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10 Celeb Marriages That May Come To An End In 2018


10 Celeb Marriages That May Come To An End In 2018

We all know that we must see the good in everything. Even in any kind of relationships. Who doesn’t want happy endings anyway? In our daily lives, we want to hear stories of happy marriages for those who are just about to say the lines, “I do” and “till death do us part.”  It’s always nice to hear all the celebrity couples who take the whole “till death do us part” statement very seriously to heart. Long-term celebrity couples capture our fancy and the whole universe is right there joining them.

Even some celebrity best couples might hit bumpy roads on their way. Unfortunately, as some say, life just got in the way and all that is left behind are the shared memories that include photos and videos during their jolly and contented times of their lives. It just simply came to a very sad end. They might come to a mutual agreement that the decision made is what’s best for both of them. The situation they might be in, could be a sad and difficult turn of events for their family, relatives, friends and avid fans. There’s no denying that being in Hollywood can be a grueling place for maintaining a healthy relationship. Here’s a list of 10 celebrity marriages that have the possibility of ending this year.

10. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West

The big question is this. Will they make it through 2018? Well, who knows, right? Looking back at the couples’ everyday drama, people can’t resist thinking that their marriage years could have a possibility of coming to an end. Aside from the news of constantly fighting and arguing with each other, there’s an event they attended where a witness saw that they were very distant from one another, which is a red flag. It could mean that they just had a big fight and neither could bare the strength of being close to one another.

There’s also the news that two years ago, Kanye West spent over a week in a medical center and was placed under observation with complaints of exhaustion and sleep deprivation. We all know that these kinds of symptoms can lead to paranoia, which other performers and other individuals – our society in general – will experience if they experience too much physical exhaustion and deprivation of sleep. It must also be a big struggle for Kanye to deal with his wife’s daily activities, especially the reality TV show of Kim and the rest of the family. This can surely make his mind go wild.

9. Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo

It all started with just rumors. Reports of divorce became a hot topic online when Adam Levine allegedly made out with his fellow “The Voice” judge Miley Cyrus. But fans started to wonder about this since according to their observation, the latter is the opposite of Adam and they are the judges who argue on screen most often. This is one of the reasons why they have been in the headlines lately because Adam is said to be showing his flirty ways, even if he and his wife already have a baby. If we can remember that Adam Levine was known to be very much popular with girls and that he dated a lot of gorgeous women.

Another cause is the consistent news about their petty fights heating up the rumors of leading to divorce. On the other hand, Behati Prinsloo seems to be the reason for the ongoing rumors of possible divorce because of her doubtful ways of being a mother. She can’t also bear the fact that she has been hearing news from others that her husband is flirting with other girls. Especially when the report about her husband and Miley Cyrus caught making out on the set of “The Voice.”

8. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Gossip spreads that their marriage is on the rocks. The “James Bond” actor has been married twice. Yes, you have heard it right. Who knows, they may still make it through 2018. There’s news indicating that Rachel Weisz wants to file a divorce against Craig if he doesn’t quit his role as “James Bond.” Following the success of the latest franchise of Bond movies, he seems to prioritize his boosting career rather than spending more time with his wife. That’s why sources are saying that he is more in love with his role of being 007 rather than being a husband to Rachel Weisz. The said actress has noticed big changes in her husband, especially since his rise to fame. Their marriage became non-existent ever since he started shooting the Bond movies. In opposite news, Craig also is who has been so desperate for completing a family with Weisz, but as we see these days, she is making a career revival by making movies, it means that they lack the time and certainly no chance for her to conceive a baby. More to that, both actors were filming their respective movies in different places with contrasting time zones. Even a simple phone call is an uneasy thing for them do to.

Rachel Weisz also came from a 9-year relationship with Craig’s ex-partner, Darren Aronofsky. After their separation, Rachel has been linked to Daniel Craig following their team-up for the movie “Dream House.”  Although they have been keeping their marriage life discreet, news spreading that their marriage is said to be facing some problems. Let us see if they can still make it until the end of the year.

7. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

A source is saying that Ryan Gosling’s marriage to Eva Mendes is at a turning point in which the main reason is that the two wouldn’t be together anymore if it were not for their two kids. The two great actors’ 6-year relationship is at a breaking point following the recent Oscar awards where Gosling was seen walking the red carpet with his wife missing at his side. He brought with him Mandi, his sister, just like what happened at the Academy Awards when he was in a relationship with Rachel McAdams. A few months after, it was revealed that the latter pair had broken up already. Is this a red sign that there’s also an issue arising between Gosling and Mendes? Instead of attending with him to the said event, Mendes opted to give more priority and support to her upcoming retail store by herself. This made Gosling angry with Mendes because of the lack of concern and support.

The question being given to them is will they ever make it through this year? Though, like many other couples nowadays, they have been secretive about the ongoing marriage and keeping the thing under the radar. In public, whenever he is being interviewed, he has a lot of good things to say about his wife and his two kids, but the real score is the opposite of what comes from his mouth. Privately, Mendes acted so selfishly when it comes to their struggles in their marriage. Also at January’s Golden Globes, she was a no-show, which means that they are not into the public eye together these days.

