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10 Celeb Moms Everyone Avoids

Celebrity life is glamorous and posh and so glittery on the screen that most of us wish we had the talent to do one simple thing even if it is just lip synching. Watching some of these celebrity kids who appear smarter and wiser than their years leaves us in awe I mean, how does a two-year-old memorize ten lines in a comedy and actually make us laugh? Is it that all celebrity kids are geniuses or do they just have really good mothers who tutor and mentor them better than we do our kids? Are this mothers more dedicated and loving towards their kid’s growth than we are or what is this secret they hold?

Well, it would appear that all our musings are wrong and most of this moms who managed to turn their kids into celebrities are nothing short of horror moms. The minute a mother decides that her toddler will be an actor she turns into a vampire only interested in sucking the blood of her child dry. The sad thing is that some of these children are not interested in the celebrity lifestyle and are forced into it. The things the children go through to achieve celebrity status are the kind any sane mom would commit murder for. From sexual abuse to drugs and outright physical abuse, these children go through hell and at the end of it, their parental managers take the top crème in terms of their pay. These are the 10 celeb moms everyone in Hollywood avoids.

10. Dina Lohan

Remember the darling of old who was so adorable in the parenting game? Lindsay Lohan was every little girl’s dream icon and most of us would use her impeccable character on screen as an example when we reprimanded the kids. Unfortunately, when she became of age, her life spiraled downhill in ways none of us expected. While all we saw was the lovely girl on screen, this little girl was bleeding off-screen. With a mother like Dina Lohan who is more immature than her daughters and who was her daughter’s manager during her heyday, Dina Lohan watched as her daughter’s life spiraled out of control.

Though her business acumen is not as sharp, her milking skills are quite refined mothers set an example for their daughters and unfortunately the kind of example this mother sets for her kids leave a lot to be desired. She is the kind of mother who abuses drugs and goes partying with her kids. She has watched as her kid’s life nosedives through the use of the same kind of recreational preferences she has. Unfortunately, she is now managing another of her daughters’ careers and what we can say is that hopefully, she will make better decisions as far as this one is concerned.

9. Kris Jenner

Kris falls on the list even though we have to admit that single-mindedness is something to admire. Even though this momager has achieved her celebrity status by exploiting the zero talent in all her kids, she did set out to be famous from way back when she wasn’t much to write about. Knowing what one wants and going for it is an admirable quality and while most people go for their dreams themselves, living vicariously through her kids is what this momager does best. She has this rule that each of her kids has to ensure they stay famous and relevant by whatever means and what better way to catapult yourself into the limelight than by leaking your daughter’s sex tape as it is rumored she did?

Her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian that exposes every minute detail of her family’s private life is a cheap tactic to keep herself relevant. What takes the crown on this mom’s parenting skills is the divisions she makes in her family by completely stripping Rob of his self-esteem as he does not quite meet her approval rate. She has been through a lot in her family life but what she does to keep on top makes her a mom.

8. Britney Spears

Hers is a life filled with heartbreak and abuse which runs through her family tree. Having been an early child star, she went through years living through parents who were only interested in leeching off her wealth and fame. She was even encouraged to date and sleep with people way older than she was in order to advance her career. Even with all this glitz in her life, Britney was not a happy woman and she apparently had to pop a pill to remain stable. Then she met and married Kevin Federline.

According to The Richest, marrying him and having children then suffering a fatal injury during the choreography of her video left her with too much free time which she spent doing not too constructive things. she is reported to have dropped one of her babies on his head which led to a head fracture. Getting behind the wheel with her baby sitting on her lap was no biggy and leaving her kids home to go and the party became the norm. substance abuse finally led to her mental breakdown where she locked herself in the bathroom with one of her kids. We are not sure what the motivation for the act was but it sure led to a lot of anxiety which finally led to her losing her children’s custody to their no better dad.

7. Nancy Dow

Remember the peoples darling? She of the ‘friends’ fame who kept us enthralled for years with her stellar performance and endearing personality both on and off screen? That is Jennifer Aniston. Her mother cut the figure of a refined and cultured woman who adored her daughter but the truth is, she wanted a chunk of what Jenny was having. She wrote a tell-all book in order to ensure she wasn’t left out airing Jenny’s dirty laundry for all the world to read.going as far as to have TV interviews to accompany her expose.

Her daughter though was not the kind to be taken advantage of and she cut ties with her mother a situation that lasted a long time even ensuring she left her mother out of her wedding with Brad Pitt. Most people forgive each other as it is commonly said that blood is thicker but this family holds on to its grudges and keeps them. According to the daily mail, Jen referred to her mother as the last chunk of disease in her life. The two women brooded on their hatred for each other and in the end when Nancy died, Jen did not get even a cent in the will. Talk about hatred that goes beyond the grave!

