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10 Candies You Would Be So Lucky To Find – Part 3


10 Candies You Would Be So Lucky To Find – Part 3

Candy is great – and we’ve found some items that’ll have you laughing well into the night. You won’t believe some of these strange and sweet offerings we’ve found from around the globe. So wait no longer for these 10 Candies You Would Be So Lucky To Find – Part 3.

10. Ear Wax Candy

There are actually a few varieties of this one here. Consumers can get Ear Wax Candy in separate bags, the candies being actual clusters of yellow candies made to look like ear wax, and of course, they also come in a little pink box. Now perhaps this variety here is the one that’s a tad more disgusting, depending on how one looks at it of course. If grossing yourself out is what you’re after when choosing your next sweet snack, then this second option is definitely for you, as it even comes with a Q-Tip which comes in handy when scooping out gooey mouthfuls of sweet ear wax. Now we won’t say yay or nay with this one, as we’re sure most of you can definitely make up your minds as to whether this one’s good or not. So we’ll leave it up to you.

9. Jelly Bean Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans

How many of you out there watched that first Harry Potter film or read that first book in the vastly successful series and wondered just how you too could get your very own hands on a handful of those so-called “Every Flavored Beans”? We all wanted to try those apparently gross flavors, no matter how disgusting the characters in those legendary books and films made them out to be. Sometimes, it’s just pretty awesome to have something you read about in a book or see in a hit film, and all for the simple reason, that it’s cool … as simple as that. Jelly Belly, the gourmet Jelly Bean manufacturer actually released these and gave them pretty much, the same name as we heard in the film franchise. This wouldn’t be considered a copyright infringement, as they are an officially licensed Harry Potter product, and yes, despite the odd flavors, they do quite well.

8. Doctor Dreadful Zombie Snot Shots

Brains … I want your brain! Essentially every fictional creature of the undead has uttered this statement, or rather carried it across with a series of actions that have led viewers to interpret such wants and desires. In recent decades, the Zombie Horror genre has gained some considerable steam. After the genre pretty much washed up in the mid-nineties, a resurgence in the early portion of the new millennium occurred with great hits like the Dawn of The Dead Remake, as well as the iconic and now classic 28 Days Later. As the years marched by, the genre became even more popular, spawning literature, a plethora of more films and yes, even hit TV shows like the ever-famous The Walking Dead. So when creating a really gross horror themed type of candy, why not go to Zombies for inspiration? And when it comes to our slow-walking, creepy empty shells known as the undead … the more gross you can make them, the better. And the same thing goes for the candies that they inspire. Take these icky little pups here. In reality, these are actually toys that produce candy, but, it all comes with loads and loads of snot … we mean fun, as it’s actually a little more hands on than a lot of other treats out there, as it takes a little doing to get the tasty treat at the end. It’s been viewed as being a decent idea, as it gets kids thinking and following instructions as opposed to just opening a bag and chowing down. Here, a little thinking goes a long way. The package comes with a syringe-like tube. The consumer is given a little packet of snot mix, and no, you’re not hearing that wrong, and is expected to mix it with water. Once it thickens, you place the tube over it and suction it into the mechanism. At the top, you place a zombie nose and of course insert a smaller cylindrical piece that will push out all of the substance from the zombie nostrils. Yum! Delicious.

7. Crick-Ettes (Bacon & Cheese)

We`re afraid this one here is just what it says it is. There’s no going around it. But we would like to remind you that unfortunately (or fortunately—depending on how you look at it, of course), crickets have been part of the diets of many civilizations since the dawn of time. At the same time, they are nutritious, and full of protein, especially in regions where proteins are lacking. So there are in fact many recipes out there, and some that are pretty easy to whip up. And all you need are a ton of crickets. But if you’re just not that into boiling, frying and seasoning a bunch of bugs in your newly acquired kitchen, but you still happen to be quite curious at the same time, then you can actually find these in boxes … already seasoned, cooked and/or dried, as it so happens. They’re available for sale at online stores and of course specialty stores, should you be so lucky to come across them. Specifically, they are at and they promise a definitive and flavorful whack across the taste buds, as they are infused with that rich and smoky bacon flavor and the sharp taste of cheddar cheese. And everything goes better with bacon, right? Perhaps not. Other flavors here include Sour Cream and Onion and of course sweeter flavors. If we had to choose, which thankfully we don`t, we’d probably go with the sweet variety, since they would be more like actual candies. But hey … to each their own.

6. Get Along With Your Co-Workers Gum

The new guy that just started is at it again. You can hear him chewing those pretzels from all the way across the office. And even though you are separated by walls and walls of cubicles, you can still hear every nasty bite. Chomp! Chomp! Will he ever give it a rest? Just how many pretzels were in that bag you saw him toting around the office a few minutes ago? A Million!? He just won’t stop. And now Nancy’s at it again. You can see her just across from you, she’s twirling that long curly hair of hers with her finger. She’s on the phone, and there she is, twirling away. For the last five years, she’s been doing this and it’s been driving you insane! And what about your boss? We won’t even get started on his temper and his tirades, especially on days when the market dips a tad too low for his liking. We’re sure many of you out there have had such experiences, but what can you do. You need to put up with these people, as the rent and utilities won’t pay themselves. But what if we told you that it would get easier? What if we told you, that there was a product out there that would not only take away all the frustration and negative thoughts from your head, but would actually help you get along with these insufferable people once and for all? Well, believe it or not, now there is. Just peruse the web and find yourself this delectable gum treat that has been known to make that work day a little bit easier. The Get Along With Your Co-Workers fruit flavored gum says it brings artificial joy and harmony. Perfect for certain offices. It also comes with a warning that states “if you don’t find the effects of our gum strong enough, just quit your job.”