6. Jay Z and Beyonce

Following the nonstop reports that the two are having marital issues, we couldn’t think of anything possible to happen but for them to file divorce. To the public eye, this couple already has it all, but behind their happy smiles, they’re not as cheerful as people think they are. Infidelity is really putting Jay Z on the spot in news everywhere. Rapper LIV said that Jay Z wanted her to become his “in-town mistress,” but before people will accuse her of being the villain of the love story of Jay Z and Beyonce, she abruptly declined the invitation. Despite their strong chemistry onstage and their dexterous performances together, people will have the question behind their minds like, “Will there be drama onstage?” or “Is this going to be the final performance of the powerful duo?”

There’s news that Beyonce on the other hand, has an ongoing romantic relationship with Jay-Z’s bodyguard Julius De Boer, after rumors spreading that they spend a lot of time together and that he even stayed in Beyonce’s hotel room overnight. Does this mean that it’s not just Jay Z who’s been unfaithful? Also, the presence of Julius De Boer during the infamous fight between Jay Z and his sister-in-law Solange Knowles made the public raise eyebrows.

5. Matt Lauer and Annette Roque

After being spotted together amidst rumors of filing for divorce and then being seen in public without her wedding ring, the Lauer family was all together for the holidays last December of 2017. As we all know, Matt Lauer was fired for sexual misconduct allegations sparking the speculations of filing divorce by his wife Annette Roque. Laurer released statements indicating the fact that he felt sorry for what he did, the pain he cause for his family and the shame he shared for the people he truly cherished the most. He has stated that he will do everything to save the failed marriage, but can he still convey his deepest sincere apologies to his wife?

But even if he tried his very best to rekindle their relationship, there have been reports that both of them already started the divorce process. So this means to say that the 20-year relationship with this former model will eventually come to an end. He even stated that it is going be his full-time job to reprise his role of being the father to his children and a responsible husband to his wife, but the damage has been done and it is considered to be beyond repair.

4. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Age is really just a number for this couple. But despite having their 17-year age gap difference, it is still a hot topic that the public certainly had a lot to talk about. She’s a young lady in her early 30s and he’s a mature man in his 40s. This is the biggest reason people assume that their marriage would lead to a downfall. Aside from the age gap, the height gap matters wherever they go. It can be seen in all their photos and videos together making the conclusion that their combination might not be so pleasing to a majority of people. Although the former child star opened up about her marriage to the French banker Olivier Sarkozy, she describes it to be just going well and relaxed, people can’t help to think if their marriage will work well in the years to come.

Coming from a divorce with his former wife Charlotte Bernard, in 2010 and also sharing children – son Julien and daughter Margot, the Frenchman became prudent when marrying Mary-Kate Olsen. He stated in an interview that the plan of getting married was not their first intention. So this means to say that he wasn’t one hundred percent sure of spending the rest of his life with Mary-Kate Olsen. So the question will be thrown to them if they’re going to make it until this year.

3. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

This couple who started out as friends for a long time is believed to be one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. That is the best way to have a good relationship though. Both knew that marriage takes a lot of hard work. They are blessed with two gorgeous daughters – James (yes, James) and most recently, Ines. So what’s the point of all of this good information if they are considered to be one of the couples who would lead to divorce this year? There has been news that left fans feeling scared because of the circulating report of saving their failing marriage. Where did this one come from?

They say that Ryan Reynolds’ reason to impregnate Blake Lively the second time around is to save their marriage because of recent fighting with each other. Lively was not happy about the bad habit of Reynolds who spends a lot of time watching the television for about 50 hours a week. This is a bad habit that Blake Lively wants to rid her husband of. So with this, we can sense that a possibility of breaking up would come if ever they still continue fighting with each other.

2. Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

Reports in the tabloids are saying that multi-millionaire Rande Gerber and model/actress Cindy Crawford had filed for divorce last year. Reports that their marriage was in trouble have not been in media and press that long. The main reason is the heated argument over their children, leading the couple to almost the point of calling it quits on their long, troubled relationship of marriage. They are fighting almost every day, and statements made by their children say that it is something very painful to see. Their son, Presley, wants to pursue a career in modeling like his mom and Rande Gerber is not happy about this plan. At this point, this is an issue where they can’t talk through properly and work it out all by themselves. Also, their daughter, Kaia Jordan, wants to do the same passion as of her mother. As of now, both of the children are models.

Just like many other men, Cindy’s husband has been involved in a lot of infidelities and cheating issues that can really make Cindy rant. There’s a report in 2004 that Gerber had cheated on Crawford with a waitress at a bar. She has been dealing with reports of her husband over these years and she has finally reached her limit, she would probably do one thing and that is to file for divorce.

1. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Oscar winning actor George Clooney, known to be the most eligible bachelor before being taken away by the human rights lawyer and Amal Alamuddin, has been in the tabloids these days. The report is said to be the filing of divorce and that the fights and troubles are already brewing in their marriage. Amal’s difficulty with dealing with Clooney’s relationship with women is the alleged reason behind all of this. The leading lady of Clooney in the movie “Gravity” is the reason of her tremendous jealousy. This is none other than Sandra Bullock. Recent reports dictate that Amal is fed up with her 53-year old husband flirting with Sandra Bullock, who at the same time still longs for Clooney and considers him to be her “the one that got away.”

Not only for Sandra Bullock, but Amal does not want George to hang out with any of their female friends without her being there. Famous actresses like Angelina Jolie and Cindy Crawford are among the others who are on the list to avoid. With this, Clooney has no choice but to go along with the demands of his wife. Others claim that it was better for George to stay being the world’s most eligible bachelor rather than deciding to get hitched to the wrong woman. They have been fighting a lot and there’s no way that their marriage is going to last a lifetime.

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