 and got married the year after in Greensboro, Georgia. So when it comes to their finances, Carrie seemed to be the one who is in charge of it. The total net worth of this Grammy Award winner is a whopping $55 million.

2. Victoria Beckham

Yes, Victoria might be the winner between her husband and herself when it comes to the better earner these days because of Victoria’s fashion brand worldwide. Considered one of the most high profile celebrity icons in today’s entertainment and music world, Victoria Beckham continues to woo the crowd in every aspects of life. Despite the fact that her hunky husband David Beckham continuously designs his own way to have more impact, especially in the modeling industry and as a business person, as well, it is still Victoria’s expertise in business know-how that earns her more. She reigns supreme with a net worth estimated at about $450 million.

Victoria and David might be almost equal in total net worth earnings, but people can see that David can’t quite compete with his wife’s net worth. His earnings are not that shabby though. It’s quite a close competition. Great job for this power couple. Of course, even if they are already earning big time, that doesn’t mean that they will stop anytime real soon. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough will just keep on going.

1. Shakira

Shakira is a well-known philanthropist, a Colombian singer-songwriter, as well as a record producer with an estimated total worth of $220 million. She already won some Grammy Awards, Latin Music Awards and earned nominations for Golden Globe Awards. She is married to one of the famous soccer players. Her husband is none other than Gerard Pique, who plays alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar for Barcelona. Pique, on the other hand, is earning $40 million and still has many years to increase the number throughout his career as a footballer.

They just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in January 2018, and though it is known by others that Shakira is the one who has the bigger income, their relationship as husband and wife is still going stronger. Her Waka Waka was the official song for FIFA World Cup in 2010 where Pique made his appearance in the official video and that’s the time that the two personally met. They exchanged text messages and if the team of Gerard would be in the finals, there was a chance that they would see each other again. And yes, it happened. Pique’s courage and hope to win Shakira made it happen.

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