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10 Candies You Would Be So Lucky To Find! (Part 1)


10 Candies You Would Be So Lucky To Find! (Part 1)

It’s one thing to come across a candy you enjoyed in your youth when perusing the stock at your local corner store. But it’s another thing entirely when you search for a candy that’s a little outside the “normal candy” parameters. There are quite a few odd candies out there and no, they aren’t all that easy to find. But hey … who’s to say what’s normal?

10. Gumi-Aid Band Aids

Now some of these candies have all but disappeared, the companies that manufactured them and distributed them having folded their doors long ago, but there are a few of them that can still be found … but on the old World Wide Web, that is. This candy in particular falls under that category specifically, as still sells this item and states clearly that the item can be shipped next day, should the consumer need a taste of this blast from the past so soon. Each box contains a mere 8 Gumi-Aid Bands and it sells for a pretty impressive $35.00 a box. Now we don’t know about you, but how bad a craving do you have to get to first of all pay that amount, and second, need to have the package next day? We wonder how much the shipping costs are for that little extra service? We can only guess, but should you get a hankering for one of these oddly shaped pieces of candy, be prepared to pay quite a bit, as we’d say that the service won’t be cheap. But rest assured that these won’t be all that easy to find at your local gas station—of that we’re pretty sure. But remember … at their core, these are just candies, and what you’re paying for is their shape and design. And we ask you … is it really worth it in the end?

9. Belly Flops … The Irregular Jelly Bean

This one’s pretty interesting to say the least, as we would definitely wonder what would inspire a person to need this particular variation of Jelly Bean as opposed to the tried, tested and true originals that are pretty easy to find in any gas station, corner store and even department store. They’re available in large packages at Wal Mart—the regular ones are at least—and are pretty cheap all in all. Yet still, this particular variation became quite popular, and all because of the way it looked. They’re obviously deformed Jelly Beans, the name alluding to the prospect of them having hit the water hard and at a bad angle, calling to mind a real belly flop in which for a human being, the same end result is achieved, thus their misshapen state. Now we can’t say we’ve ever seen a human look like these beans after a bad belly flop; the only after effect here is the bright shade of red their stomach garners after the hard slap to the surface of the water, but we more than understand the thought process here. The only thing we question is the fascination, as they taste the same as the regular old style of Jelly Bean. But we digress … to each his or her own, as they say, right? And although it is Jelly Belly that manufactures these misshapen pieces of candy, they aren’t all that easy to find like the standard sort, but there is a saving grace at the end of all this, as these too are available to order online. So just whip out the old credit card and belly flop it onto your lap as you enter the numbers in when placing your order.

8. Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream

Really, everyone knows that astronauts don’t eat all that well up there in space. They have to travel with food items that travel well and most importantly, keep well for long periods of time. And although, any space capsule is probably a rather dry, cool place, the food items that rest in their pantries (if we can call them that), must get pretty boring by the time the mission is over. We can definitely imagine many astronauts returning home, eating anything and everything they can get their hands on … probably high on the list are burgers, pizza, pasta, and well, yes, even candy and desserts. Now certain candies travel well, and we’d imagine that many an astronaut will smuggle some onto the ship at the start of the mission. We wonder only if the candy lasts that long once they’ve left the hemisphere. Now speaking of desserts in general, we’re positive that ice cream doesn’t travel all that well, or does it? Well, as it turns out, astronauts can bring some Neapolitan ice cream to the dark side of the moon, should they choose to, and it is frozen; only it isn’t what you’d expect. The Neapolitan ice cream in question is actually freeze dried and yes, it does travel quite well, but the taste is another matter entirely. But you wouldn’t believe it, unless you yourself were a fan, but it was indeed available to the masses and still is, should you wish to give it a try. But we wouldn’t really recommend it, as here on earth, we can pretty much enjoy the real thing. But hey … here’s to experiences and trying anything at least one, right?

7. Coconut Watermelon Slices

Now those sound pretty interesting, don’t they? We’d definitely concur, but the rarity of this particular item will make it extremely hard to locate at any store. Luckily you’ve got us here at Babbletop to point you in the right direction (you’re more than welcome, by the way). As it turns out, these candies, or rather confections, won’t be at your local gas station on your road trip from state to state, unless you happen to travel northbound that is—specifically Vermont. But then again, even there, you won’t be able to find these puppies, featured here. They can be found at The Vermont Country Store and of course you won’t find it on any road map, as it’s an online store. A single one pound bag of these heavenly slices goes for $14.95 and seems to be well worth it according to some customer reviews. The use of real coconut is used and this staple has been around since the early 1930s, believe it or not!  What’s more shocking is that the same candy maker has been whipping pounds and pounds of these out for decades, and the recipe seems to work quite nicely at that. So if you happen to get the overwhelming need to try these, you can always order up a batch online. There are so many other items of which to choose from at that store, and we’ve got some here for you to see later in this article.

