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10 Celeb Siblings Who Hate Each Other

Siblings are usually friends who are permanent and destined to be connected to each other their whole life through. Our siblings could be our best friends and no bond is stronger than a brotherly or sisterly love. Our friends come and go, but brothers and sisters are there for life and no one can replace them in our lives. So, to those who have siblings out there, I know there’s no instance that you didn’t argue with your brother or sister. Of course, these little disagreements are part of the relationship and it will make the both you forgive problems and wrong doings. These will lead to a stronger bond between the both of you.

But, when it comes to discussing about humanity’s oldest problems, sibling rivalry is one of them. It’s considered to be quite complicated because a lot of factors may influence the bond among siblings. In celebrities, having a sister or brother with the same career can often be an advantage or disadvantage. There could be a competition between the both of them. There’s a tendency that the other one might be doing well and is more famous than the other. Let us take a look who are on this list of 10 celebrity siblings who can’t stand each other, for real.

10. Rob Kardashian and Kim Kardashian

For the record, the only male sibling and had the most number of quarrels with the other siblings is none other than Rob Kardashian. Rob had fights with his sisters, but the most controversial one is with Kim. These two Kardashians are known for their cat and dogfight over social media. Rob doesn’t seem to like his older sister’s tough love and protection of him from way back when he was in a dilemma of depression and weight gain issues. Rob kept his distance from Kim and even described Kim in three not so good words, “shallow, heartless b***h.” There was one time where he posted a picture of a bloody “Rosamund Pike”, the antagonist in the movie Gone Girl, and told the fans that character in the picture is like his sister Kim, the b***h from the movie.

Looks like the relationship of these two is irreparable since the feud is beyond measure. The rest of the family are on Kim’s side, obviously. Kris Jenner, their mother, even asked Rob to apologize to Kim because of what he did, but it turns out that he didn’t. In addition, when Kim was interviewed, Kim mentioned that Rob spends his days smoking weed, playing video games and drinking too much alcohol. So obviously the two didn’t get along so well. But, just recently, it has been reported that the two seemingly fixed the feud that’s been going on between them.

9. Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher

Probably the worst enemies in the music industry turn out to be with his own blood. Liam and Noel are both the frontmen in the popular rock band Oasis. Sadly the band’s popularity faded when the quarrel between the two brothers was always happening, and the media are always talking about them. They are reported to have regular fistfights during their live concerts, and on and off camera.

The feud between the two brothers raged for decades and they still hate each other. In 1994, Liam hit Noel with a tambourine and walked offstage before their performance was over in Los Angeles. The next day, the news came out that Noel quit the tour and that he has no plans of performing with the band anymore. But, eventually, he rejoined the group when they were in Las Vegas. In 2009, Noel did what he should have done with nearly two decades of conflict between him and his brother. Noel finally decided to end his career with Oasis. Their popular song Wonderwall was written by Noel Gallagher, but he opted to let his brother Liam sing it. It has been named the greatest British song in different stations of radio polls over the past years.

8. Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin

Their modern feud is mainly about politics. Stephen is in the spotlight letting everybody know how he supported the now President of the United States, Donald Trump. While Alec Baldwin, doing the parody as President Trump, even verbalized that portraying the President is such an agony for him. With this, the President replied that seeing Alec Baldwin is the real agony. But this isn’t between Trump and Alec Baldwin. This is about the two Baldwin brothers.

Throughout the years, the two brothers have never been very close, unlike some other siblings. They didn’t show much interest in each other about the latest updates with their lives. Turns out that one time, Stephen made a joke about their sibling relationship with the movie, Fred Claus. Stephen seemed to be known as the ‘less famous’ one to join a support group. But it was undoubtedly politics, the main issue between the two brothers. Stephen is a big Trump supporter and the opposite is true for Alec. He has become well-known lately for doing parodies of Trump on the show Saturday Night Live. During one of his stints in an SNL debate parody, Alec Baldwin told the viewers of the show that the best Baldwin brother award goes to their youngest brother, Stephen. True or sarcastic?

7. Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas

Others probably watched them for the first time on the Disney Channel television network. They made appearances on Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and eventually got their very own Disney Channel series called Jonas. Not only are they active in TV shows and movies, they became extremely popular in terms of music as well. Well, just take note that they have released and sold a total of 17 million albums worldwide. They have been nominated and won various music awards. After a break for about two years in 2010 and 2011 for each to do solo-projects, the brothers came back together a year after the hiatus in 2012. Their goal was to record a new album. However, it was canceled after the announcement of the final split of the group in late 2013.

What caused the split? Could it be that there is something going on with the three of them? There are different versions of every story but the gist of it seems to come down to the following. First, Joe Jonas was rumored to be the cause of the split because of his addiction to drugs. By the time they were about to go on another tour as a group, he was seeing a therapist and he wasn’t on speaking terms with his other brothers. Kevin, who was the only one committed to the album at that time had been juggling his schedules, while Nick brought the idea that all he wanted was to focus on his own career, in terms of acting and making music on his own. There you have it.

6. Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen

These two brothers are known to be good actors. Remember Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire? These are the first movies of Emilio Estevez, while his brother Charlie Sheen landed a big break in Platoon. Wondering why they don’t have the same surnames? They originally did, but Emilio Estevez mentioned that he doesn’t need to change his name and have a new screen name because he was proud of his Hispanic roots. He took this advice from his father, Martin Sheen, who had regrets of adopting a different name instead of his birth name, Ramon Estevez. So it’s their first big difference as one can easily tell.

