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10 Celeb Couples Caught Arguing In Public


10 Celeb Couples Caught Arguing In Public

Drama: issues that are always present in our lives and are an inevitable factor. They show up without warning. The boiling issues between couples are probably the most difficult to solve since the existing problems with the person that one comes to love become very complicated in the long run. Eventually, it can cause our special someone to run away because of things that seem to have no solution or that we did not know how to resolve them in due time. Marriage is a very delicate commitment between people who show love, who respect and who support each other. Sometimes, if marriage is not carefully treated, it can end abruptly.

Hollywood stars are well known for making scandals and for appearing in the news for a good or a bad reason. The most common scandals in the news are those that come to exist with famous couples. Marriages between celebrities are a focal point that attracts all the reporters from around the world, which is something that generates a lot of controversy in showbiz. Some of the problems that can happen in a marriage can be physical abuse, verbal abuse, infidelity, arguments and much more. Even though these aren’t restricted to celebrities, they are the ones that make the biggest headlines.

10. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts

In 2013, the actors Evan Peters and Emma Roberts were captured in public having a very intense discussion. The pair of actors was staying in a fancy hotel in Vancouver City, Canada, home to many celebrity sightings. In the suite where the actors were staying, many shouts and heavy noises were heard, and even some banging. A guest who was passing by heard the fight that was going on in the room, so, in fright, the guest decided to call the police who arrived a short time later. It’s not uncommon for things to end up this way. Showbiz history has demonstrated it.

The police noticed that Evan Peters had a broken and bleeding nose, and bites on parts of his body, and they decided to take the actress Emma Roberts to jail on July 7th, where she was accused of domestic violence against her boyfriend. Once the police arrested Emma, the actress was released after Peters decided not to press charges against her. The actors met on the set of the movie Adult World and since 2012 they had been dating. One can only think that after a few months together, not just love can be nourished.

9. Rihanna and Chris Brown

This fight took place in February 2007. Once the Grammy Awards ceremony was over, the singers decided to go to Clive Davis’ after Grammy party. While there, they say an ex-girlfriend of Brown’s and he denied knowing she would be there. Once the party was over, Rihanna and Brown decided to go home. On their way home, it is said that the pair started to have an argument after Rihanna found some text messages on Chris Brown’s phone from the ex-girlfriend indicating the Brown knew she would be at the party. Rihanna felt Brown had lied to her and things escalated and quickly went out of control and Chris Brown decided to hit Rihanna, leaving her bleeding and with large bruises.

Once Chris had beaten the singer, Rihanna quickly fled the car they were going home in. Documents related to the relationship between them reveal that their relationship was full of violence almost from the beginning. Once the case came to light, Brown was taken to trial and sentenced to five years in prison for having assaulted the singer. This case makes it clear that Chris Brown has great anger issues that are difficult to control and lead him to commit acts totally out of control. He had to find out the hard way that his acts have consequences with the law.

8. Beyoncé and Jay Z

Apparently, Jay Z has long had an attitude that bothered his wife Beyoncé. The event took place on January 2015 at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. Apparently, the couple of American singers began to argue while they were having dinner in an inexpensive restaurant because Jay Z was not paying attention to his wife. Rumors say that Jay Z was apparently flirting with another woman. It is known that affairs are prone to flourish when fame is a burden that celebrities must carry around. A burden of the wildlife-filled with alcohol, women, and drugs.

The witnesses who were close to the couple claim that both singers were outside near the parking lot of the sushi restaurant while enjoying their meal outdoors. They claim to have seen Jay Z pay more attention to his cell phone than to the dinner he was having with his wife. These types of problems often happen in relationships, sometimes people lose interest in their partner, but they are brave enough to face the problem and act to solve it. Moreover, after seeing these two be in the limelight for years and years, it’s safe to think that this issue was easily brushed off.

7. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence is known in the entertainment world as one of the best actresses in Hollywood, one of the best paid, and in addition to that, she is an actress with an undeniable skill for acting. She has made it very clear to us in several of her films, like the X-Men and Hunger Games films, where her acting was incredibly great and she carried it out in the best possible way. After having obtained the role in the famous movie X-men: First Class, Jennifer Lawrence met the actor Nicholas Hoult, and they began dating. Common spaces are required for love to be born.

Once both actors met, Jennifer and Nicholas began a relationship that lasted 5 years. After almost 5 years of laughs and joy, Jennifer and Nicholas were invited to make an appearance at the 2015 Comic Con. Reporters allege that at Comic-Con, the couple began having a disagreement in front of the entire audience who had attended the event. The disagreement continued at a sushi restaurant, where both of them continued to argue. It is rumored that the argument started because Hoult wanted to get back together with his ex.

6. Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi

Nigella Lawson is internationally known as one of the figures of British cuisine. She is a journalist and a renowned chef of English origin. Nigella has written several books about cooking and recipes for all kinds of food. This woman really knows how to put the sauce in the pan and she knows how to take advantage of the opportunities that life gives her. At 58-years of age, she looks radiant and incredible. Nigella has two children, Bruno and Cosima, which she had with her first husband, John Diamond before he died of throat cancer.

