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10 Celeb Moms Whose Bounce Back Was A Lie

For those of us who have been through pregnancy and childbirth, we can attest to the fact that pregnancy does not favor anyone. When a woman first visits the Obgyn with the intention of planning for a child, we are either told we are too big and need to cut down on our weight or we are underweight and need to gain a little more weight. The universal thing though is that we are all informed that we need to eat healthy, exercise and take a lot more water. When we are certified pregnant, the regimen is supposed to continue but in this case, gaining weight is an indication of a healthy pregnancy.

As the pregnancy progresses, the woman is expected to gain even more weight. We are however warned not to eat for two rather eat a fraction more than our usual meals to give enough to the child in our womb. Because pregnancy comes with cravings, some of us gain too much weight and this is also universal. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and Melisa Joan Hart have had to contend with excess weight that came with pregnancy.

Losing that weight after pregnancy takes a lot of work and time. Celebrities though have adopted this unrealistic habit of going online two weeks after the birth of their child flaunting flat abs with no indication of a pregnancy making us wonder what magic portion they are using. This is where we come in to make every mother feel vindicated by exposing all the frauds on social media, like these 10 celebrity moms whose bounce back was a lie.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim seems to propagate every new fad out there, from waist trainers to crazy diets to the beauty of a large booty and now to miraculous bounce-back tales, this lady has been through it all. When she was pregnant with North West, Kim took eating for two to heart and in the process, she gained a whopping 50 pounds. Even though she still looked good, photos from that time show a huge lady with swollen feet and the pre-pregnancy Kim is nowhere to be seen. That is why we were surprised when just a few months after the birth of her child, Kim splashed photos of her fit, slimmed-down physique wearing a swimsuit.

Kim insisted that she had managed to get rid of the weight by staying focused on her fitness and eating well. No one’s body is ever the same after childbirth and there is no way the girls that grew three cup sizes more and hips that were extra large could shrink that much that first just by eating right and exercise. Kim made us feel like gluttons who cannot be disciplined enough to stay focused, that is until rumors emerged that she had extensive reshape work done. She insisted that she did not have any work done but the body she posted is not of a new mother who had just had a nine-month beating.

9. Tammy Hembrow

Being a fitness guru means that one has to be in their best shape in order to sell their beliefs. It is not surprising therefore that Tammy Hembrow who has the greatest following on social media with followers who are more than six million on Instagram felt the pressure to come back with a bounce-back story to rival that of any other celebrity on social media. Even though her website boasts of honesty and an open approach to each of her social channels thus allowing her fans to connect with her, this time Tammy was less than honest. Two months after the birth of her child, Tammy posted selfies that were obviously photoshopped and her fan base, of course, noticed this and even though they commended her on her looks, she managed to water down her honesty slogan. Her claims that she had gotten her body back by observing a strict exercise and diet regimen immediately after the birth of her child, taking lots of proteins and vegetables, plenty of water did not leave anyone convinced.

Tammy also said that during her pregnancy, she rubbed rosehip oil n her tummy two times a day and exercised throughout the pregnancy hence the lack of stretch marks. While we may want to believe her justification, the photoshop leaves us in doubt and we still believe that if it took nine months to gain the weight, there is no way the body will bounce back in a month.

8. Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian family are publicity junkies and having a bounce-back story earns them phenomenal likes. Like her sister Kim, Kourtney had her own false bounce back story when she was featured on the cover of Ok! Magazine looking trimmer than the first day she got pregnant at only one week after the birth of her son Mason as part of her newborn announcement. The picture of her was obviously photoshopped to make her look trim and all the editors did, in this case, was to change the color of her clothes from a magazine feature of Kourtney in another magazine.

After the ensuing backlash, Kourtney came out to defend herself by saying that the magazine had misrepresented her and that she had not even held an interview with them. She called them out on photoshopping her body to make her look as if she had lost all the baby weight which she insisted she had not. While most people would have gone with it and left people guessing as they try to get to that weight then show up looking all hot, Kourtney chose to go the honest way and in the process made a lot of women feel better about themselves.

7. Nicole Trunfio

They call them supermodels because let’s face it these women are superb. Rumour has it that they can live on cotton balls just to stay trim and for a woman who can do that, we tip our hat. Nicole Trunfio, the Australian supermodel had her first son, with her fiancé Gary Clark Junior and she named him Zion. Before we could even say congratulations, the model splashed her Instagram page with her pictures in lingerie and bikinis. Looking at her photos, the well defined Abs and well-sculptured thighs are not those of a new mom. When a woman is pregnant, her inside as well as her outside grows and the size of her thighs will not be the same for some time. Scientifically, it takes four weeks for the uterus to contract to its normal size.

There is no magic potion to speed up the process. A pregnancy takes forty weeks to give or take and unless one has a c-section, the baby comes when he is ready. The uterus is just as stubborn as the baby and it also takes its time to go back to its position. There is no way that Nicole Trunfio was looking that good, that first unless of course, it is through the use of a knife or photoshop,

6. Scarlett Johansson

She is the lady who stunned most of us when she appeared on G’Day USA which was happening in Los Angeles. This was barely three months after she gave birth to her angel Rose in 2014. The star that looked decidedly trimmer just like she used to be before she got pregnant, if we had not seen her, we would not have believed it. Her secret, she told Shape Magazine that she had bounced back thanks to breastfeeding. Most of us breastfeed and even with intense breastfeeding, we have never been able to bounce back that first.