There are those who say that these two really didn’t get along well. Disagreements always came their way because the two couldn’t agree on much and one of them was their father’s relationships with women. Charlie is the one who is seen being interviewed in public, but Emilio seems to be mum about his brother’s negative attitudes regarding his personal life. One time he said that all he can do is to be a good example to his troubled brother. It was also a good time to patch things up between them when Charlie announced that he was HIV-positive.

5. Jeremy London and Jason London

These two dynamic twins were discovered in their small hometown in Texas during their early 20s. Jeremy starred in the TV series Party of Five and 7th Heaven, while Jason got his first exposure in the 1993 film Dazed and Confused. The two were doing great in their chosen craft and a lot of movie critics noticed their good performances in TV shows and movies.

But sadly, all good things are not as always what happens in real life. When it comes to the twins, headlines are all about brawls in different places, excessive drug use, and some restraining orders. It was known by a lot of people that Jeremy was the more aggressive one. He was involved in a lot of party brawls and experimenting with different kinds of drugs. He lost his role on 7th Heaven because of his drug-related problems. In 2006, he married fellow actress Melissa Cunningham, who is also battling drug addiction. Then in 2009, he had undergone a detoxification program in order to eradicate his drug addiction. Jason could be described as the better twin compared to his brother. He married actress Sofia Karskens in 2011. When he was asked regarding the condition of his twin brother, all he said was that he was doing great and nothing to worry about.

4. Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine are two sisters who were extremely popular in their time. At the age of 19, Olivia landed a role in her first film in an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1935. At that time, she was still doing her studies, but abruptly gave up going to college and signed a seven-year contract with Warner Bros. Studio. Her success continued with a lot of films and most of them were box-office hits.

Joan Fontaine adopted her stepfather’s surname. It was advised by her mother not to have the same surname as her sister as it would interfere with her sister’s career. So, just like her sister, she continued making her own name by appearing in good movies.

The rivalry between the two is considered to be the most well-known and longest standing feud between two sisters in Hollywood. The most unforgettable event came in 1941 when both of them were nominated for Best Actress for an Academy Award. Olivia was nominated for her role in Hold Back the Dawn, while Joan was nominated for Suspicion. Both were seated at the same table when Joan’s name was announced. Joan was the first one to win an Academy Award. What made the rift between them get worse was their mother’s death. Joan said that Olivia decided to cremate their mother’s body without her consent and she even didn’t invite her to the memorial mass and service. She still attended the funeral, but neither one of them spoke to each other afterward.

3. Kyle Richards and Kim Richards

These two sisters have a lot in common. They both married twice and have four children. They may be sisters and have a lot in common but their relationship didn’t come as easy as other sibling’s. Kim Richards is the eldest among them all. Kyle is five years younger than Kim. They’re not just two of them, but there is also another sister, Kathy Hilton, the mother of Paris Hilton. Their relationship with each other hasn’t been the worst, but it isn’t any kind of sibling relationship that is in harmony most of the time. Kim and Kyle starred in the reality TV show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

During the last season of their TV show, an unexpected feud between Kyle and Kim erupted. This surfaced because of Kim’s alcoholism. Kim went to rehabilitation in 2011 where she was recovering from her alcoholism. Kim being the eldest who should be the role model to her younger sisters was the one who needed to be taken care of because of her battle with alcoholism. But after Kim went to rehab, their relationship improved. Not with Kyle, but also with other family members.

2. Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson

Michael Jackson was on cloud nine after all the success in his top charting singles and sold out albums, as well as concerts worldwide. But while he is celebrating his success, his brother Jermaine Jackson is wondering whether he should be happy with it or not. There’s a story that Jermaine felt like he should be the one in Michael’s position. Meaning, he felt he should be the one who is the most popular among the brood of brothers. Jermaine’s peak moment was when he released a single entitled, Word to the Badd, where the intention of the song was to attack Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery. He explained further that he only did the song to let Michael get a grip on what was happening in reality.

Michael Jackson was a child-like human being but his other side tells something more. When he knew that something was offered to his brother to make new music by the music producers Reid and “Babyface” Edmonds, he invited the duo to his ranch, which delayed the supposed-to-be new music for his brother. With this, it made Jermaine mad at him. Also, he loved to see Prince, his big rival in music messed up on stage. So, it doesn’t sound like the soft-spoken Michael Jackson who was always interviewed by the media.

1. Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts

Although she mentioned that she was a selfish little brat when she was a young actress, that doesn’t mean she’s a brat when it comes to her relationship with older brother, Eric Roberts. Despite their ten-year age gap, she tries to be on good terms with her brother all the time. She even lived with her brother after she moved out from her parent’s house.

Just when Eric Roberts started to have issues with drug and alcohol addiction, his once good and smooth relationship with his sister Julia started to fall apart. The rift between the two siblings become more intense when Julia sided with Eric’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham during a custody battle over their daughter, now a popular teen actress, Emma Roberts. But even though the tough times they experienced, when Julia delivered her twins, her brother visited her in the hospital and she welcomed him with open arms. So everything was fine between the two after so many years without talking to one another. Big thanks to the twins, they just didn’t make an addition to the world, but they reconciled two siblings who would be there for each other even with the disagreements they have been through.

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