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10 Celeb Kids Who Don’t Look Like Their Parents


10 Celeb Kids Who Don’t Look Like Their Parents

We criticize and judge celebrities and we have adopted a love-hate relationship with them where we cant live with them or without them. It is sort of like we are addicted to their drama and debauchery. Kim’s booty keeps us talking for weeks and when royals decide to marry we sit in front of our TVs in envy and fascination. They are what makes our lives interesting and we have to admit, without their endless drama, life would be pretty boring and mundane. With equal measure, celebrity pregnancies, adoptions or surrogacies are always the talks of the world. We all want to speculate on who is the father of the expected baby, find out all the nitty grit of the surrogate and even find out from which country or orphanage an adoption is taking place.

When a celebrity baby is born, that first snapshot is worth millions and the media scrambles to feature them on magazine covers and when that face is finally revealed to us, the magazines are swept off the racks without hesitation and quite fast. When a man adopts a pet, these pets tend to favor them and when we have kids, for some reason, God ensures that the child at least favors the father, to set aside those pesky DNA tests and to at least reassure the guy. However, these 15 celebs kids look nothing like their parents and they have us scratching our heads.

10. Neymar’s Son, Lucca

Looking at David Lucca Neymar Jr’s son, one is left wondering where his looks come from and whether he truly is his son. While most sons favor their fathers, this one chose the opposite route. The Brazilian soccer player who is undoubtedly the best in the soccer world and who recently made his great move from Barcelona FC to Paris St. Germaine is set to be a force to reckon with. According to besoccer, the soccer player found out that he would have a son as he played for Santos FC. His son’s mother Carolina Dantas was only 17 years old at the time. Their relationship was largely unknown at the time but now at 23 years, she says that she loves her son and she doesn’t want him to ever be sad. She insists that she and Neymar are now two friends trying to make their son’s life easier.

Neymar spends most of his time with the baby and is a devoted father by all means. The baby who rocks blond locks seems to have favored his pretty mother who has the same fair skin and blond hair. While blond genes recede with time, when it came to Lucca, his mother’s locks were transferred to him making him a really cute boy.

9. Jessica Alba’s Daughter, Haven

She is the kind of celebrity who inspires goodness in people. She was an actress who acted with so much grace and her movies were quite romantically adorable. She has featured in a lot of notable movies like Fantastic Four, sin city, and Good Luck Chuck. According to the talko, Jessica was once engaged before to actor Michael Weatherly, she broke up the engagement and later married Cash Warren whom she met on the set of the movie Fantastic Four and together they have three kids, two girls, and one boy. She has taken a hiatus from Hollywood choosing to show her strength in being a fantastic mom to her kids a job which we have to admit she is doing a fantastic job.

Looking at photos of her and her family, the family looks quite close-knit. While the first daughter Honor Marie is the spitting image of her mother, her daughter Haven looks nothing like her. Haven has a full head of red hair with different facial structures. The baby is cuter and so adorable and even though her mother is pretty enough, she has her own kind of unique beauty that most of us are left in awe. The little girl did not favor either cash or Jessica choosing instead to be her own unique person.

8. Kim Kardashian and North West

Love her or hate her, Kim is always going to be the woman to watch. With a booty and figure to die for, Kim is the woman who most women love to hate. She has three children with rapper husband Kanye West and in him, she does seem to have found a good thing and finally met her match. Kim who catapulted to fame thanks to her infamous sex tape, and had a previous shotgun wedding as well as the family’s reality show, keeping up with the Kardashians which follows the lives of the Kardashian family members with various spin-offs of the same,is slowly easing away from the media preferring to take care of her three children.

Kim had a hard time during her pregnancies with North and Saint and she was advised by the doctors not to have any more children, that is why she chose to have her third child Chicago West through a surrogate. Mixed race children get the best of both worlds and they tend to be rather cute which explains Kim’s little girl North West who looks nothing like her but still as cute as a button. With the combination of Kims features and her African American Heritage, North West is set to be a real American beauty

7. Robert DeNiro’s Children

The actors of old came with the kind of talent new age actors only dream of. Movies of yesteryears came with fantastic, quite believable storylines as well as actors who could really pull it off. Such actors were Robert DeNiro. Deniro came with great talent and he found unparalleled success and fame throughout his amazing career. His stellar performance through movies like Deer Hunter and Raging Bull turned him into a superstar. The actor who has aged gracefully has still managed to keep us enthralled through performances in the quirky romantic comedies the intern and Meet the parents.

This ruggedly handsome actor has been married twice over the years and through these marriages, he has been blessed with four kids. He has been married to Grace Hightower who is his second wife since 1997. Together they have a son Eliot who looks nothing like Robert DeNiro. The young man who has curly dark hair with facial features that do not favor DeNiro is quite a sharp contrast to the legendary actor. This sharp contrast could be because Robert Deniro is a bit older now and his hair has greyed quite a bit but whatever it is, the son does have us scratching our heads.

6. Kourtney Kardashian’s Son, Mason

What is it like when the father of a child gets so doubtful that he decides his son cannot possibly be his? This is the story of Kourtney Kardashian and her son Mason. She is one of the Kardashian sisters who has famously had two kids under the glare of cameras during episodes of Keeping up with Kardashians. Even though she is a bit laid back probably because she happens to have a lot of children who require her attention, Kourtney has come into her own and is happily raising her children having broken up with her boyfriend and father to her children, Scott Disick.

