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10 Car Loving WWE Stars

Wrestlers are some of the most wealthy and flamboyant stars in the sport world. They love to lavish their riches on fast living, enormous mansions, and in the case of many, fast cars. Many wrestling stars are car mad and love to indulge their passion on super cars and vintage collectors’ items.

Cars are also part of many wrestlers’ stage shows. Not only have cars been used as props to emphasise an entrance, but feuds have erupted when contestants have demolished their rivals’ vehicles on screen. Some wrestlers have become synonymous with certain cars, such as JBL and his limo and the late Eddie Guerrero and his low rider.

10. Randy Orton

The Hummer is a car that might be associated with a tough, bad guy, and this could be a stereotypical view of a wrestler, so perhaps it is no surprise that Randy Orton has one. Randy Orton owns a Hummer 2 Dub which was given to him by The Legacy at WWE. During his run with Ted Dibiase in Legacy, Orton received many gifts, but perhaps the most valuable was the Hummer. He loves the car apparently, and keeps it in great condition, perhaps suggesting his affection for the Legacy time at WWE

Orton’s luxury, extra large Hummer has lots of special features which took into account Orton’s specific tastes, such as a state of the art sound system which is louder than the average nightclub. Despite the fact that Legacy was some time ago, Orton has kept his Hummer in great condition and loves the fruits of his wrestling labor. Cars have been the source of controversy for Orton too. Younger wrestler, Kofi Kingston vandalized Orton’s custom-made NASCAR live on screen during a wrestling feud, attacking the bodywork with a crowbar, watched by Orton and Legacy, reported WWE.

9. Stone Cold

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Monster Truck is famous for having been used during a wrestling match, during Stone Cold’s feud with The Rock. He not only used the Monster Truck to slam the Rock during a match, but he also annihilated his Lincoln Continental Town Car with it! There is no mistaking whose car the Monster Truck is, it has pictures and logos of Stone Cold all over it and sits in his large collection of motors which he keeps at his ranch in Texas.

Stone Cold also owns a Zamboni, which he has also driven into matches. In 1998 he drove the vehicle into a match and tried to attack Vince McMahon. He was taken away in handcuffs for the move, leaving the car stranded. It may not be seen in the wrestling ring again, but remains in his collection. Stone Cold has a love for using his vehicles as props in matches. During his feud with The Rock, he drove his Beer Truck up to the ring, soaked fans with beer and then took a bath in the drink himself. His collection includes a 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula and a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro as well as a 1972 Cutlass Supreme, according to Carsoid.

8. JBL

With the amount of money that WWE stars make, it is unsurprising that they are used to limousines, and John JBL Bradshaw took this to the next level and bought his own. Not only does he own a limo, he customized it too. His limo features a cowbell large cow horns on the bonnet. However, his love for limos has got him into trouble too. Now a commentator for WWE, JBL spotted his beloved limo ringside and seemed perplexed as to why it was there. Upon opening the car, megastar John Cena emerged, soon to be joined by Cryme Tyme and they proceeded to annihilate the limo, smashing it and painting it in graffiti.

The limo was also meant to be part of a stunt on a WWE live show. The Undertaker was meant to fight JBL and as a final act of vengeance to slam him through the roof of his own car, which had been replaced with material that would give way. Some fans decided to intercept the plan and jumped on the roof before the prank could take place. Luckily they weren’t hurt but it ruined the planned stunt, according to Whatculture.

7. Eddie Guerrero

The much admired and greatly missed Eddie Guerrero was known for his wrestling skills and his love of cars. He would drive his Low Rider into a match, indicative of his unique style. The Buick became part of Guerrero act and the cars he owned have become valuable because of the memories that they evoke. He coined the motto Viva La Raza, which became as famous as his entrance music and the way he sullied into the ring in his famous Low Rider.

He might not have chosen the flashiest cars to bring into the ring, but fans loved Eddie’s low-key style and many fans gave cars to him as gifts, showing the affection that Guerrero had among the wrestling world. He was a Mexican American wrestler and gained admiration for making it in the wrestling world after fighting so hard against prejudice and hardship. He battled addiction and found recovery in an amazing feat that turned his life around, according to Butwhythopodcast. In a 2003 Smackdown showdown, Big Show demolished one of Guerrero’s yellow low riders in an act of vengeance. Another controversial car moment Guerrero was when he fell asleep while driving in 1999 and was out of action for six months.

6. Batista

Dave Bautista or Batista is a proper petrol head and has a huge collection of cars. He likes new, fast, expensive cars and has a collection which includes Lamborghinis, BMWs, and Mercedes. He likes to customize the cars and the white color he is associated with, is noticeable in his car collection, on the bodywork and the wheel rims. He had a 2003 BMW 745li during his time with Evolution but saw fit to sell it as well as part of his collection back in 2007. This car ownership is a far cry from his poverty-stricken upbringing and his first foray into the car world was stealing them at the age of thirteen.