6. Brooke Mueller

There are mothers then there are mothers. There should be a law against some of these women having children. A mother who really does not care about her kids but prefers to go chasing after the next high is really not fit to be a mother. Such a mother is Brooke Mueller who has made a habit out of getting admitted in rehab and getting released only to go back having twins doesn’t make this woman’s life any less reckless. Married to Charlie Sheen, most of this little habits can be excused as it would be hard enough to be married to a man who is an even worse mess than she is serious, this two characters really should have been stopped from having children.

This mother seems to care less about the life of her children opting to take hard drugs to make her life more exciting while at the same time totally neglecting her two kids. We know life is really bad when a man’s ex-wife feels so moved that she chooses to take care of her replacements kids. Charlies Ex Denise Richards sometimes takes pity on the twins and offers them the much-needed love and care that their parents seem short of.

5. Teri Shields

When a mother gives birth to a little girl, all her insecurities about the world take root and it is then that a tiger is born of her. This woman can fight the world to ensure that her little angel comes to no harm. Unfortunately for Brooke Shield her mother who doubled up as her manager was no tiger at least not where her daughter was concerned, while a mother knows to protect her child from all the sexual and emotional predators out there, Teri Shields exposed and sexualized her daughter to get ahead at a very young age even allowing her to play a child prostitute in a movie when she was no more than twelve years old. Teri was an alcoholic who spent most of her time in bars leaving her young daughter to fend for herself.

Teri took pleasure in belittling her daughter in the process managing to strip her of her self-esteem leading to a mother-daughter co-dependency that did her more harm than good. Brooke tried to intervene on her mother’s alcoholism where it appeared like she got through to her and for a while there, things went back on track that is until Teri fell off the wagon and the cycle continued.

4. Kate Moss

This supermodel was all glitz and glamour with the kind of lifestyle every aspiring model envies. Partying hard and looking glamorous. She scaled the heights of superstardom and the sky really looked like the limit for her. Unfortunately, in her case, she took the partying to a notch higher and decided to indulge in hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. she forgot that she was a mother.

The drugs sent her to rehab so often with her child being left behind with her boyfriend Pete Doherty. who was no better and was also a junkie with pretty much the same kind of love for the same vices Kate Moss was into. Kate seemed to have forgotten her child the minute she came out of her womb preferring to spend her time with her friends partying and making horrible decisions and in the end, she wound up missing the better chunk of her child’s formative years. The drugs took a toll on Kate but she does seem to have gotten her act together now that she is quite advanced in age. She does seem to be doing a better job on her daughter now but for the longest time, she wasn’t a mother worthy of the title.

3. Michelle Duggar

Having 19 kids and adding the caption ‘and counting’ is not only unbelievable but seems crazy to most of us. the worst part of this crazy scenario is that Michelle raises her children under such strange rules that one is left wondering if the children are truly hers or adopted. The Duggars are homeschooled and they are made to raise the children under them and slave away in an effort to keep the house organized. Her son molested his sisters -something that most of us feel revolted at the thought of- but for Michelle, she chose to shuttle the boy off to a church to guilt the sin out of him.

For her, this was a normal stage of a boy’s growing up and she believed that prayer would eventually cleanse the kid. In a household where the topic of sex is taboo and even kisses have to come with the blessings of the church and a ring on the finger, this woman protected a sexual abuser to retain her family’s reputation and keep the women downtrodden as is the doctrine of the church she prescribes to. In the end, Josh proved to be a complete pervert going on to cheat on his wife long after his cleansing ritual.

2. Inez Rupprecht

These stage moms put the label ‘bad mom’ stack on her forehead. This woman put her child in very unsavory situations in an effort to further her own career. At the age of three, girls starred in a cereals commercial with numerous auditions until she finally got her a break in ‘Interview with a Vampire’, where she acted alongside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise where she receiving her first kiss from Brad Pitt at that tender age.

While for Inez that was a career maker for her child and she was quite proud that her daughter had made it to that position, Kirsten Dunst, was of a different opinion and as she grew older, she rebelled against her mother declaring at an interview that she often felt resentful towards a mother who overworked her and exploited her to get ahead. And in the end, she never got to enjoy her childhood having been made to mature way too fast. This we can believe as she was cast in a role where she had to kiss a man old enough to be her grandfather before she even hit puberty all in the name of a career which we feel is wrong from all angles.

1. Linda Hogan

This family was as a whole not worthy of their kids the children in this family were put in strange situations where they were shoved into reality shows at quite a young age. Linda Hogan totally refused to grow up preferring to continue acting like a teenager. After her divorce from her husband Hulk Hogan she chose to get involved in the most inappropriate situations like making out with a boy young enough to be her son and to make the situation even more appalling, she did this in front of her 19-year-old son. Talk about gross.

Fame does seem to mess most of this mothers up as she was previously a very good mother but she chose to search for her own star and became quite a fame junkie. Leaving Hulk for a teenager has been an embarrassing thing for Brooke who expressed her disappointment especially since she does not believe that the kid actually loves her mother. With so many scandals in the family, it is amazing to see that some of the kids have a semblance of normalcy in them and that at least even with such ill-behaved parents the children are a little normal than the parents.

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