Courtney is quite dedicated to her three kids but the one who looks the least like her is her eldest son Mason who could very easily act in an episode of switched at birth and pull it off effortlessly because he looks nothing like Kourtney nor his father Scott Disick, while he has started to resemble his parents as he matures, there was a conspiracy theory amongst Kourtney fans who theorized that Mason could be the son of Kourtney’s Ex. These theories were so believable that Scott Disick himself started to believe them and demanded a DNA test. which confirmed that Mason was indeed his son.

5. Michael Jackson’s Kids

He was and still is the undeniable King of Pop who unfortunately left us way too early. Even though his life ended quite abruptly and he seemed to have taken a beating towards the end of his life, Michael Jackson left a legacy that no other pop star will ever be able to come close to. Michael had a controversial life with many stories spinning around about his sexuality as well as numerous child molestation lawsuits. Even with all this, Michael still remains a darling of many with his music still able to make us rock our heels years later. Music is not the only legacy that this pop star left us with.

He managed to sire three amazing looking children who did not favor him one bit. Michael was a paranoid guy and during their formative years, the children were kept completely out of the limelight. The children donned masks whenever they went out with the youngest always covered in a blanket to keep the eyes of the paparazzi off of him. Even though Michael gained notoriety when he dangled blanket over the edge of his hotel room, the popster truly loved his children. Unfortunately, in the looks department, the children did not favor Michael in any way.

4.Rowan Atkinson’s Daughter

We grew up watching him and most of us completely adore him and his quirky productions in the popular shows “ Mr. Bean” it takes a great actor to make people laugh even before he says a thing and Rowan Atkinson is such an actor. His looks have filed us with laughter through the years. Rowan acted in the movie Johny English as well as Black Adder where he provided stellar performances that were truly noteworthy. Though his private life is truly private and well hidden, it is known that he has been married twice with three children to his name. his third child was born in 2017.

The eldest daughter Lily who is a head turner caught us by surprise during the promotion of her father’s film. The girl who had previously not been documented with her father has this dreamy disheveled look on her gorgeous face that left people comparing the two and scratching their heads. The smoky eyes, strong cheekbones, and tanned complexion is nothing compared to Rowans rather pale features. Not many could believe that this girl was Mr. Beans daughter and even now we still have our doubts. The girl is truly made for the runway.

3. Eddy Murphy’s Daughters

Like Mr. Bean, Eddie Murphy has had a stellar career that has spanned decades and he portrays this iconic presence that most actors aspire for. Eddie Murphy entertained us to no end in his popular fun-filled classic films like Coming to America which was every girl’s dream movie and he the sweetheart of many as well as Shrek. The popular comedian has nine children with different women and he just welcomed a new baby named Izzy into the world. Clearly, a man who loves kids, Eddie is big on family and he makes no secret about it. His oldest daughters Bria and Zola, are stunners who have nothing and we mean nothing that favors Eddie Murphy in any way.

The two girls look like supermodels with incredibly amazing looking dark features that leave us mesmerized. Honestly, this is the kind of girls that any man who looks like Eddy would demand a paternity test for if told they are his daughters and we are sure he also cannot believe that he sired those girls and probably high fives himself each time he sees them. Even though he is not that bad looking himself, he is most definitely not Bria and Zola attractive.

2. Steve Buscemi’s Son, Lucian

Most of us do not know the actor Steve Buscemi and this could be because he has not been in the lead of any movies that have been our favorite or even been that explosive in the media industry. He has stared in films like Boardwalk Empire and Reservoir Dogs. Even though he is not as popular as the rest of Hollywood perceived superstars, Steve Buscemi can hold his own in a battle for supremacy between them and himself. He is quite a talented and subdued actor who leaves us yearning for more. Steve Buscemi has a very private personal life and he prefers to keep it that way.

Married to Jo Andres since 1987, the two have one son named Lucian who is quite sheltered from the public eye with occasional pictures of him and his son surfacing in the media. Lucian though lacks the bony, slim features of his father and he seems to have a lot more meat on his bones. The two cut an image of two totally different people and were it not for the fact that he seems assured that the kid is his, Lucian does not in any way look like this laid-back actor.

1. Sylvester Stallone’s daughters

This is the kind of actor who fills the heart of every action lover with nostalgia. Not only is he a well-known actor, Knowing what he wanted and not willing to wait years to achieve it, Sylvester Stallone is also a writer and he penned down the scripts for his movies Rambo and Rocky catapulting his career to amazing heights. Clearly a go-getter, Stallone cast the dice and ensured his career went towards the direction he desired. Even though he has slowed down a bit, Silvester Stallone has made our lives truly exciting by ensuring that every time he showed up on the screen we all sat at the edge of our seats.

Being a rather private family man, Silvester Stallone has managed to sire three incredibly beautiful girls Sistine, Scarlett and Sophia, as well as two sons the three girls who look like very exotic supermodels cut a striking figure and next to their father one would be forgiven for thinking they are not his daughters. Even though Stallone is not an unattractive man, the girls must have favored their mother because their looks are most definitely not his. Here we truly recommend a DNA test to clear our doubts. So cute are they that according to vanity fair all the three sisters are now the Miss golden globe representatives.

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