He also has a replica of a 1965 Shelby Cobra which includes a NASCAR motor. His size might be somewhat at odds with the petite vehicle, but Batista likes the looks of incredulity that he receives from onlookers. More in keeping with his size is his Hummer H2, which Batista had plated with gold just in case no one knew how rich and successful he was! He had the SUV customized with massive tyres and an even more massive sound system.

5. The Rock

The Rock is also a wrestler with a collection of cars. His favorite is a Chevrolet Chevelle which he drives around regularly and uses to take him to his movie premieres. It has even featured in a couple of his films such as Faster. The film versions were replicas of his 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS. He also has a Ford F-150 Pick Up Truck, which of course was modified for The Rock’s specifications by California Custom Sports Trucks. He’s proud of this truck, and it often appears alongside him in social media posts.

The fantastically wealthy Rock likes to indulge his passion for cars and money is no object. He owns a Pagani Hayra which cost $1.3 million. It is hard for the massive ex-wrestler to maneuver in and out of the car, but he manages it. One of the stars of his collection is the Ferrari LaFerrari, a hypercar made by the Italian car giant. However, despite the beauty of the electric car, The Rock had to send it back because he couldn’t fit in it! One car he could fit in is his Rolls Royce. He owns the Wraith coupe, which has a 6.5 liter twin-turbo V12 engine, according to Carkeys.

4. John Cena

John Cena may take the prize for the most avid lover of cars in WWE. He owned his first when he was just 14, a 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville. He has an enormous collection, so large it won’t fit in the garages in his mansion. The collection includes a 1970 Ford Gran Torino, a brand new Ford Mustang and a 1970 Plymouth Superbird. He also has a 1965 Dodge Hemi Charger, one of the archetypal American muscle cars that Cena is so fond of. His collection is so impressive and so vast that it is regarded as one of the most comprehensive collections in the wrestling world and has featured in many magazines and tv shows.

There is not enough room to list all Cena’s treasures, but one of them is his Ford/Saleen Parnelli Jones Edition Mustang. A passionate lover of the US motor industry, Cena acquired this car even though it was one of only 1,000 made. He is a lover of fast cars and every collection needs a Ferrari, and Cena is no exception and of course, he has a luxury version! He also owns the InCENArator which was custom made for John by Parker Brother Concepts.

3. Edge

Edge was one of the most famous and successful wrestlers in WWE history. He won many titles during his career, but after suffering injuries which could have been life-threatening if he had continued, so he retired and has enjoyed a successful career as an actor. Edge is known as a car fanatic and is most famous for owning a 1997 Jeep Wrangler, embossed with his personal logo which he has personally restored and customized. He has a personal fortune of millions and likes to spend it on expensive, luxury items.

Apart from the Jeep, his car collection includes a Lexus SC 430 which he likes to use for everyday use. His favorite car is a Ford Mustang GT and he also lavished his money on an H2 Hummer, a car historically associated with wrestlers. His love of cars includes the driving of them as well as the owning, and he has customized cars that he drives in his native Florida. Because of the heat, Adam Edge Copeland had the interior covered in a synthetic fabric that would resist any body moisture and allow him to drive without a shirt in hot weather!

2. Goldberg

Bill Goldberg has been a car fan since before his wrestling days. He loves to indulge his passion for classic cars and thanks to the money he has made wrestling, this is a reality for him. He owns a 1970 Ford Mustang, one of his favorites, and he calls it The Lawman. It was one of the cars that were used to entertain the troops in the Vietnam War, according to Wikipedia. Goldberg loves tinkering with old cars in his spare time, and this Mustang has been customized for him. It is the only 429 Ford Mustang that is automatic and it packs a punch with 780 horsepower.

His collection of vintage cars runs into double figures and includes a Plymouth Hemi Couda Convertible. His 1965 Chevy Colby 427 has even more power with 900 horsepower in its NASCAR engine. Another of Goldberg’s treasures is a 1959 Chevy Biscagne, which he claims is useful for driving to the beach in San Diego. He also sponsored a Monster Jam truck, called Goldberg, and it has successfully raced at the Monster Jam World Finals and won in 2000 and 2001, as well as the Freestyle Championship in 2001. His love of cars took him to television as well and saw him hosting a History Channel programme called AutoManiac.

1. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is another WWE car fan and is justifiably proud of his 1994 Dodge Viper which is custom painted in his trademark red and yellow colors and logo. Indeed, most of his cars have a red and yellow theme. A great lover of the Dodge series, Hulk also has a yellow Dodge Charger SR8T, according to Bornrich., and a 2010 Camaro which is also yellow with a red stripe on the hood.

He has a love of classic American muscle cars, and as well as the Viper has a 1968 Dodge Challenger in his collection. Hulk has suffered some financial setbacks over his career, including an expensive divorce, and has admitted that during his glory days his spending, including on cars, got out of control and he is living more modestly today. Tragically, cars were a source of distress to Hogan as well, when his son was involved in a serious car crash and was lucky to survive. Hogan has had his own health issues and endured excruciating pain as a result of back injuries. Hulk had a very successful wrestling career and now devotes himself to his other loves, including his cars.

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