In September 2003, Nigella Lawson married the businessman Charles Saatchi. In 2013, the couple was photographed in public when her husband, enraged, was choking his wife. Apparently, the couple would have been having an argument at the time, when things went out of total control. Whatever the reason why her husband made the decision to choke her is not a valid reason to reach such extremes. Everyone deserves respect and violence never really solves a problem. After this image went viral, there’s no doubt that Charles must have received quite a lot of hate from Nigella’s followers.

5. Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson

One of the most recognized actresses of the 90s was Anjelica Huston. Anjelica met Jack Nicholson, they dated and maintained their relationship for two decades. During the time that they were a couple, Jack Nicholson was not a great man, or at least not the one Anjelica Huston expected him to be. It seems Jack was unfaithful to Anjelica with several women. He was seeing many other women during their time and behaved badly when with Anjelica. One can only imagine what goes through such a person’s mind.

Anjelica admitted that she was not sure enough to know if both were actually a formal couple. The couple made the decision to take some time away from each other, during which Anjelica began dating Ryan O’Neal. This relationship was also a failure. Anjelica said that Ryan’s relationship with his children was a bit off. The relationship ended after two years and then Anjelica returned with her former partner, Jack. The fight in question, took place in Jack’s office, when Anjelica entered the room and began to attack him. The reporters indicate that Anjelica hit Jack; that she started throwing things and kicking him.

4. Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison

Lisa Lopes was a famous American singer, songwriter, and producer, better known for her stage name Left Eye. Many people may remember Lisa Lopes as a famous singer as part of TLC; others may not remember her for her singing, but for the incident that happened with her boyfriend Andre Rison. In 1993, Lisa began dating American football player Andre Rison of the Atlanta Falcons. The relationship between Lopes and Rison was, from the beginning, a bit unstable in certain aspects. Less than a year later, things were getting even more troubled. Andre was arrested for physically assaulting Lisa and Rison was accused of having fired a gun directly into the air.

In 1994, an event occurred that left everyone surprised. It is said that Lopes burned down the mansion where they both lived. The reason why Lopes made the crazy decision to burn the mansion was because, apparently, Andre had bought himself a pair of sports shoes that cost a lot of money, and Andre did not buy any of shoes for Lopes. In a moment of rage, Lopes hit Rison several times. Rison left the house and the argument, but Lopes set fire to a pair of his shoes in the bathtub, but they apparently caught the entire house on fire.

3. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan is known worldwide for being a great entrepreneur, actress, and American singer. Lindsay Lohan is also recognized by her fans for appearing very often in the national and international news, due to various scandals that cover her life. When Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson began dating, they decided to make their relationship public to the world. Many of their fans were glad for the news, because, apparently, Lohan was very happy for the support she was getting from their relationship since she had not a moment of happiness in a long time.

As in any relationship, there are problems between partners and the relationship between Lohan and Ronson was no exception. The problem began when Lohan had been away with the actress Drea de Matteo. When Lohan arrived at her house, Samantha began to argue with Lohan about the actress Drea. Samantha, with a lot of anger in her, shouted at Lohan asking her to leave the house before she threw her clothes out the window. This type of jealousy problem is very common in relationships, perhaps the reason is that there is not the necessary trust between both people to hold the relationship.

2. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian is one of the many women in Hollywood showbiz that never stops amazing us, since most Hollywood artists always appear in news, for good or bad reason. Kris Humphries is a famous professional basketball player. In August 2011, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian got married. As all newly married couples, they had their honeymoon, and here is when the controversy begins. After having their honeymoon, Kim Kardashian knew that her relationship with the basketball player would not last long, and indeed, after 72 days of marriage, the couple divorced in October 2011.

The apparent reason why the couple decided to break-up was that Kim said that Kris was not her ideal man. Later, Kim married American rapper Kanye West. The wedding between West and Kim was reason enough for her ex-husband Kris Humphries to think that Kim had been unfaithful to him with rapper Kanye West. He reasoned that otherwise, she would have invited the ‘close family friend’ to their wedding. This type of problem is one of the most common of Hollywood celebrities, most of the marriages between stars do not work and they end in a very short time. Many celebrities appear to have fragile egos.

1. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are American and Canadian singers, respectively. Pretty much everyone knows who Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are. Both of them breaking up and coming back together several times. In 2014, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber decided to plan a romantic trip to Paris. Everything was perfect until a discussion between them took place at the Paris airport. The reason Selena started the discussion at the Paris airport was because she was disappointed that Justin had not proposed marriage on the flight going to Paris.

When they returned from the trip to Paris, Justin tried to calm and settle things between Selena, with him by telling her that he had already bought the ring. It was one of the reasons why Selena decided to get back with Justin a short time later. She says she was ready, she felt safe to take the next step with Justin. However, we all know that the two never got married. Perhaps it is for the best as they were both very young at the time and if they are lucky, time, age and wisdom will bring them together again for good.

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