5. Lick Your Wounds

And just when you thought that the whole gross factor was over, we go and introduce this bad boy to the list … one offered by Blair Candy in Altoona, PA. It too combines the pleasure of tasting something oh-so-sweet with a little hands-on approach and of course also prevalent is the whole horror factor we often associate with Halloween candy. But all in all, this one isn’t all that bad. Just please bear with us and keep an open mind. These ones actually come in a box much like those that regular Band-Aids come in, only the Band-Aids found in this package already contain a wound, and a seemingly gory one at that. The whole deal here, is to stick the patch on your person—where you do so is of course up to your discretion—and you can go to it whenever you like, occasionally licking the wound neatly held within. A novelty? Of course it is; there are no two ways about it, but as it turns out, novelties seem to do quite well in the end, and when it comes to food and sweet treats such as these, these novelties have a hard time wearing off.

4. Draft Beer Jelly Beans

So you’ve had a long day. Things didn’t go all that well in the meeting you’d been preparing all week, and a friend of yours quit, leaving you to fend with the rest of the staff. All you want now is a good beer, to take the edge off and maybe calm you down, but when you get in, kick your heels off and ask your husband for a bottle of your favorite German brand, he jokingly slaps a bagful of these he found at a local specialty store. He expects you to laugh along with his guffaw, but instead you glower at him, making him wear that face he gets that makes him look about twelve years younger. He slowly goes back to the kitchen and brings you your beer. “Sorry Honey. Thought you’d get a kick out of that one.” Perhaps that was precisely what the Jelly Bean company was going for, and we guess if we’re not all depressed, job-hating people, just like the woman in our little anecdote, then we’d definitely see the humor in this package. Jelly Belly has been in existence since 1898 and has been bringing the world many tasty treats in the size of well … actual beans. And although they aren’t magic beans and are hardly as good for you as the actual thing may be, they’ve been bringing smiles to the faces of millions for a hundred years and counting. But we’d say that aside from ear wax flavor and whatever the company has conjured up over the long years, this one probably won’t taste all that good, and we’d think you’d agree … no matter how fond you are of a cold draft beer every now and again.

3. Instant Irish Accent Gum

For those of you who can’t get enough of WWE’s Becky Lynch`s adorable accent, or Colin Farrell`s gravely enunciation, you too can now have your very own Irish accent, and all that you have to do is chew on a particular brand of gum. Much like the aforementioned ‘Get Along With Your Co-Workers Gum,’ this one here seems to pack away quite a wee bit o’ magic in one stick, and no, it isn’t a Shillelagh stick, but a stick of gum. Now, we sincerely hope that there are none of you that actually believe in the powers this gum professes to have, as it’s just a bit of joke candy that hopefully will get a laugh out of you, as it did us. But again, this one too is available online, and should you be so lucky to order yourself a pack, just don’t expect to be sounding like Becky Lynch and Colin Farrell any time soon.

2. Nurungji (Burnt Rice Candy)

Have you ever been preparing rice, boiling it stove top, planning on making a really tasty chicken-fried rice, when all of a sudden you notice that you burned the rice at the bottom, it stuck during the boiling process and even burned in the process. Well, you may very well know that there are those that adore the taste of burnt rice. Well, it was just a matter of time before somebody caught on, and catch on they did, in a big way. The wonderful people of Japan certainly know their way around the kitchen, as they are the innovators of one of the top and most popular cuisines on our planet and for good reason. The many chefs that make up the culinary portion of that beautiful country know how to combine flavors, and even though it may sound a tad odd at first, no matter the offering, our bet is you should always give it a try, you might just find a treat you`ll cherish forever and ever. Here, the secret ingredient is burnt rice. So we can just imagine the level of excitement in those that love the crunchy, burnt portions of their side rice.

1. Gummi Lightning Bugs

There’s a really cool scene in Pitch Black, the sleeper hit film from 1998. It helped launch the career of Vin Diesel and became a franchise in and of itself. The scene shows some of the characters collecting little baby creatures from the dirt of a planet completely covered in darkness. The scene shows them picking out these creatures rendered as little orbs of bright light amid the darkness (oh the metaphors were a plenty in that actually pretty good Sci-Fi film), and they placed them in jars to be used as lanterns. Here, consumers could do the very same, as these little sweet treats actually glow in the dark. However, the trick here lies within the tongs that come with the package, as if you were to grab them from the pack with your hands, they wouldn’t light up at all. The tongs light them up when pinching the individual pieces of candy.

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