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10 Celebrities And Their Nannies

Celebrities are notoriously meticulous about their appearance. For many of them, it is part of their livelihood. However, they need help around the home. Whether it be nannies or housekeepers, they employ staff. Often these staffs are employed by others and the celebs don’t see the new member of the household until they start work.
Imagine the horror if the help turns out to be better looking than the celebrity! Not only are there the insecurities of having good looking women (or men) around the home to keep them on their toes. What if the husband (or wife) falls for the help?

10. Sharon and Ozzy Osborne

Ozzy Osbourne is known for his wild antics and wife, Sharon must be used to his exploits by now. However, in her autobiography, Sharon put the spotlight on their former nanny, by revealing that Ozzy was sleeping with her the night she gave birth to her son, Jack. She also said Ozzy had slept with another of their nannies. The Osbournes hired a string of beautiful ladies over the years to look after their three children.

A more horrific marital betrayal is hard to imagine, but Sharon was able to put it behind her and remains married to Ozzy to this day. Ozzy was in the grip of addiction to alcohol and drugs at the time, and Sharon put his infidelity down to that, saying it would have been different if he was sober, according to Blabbermouth.

The behaviors that addicts exhibit are often referred to as Jekyll and Hyde and this theory would fit Sharon’s description of Ozzy’s antics. There seems no doubt that the couple is still deeply in love, and that when sober, Ozzy is a devoted husband. Sharon swore that if they ever needed help for their children again, she would opt for a man!

9. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

The Cruise/Holmes household employed a string of lovely nannies for their little princess, Suri. When the couple separated this number was doubled as Suri switched between two households.

Tom and Katie were not without their troubles in terms of their staffing arrangements. Suri Cruise’s ex-nanny decided to take revenge on her former employers by revealing some interesting facts about the young lady’s upbringing. When Suri was living with both her parents, she was treated like a real-life princess. She was homeschooled, so didn’t have much contact with other children and the nannies became her friends.

The former nanny revealed that Suri was ferried to shopping trips at toy shops and was allowed to eat what she wanted when she wanted. The nanny revealed that they were not allowed to say no to her and that her parents have showered her with expensive jewelry, even at the age of four.

Suri did not only want a beautiful nanny, she wanted a perfect nanny. After seeing Mary Poppin, young Ms. Cruise demanded a real-life Mary Poppins of her own according to Made for Mums. Whilst Tom gave in to his daughter’s request, Katie was none too thrilled at how lovely the replica Mary’s actually were.

8. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey became famous for refusing to hire a nanny. He was adamant to fly in the face of his wife’s requests to hire help and raise the child without childcare. The actor made the assertion after his wife had given birth to their first child, Levi, after a very difficult pregnancy and birth. Camilla subsequently gave birth to another baby, Vida who was followed by a third called Livingstone.

His wife, CamillaAlvares, has luckily got the support of her mother to help out, after the births of Vida and Livingstone. Camilla is said to have wanted a nanny, but her husband was against the idea and has been famously vocal about his desire to have his children raised by family alone. Both Mrs. Alvares and her daughter appear to have their hands full.

Camilla appears to have been outvoted on this occasion, but at least she has avoided the infamous celebrity nightmare of her husband running off with the help. She remains the ringmaster of what Matthew calls his circus of a home. No worries for the McConaughey about lurid revelations being leaked to the press at least.

7. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore – had four and got sued in ‘Nannygate’

Bruce and Demi do have three children but apparently, that meant they needed four nannies! Sure, they needed a team to cover shifts and their different homes, but for Demi, four times the competition.

One former nanny, Kim Tannahill, sued the couple for unpaid wages amongst other things and put herself right in the limelight during the court proceedings with her description of the couple’s behavior, especially Demi’s. She accused her former boss of drug addiction and stalking, as well as delusional and obsessive behavior. Kim was sued by the couple herself for misappropriation of funds and slander.

The lawsuit became national news, with Ms. Tannahill being accused by a couple of racking up thousands of dollars of bills on their accounts. It is also said that she spread malicious rumors about the couple to the press. The Willis/Moore legal team said the lawsuit was sour grapes because of her dismissal from her job, but Ms. Tannahill gained her fifteen minutes of fame and newspaper coverage.

6. Noel Gallagher and Patsy Kensit provides flats and sports cars for theirs (live daily)

One journalist cataloged the arrival of her nanny, who was fresh from a job with Patsy Kensit and Noel Gallagher and their son, Lennon. She told of first-class travel and of having been given a sports car and her own flat according to the Independent.

This highlights the perks that celebrity nannies can get. One told of a $500,000 a year salary, for each child! The glamorous lifestyle, the lavish homes, the designer clothes are the norm for some of the most elite. However, this seems to be a small price to pay for confidentiality. Celebrity employers must quake in their designer boots at what the nanny could reveal by selling her story.

However, the Gallagher/Kensit nanny had a lot to deal with. Patsy has since revealed that Liam cheated on her a week after their wedding. A daughter, Molly was subsequently born from this liaison and Patsy was devastated and took to recreational drug use. She claims she cried on every day of the marriage. Since the marriage ended and Patsy has been bringing up her children she has a new nanny, who has been loyal to the star for six years.