Make no mistake, when a woman is breastfeeding, she is always hungry and the more she breastfeeds the hungrier she gets. While this will obviously make you lose weight, it takes a lot of discipline not to address this hunger by overeating. If indeed Scarlett used this method to lose weight, she achieved what millions of women try to do without success. Celebrities like to make us feel like failures by acting all perfect and trying to show us up and in her case, Scarlett Johansen we have a feeling she handed her child over to a nanny and hit the gym.

5. Miranda Kerr

Being a Victoria Secret Angel requires one to be in tip-top shape. Being the company that sells fantasies and the perfect body image, any angel who works for them has to be as good as the label itself. It is probably this pressure that made Miranda Kerr who is one quite popular on Instagram with over eleven million followers who wait with bated breath to see her less published work scenes. Two months after the birth of her son with Orlando Bloom who was almost ten pounds born in January of 2012, she stunned fans with her slimmed-down figure on the Paris Fashion Week. She also featured in a photo shoot wearing a bikini on a Victoria secret swimming collection. Her secret, she ate healthily, breastfed and did yoga.

We were in awe. One year later though, she could not feature in the Paris Fashion week as she insisted that she had prior commitments. She sent a report of her picture previously taken by Kevin Tachamn the Vogue photographer, unfortunately, she photoshopped her image on this photo which was already in the public domain, leaving people wondering why she would do that, was it that she had gone on some crazy diet earlier to get her body back? Whatever the reason is, to be that trim, that fast after birth requires a miracle.

4. Sarah Stage

Models are always under pressure to be better than the rest of us and to look that much spotless. Sarah Stage who is also a fitness lover and model used to post pictures of herself while pregnant looking toned with abs most un-pregnant women dream of. Her pregnancy seemed to have favored her without an ounce of cellulite or stretch mark. Two months after the birth of her child, the stage appeared on Instagram looking toned dressed in a white bikini, reclining on a sun chair while cradling her son on her chest. There was an obvious bulge on her thigh an indication that the photo was more than meant the eye.

She insisted that her son was pushing against her leg causing the shadow but no one was convinced. For those of us who have ever had a child, if we were to ever come back looking this hot even one year after then that would be a dream come true. The girls appear to be firmer and the tummy is not as saggy as most of our tummies are straight after birth. It is our opinion though that for this to have happened, there definitely is something else going on.

3. Beyoncé

The queen of everything posh, the singer/songwriter Beyonce is now a mother of twins, previously, when she gave birth to her baby girl Blue Ivy, it took Beyoncé nine months to shed the weight. She appeared on stage in Atlantic City at the Revel Resort & Casino dressed in a showgirl-style ensemble. Asked how she was able to reveal the curves in her body that fast, Beyonce said that it was grueling work that involved three episodes of exercise that lasted ninety sessions as well as a strict protein diet.

Imagine our surprise when after the birth of Sir Carter and Rumi she posted a photo of herself looking trim just one month after. Rumors emerged that the picture was taken before she got pregnant and that the twins had been photoshopped into it. We are inclined to believe the rumors as the announcement photos look very similar to her pregnancy photos especially the arch of flowers behind her. While Beyonce is truly a very attractive woman with the single-mindedness to achieve whatever she sets her mind to, she appears to have had a helping hand in getting the look she wanted just right and in this case, we are not convinced that she truly bounced back to this.

2. Heidi Klum

This has a lot of supermodels as they are the ones with the most pressure to look good, here we focus on reality show host and model, Heidi Klum. Heidi is the mother of four and it is after the birth of her fourth baby that she Lou Sulola that she appeared looking trim barely six weeks after. Heidi who was dressed in a purple corset and a gown was on the runway for a Victoria Secret fashion show in 2009. Heidi who supposedly gained 45 pounds during that pregnancy said she had already lost twenty-five pounds.

Her secret, light cardio with no diet. Emphasis on the light. We do not for one minute believe that she lost all that weight just through light cardio. Baby weight is stubborn and no one knows that better than a mother who has ever gone through it. Nothing light can ever make a woman lose that much weight that fasts postpartum. When she was asked later how she manages to stay in shape, she attributed it to her cutting down carbs from her diet as well as exercise. This we believe as a carb-free diet does tend to make someone slim down.

1. Gisele Bündchen

Breastfeeding is no joke and even though starting out you may have perky girls, they seem to deflate as one continues to breastfeed and we all start to look for a pushup bra to hold up our fallen soldiers. Even though breastfeeding helps a woman lose weight eventually, it can play a number on the girls and the truth is, once a woman breastfeeds, she never gets her girls back. Babies tend to suck the milk out as well as the shape and even the nipples get their own shape.

In 2015 Gisele Bündchen better known as a natural birth and yogi spokeswoman was rumored to have gone for plastic surgery to give her girls a new lease of life. While we were surprised, we are not surprised that she opted for this because truth be told if we could afford it we too would try to get our soldiers to salute again. Plastic surgeons inform us that breast lifts are now 70% more popular than breast implants these days. As much as we may want to scoff at those who opt to regain their beauty in this way, the truth is that a woman’s body image is directly attached to her self-worth and most of us to get our groove back, we need just a little help.

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