5. Gwen Stefani

Mindy Mann was the nanny for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s children but left in a whirlwind of rumors of a three-year affair with the Bush frontman. Not only was that a blow to the singer, Gwen, but the blonde nanny seemed to share Gwen’s fashion sense uncannily. She appeared after her dismissal in a selection of outfits that mirrored Gwen’s own wardrobe exactly. Gavin evidently has a type and there was something about Ms. Mann that appealed to him. She is a stunner, for sure but many people were astounded to think he had cheated on the beautiful No Doubt singer.

Mindy had a strong sense of style and when she was seen out with the couple and their children, there were obvious similarities between the two women. Ms. Mann worked for the couple for three years as she cared for their three children.

Gwen ended her marriage with Rossdale after discovering that he had had the affair, according to The Daily Mail. Stories emerged of him meeting up with Ms. Mann after leaving Gwen in hospital having given birth to their son which must have been a further blow to Gwen.

4. Mel B and Stephen Belafonte – one big happy family?

Mel B has had her fair share of ups and downs since her Spice Girl days. However, being outshone by her nanny, Lorraine Gilles was probably not on her wish list. She had a tempestuous relationship with husband, Stephen Belafonte, and cited abuse in her divorce papers.

Mel seemed to have a good relationship with her three children’s nanny, who accompanied the family on holidays as well as joining them during their day to day life. However, what also emerged was that Belafonte had had an affair with the couple’s nanny. Not only that, but he had got her pregnant, and offered her $300,000 to have an abortion.

The court case got messy and accusations passed between the two parties with Lorraine even suggesting that she and Mel had a relationship.

Before the abortion idea, Stephen came up with another genius plan. Apparently, he conjured up a notion that Mel, himself and the nanny could all live together and raise the children as one big happy family!

Obviously, this was unthinkable for the two women involved. Mel was so devastated by the pregnancy news that rumors are she tried to take an overdose according to the Sun.

3. David and Victoria Beckham and Abbie Wilson

Abbie Wilson scooped herself a front page in a Sunday newspaper with the story of her time as a nanny for the Beckhams. She aired all her dirty laundry and some of the Beckhams’ in a very public way. The story continued inside over several pages. The vengeful nanny had left her job a few weeks before she made the allegations prompting suggestions of bitterness. Her inside story on the Beckhams’ marriage included allegations of heavy rows between the couple and extramarital affairs.

A judge refused the Beckhams’ plea to have the story stopped from being published and it ended up in the British papers. Ms. Gibson’s story could either be seen as a resentful woman wanting to retaliate, or an honest young woman exposing the lie that the Beckhams have created about a happy marriage. There have been numerous rumors that the Beckhams’ marriage is in trouble and that they need to keep up a united front for their children and also for the public brand that is Team Beckham. Ms. Gibson may have told the public the total truth about life with the Beckhams, only time will tell.

2. SJP and Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are another couple whose lack of a nanny made headlines. When they arranged for a surrogate to carry their twins, Sarah was worried that they would struggle to look after the twins as well as their elder child, James. She had been vocal about her lack of hired help in public, as if it was a badge of honor, when she was faced with caring for one child.

Sarah eventually changed her views and a nanny was employed for Marion and Tabitha. Eventually someone else was employed to care for their son as well! Matthew had to do a bit of an embarrassing celebrity u-turn on his previous statement!

Tabitha and Marion’s nanny is often seen out and about with the Sex and the City star. She wears a practical yet sassy wardrobe that seems to dovetail with Ms. Parker’s. Evidently living with a fashion icon rubs off on the staff!

James Broderick’s nanny is equally co-ordinated and often mirrors her charge’s wardrobe! With so many staff in the home, Sarah Jessica has to keep a close eye on proceedings. It is alleged she writes detailed notes about how to refill household supplies and how to deal with the children.

1. Rob and Sheryl Lowe and sexual predator Jessica Gibson

Rob and Sheryl Lowe have plenty of experience of ending up in court with staff. They have sued home help and chefs, and a nanny too. However, the nanny in question, Jessica Gibson countersued them for sexual harassment, giving Gibson her fifteen minutes of fame. She even appeared on the primetime show, Today, looking tanned and gorgeous for the cameras.

She made repeated claims about how she had been harassed, but unfortunately, she was described as a ‘sexual predator’ and her innocent claims that she had been the victim seemed to evaporate along with her dignity. Sheryl Lowe, reacting against Ms. Gibson’s breach of her confidentiality contract, claimed she believed the nanny had overtly flirted with her husband.

The Lowes sued the long haired beauty for breach of contract while Ms. Gibson continued with her claim of sexual harassment by Mr. Lowe. The Lowes claimed that Ms. Gibson had tried to get money out of them in exchange for her silence. They ended up settling with their former nanny for an undisclosed settlement fee.

Ms. Gibson, meanwhile, appeared on every chat show going and appeared in magazines and newspapers, eager to make extra money out of her story.

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