6. Jelly-Filled Brains

No … that’s not a typo. These really do exist, and for some of you they may be a tad too gross to try. Then again, curiosity may get the better of you in the end, as is the case among foodies the world over. After all, they are only candy. However, the sight of these things may get the better of even the most adventurous foodie out there willing to try anything and everything at least once. But is curiosity enough? Is the willingness to try all sorts of treats and foods enough to make you stick your hand in a bowl of these “brains” and knock one or even two down the old hatch? You may ask yourself the very same question as you take a look at these things, as they appear to be pretty well … real. The brain portion of the candy is actual jelly and they’re as gooey as the real thing, or so we’ve been told. We can’t say for sure, as they aren’t available at our local store, or anywhere else for that matter, but fret not if you’ve been growing more excited to give these a try as our description waned on … they’re certainly out there in cyberspace.

5. Weird Beards

These aren’t that old at all … particularly seeing that James Harden dons the cover of the package. You certainly recognize the name as he’s one of the NBA’s hottest starts dribbling on the courts at the moment. He plays for the Houston Rockets and does quite decently for himself out there. But is it enough to be the spokesperson for a sour brand of candies and the face of the brand as well? Why not? There have been other spokesmen and women that have dropped the ball so to speak. These candies have undergone many forms over the years and by that we mean packaging and editions, as the ones that feature Harden are specifically labeled as being the James Harden Edition and aren’t exactly rare, but close. They won’t be available exactly everywhere, but they can be ordered like a lot of the other brands on this list, so not to worry … your cravings shall be answered. You just have to await shipping times.

4. Vermont Maple Leaf Candy

Well … the availability of this particular product is all in the name of course and if you happen to reside in beautiful Vermont, then these have probably ended up in your shopping cart from time to time. An if they have, then you know just how sweet and tempting these little buggers are. They are literally shaped like maple leaves and are made with the freshest maple syrup tapped from local trees. The flavor is infused in these candies, but they aren’t as clear as you’d expect, the end result being quite murky as opposed to some other maple candies that are diluted with water, and of course corn syrup. Yes indeed, these are all natural, and if you decide to hit the road and make the trip north, south, east or west, depending where you’re taking off from, then we’d recommend these little drops of heaven. You won’t regret it.

3. Jordan Almonds

Now these are a specialty item that is only available at certain stores. And if you know where to find them, wait for our applause … it should come in the form of a tired golf clap reserved for only the very best in the game. That out of the way, and for those of you who are at a loss, they can be found in any good Ferrero location, as these were the first treat that the original Ferrera Company were famous for making. They obviously expanded their empire over the long years of their existence. And of course, you’re likely to find a bunch of these should you be lucky enough to be invited to a fancy wedding—particularly an Italian one … with say, about 500 guests or more in attendance. But don’t worry, as there are always plenty of these babies to go around. You’ll be picking almonds out of your teeth long after the last course has been served and the best man is making eyes at the bride’s mother. But where you certainly won’t find these tasty treats is at your local gas station. Sorry to disappoint. But if you’re miles and miles away from a Ferrero store location, and none of your friends are getting married anytime soon, you can order these at many an online store. Just take your pick and you’ll be in the Jordan almond eating business in about three to five business days.

2. Gummy Chicken Feet

If you didn’t know, you’ll definitely know now! These chicken feet are actually “a thing” and are even quite the popular item when gummy candies are concerned. There are actually quite a few brand names that have variations of these weird little treats … Yupik, Trolli, Nassau Candy and Sweet Gourmet included. You wouldn’t think it, but these are pretty much a solid choice for gummy candy loving individuals and you may even see some at your local store, making these a tad easier to find out there. But at the same time, they are still rare enough to have made this list of ours, so they aren’t all that readily available like say Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms, which let’s face it, take up most of the gummy candy market. And why not? Those candies are a bit easier to digest in terms of what they represent, aren’t they? Okay … maybe not the worms, but the bears? Come on … they’re so cute and cuddly, you half feel bad eating them. But the chicken feet are indeed an odd item at that, but who’s to judge. After all, a person’s tastes are as versatile as the colors on a Chameleon. So here’s to having the right to choose your favorite brand of gummy candy. You know where we stand. Now it’s time to make your choice. So go ahead … go to your favorite online store and give these buggers a try.

1. Wasabi Flavored Kit Kat

Usually when you say the term Kit Kat, a chocolate coating covering a tasty wafer cookie comes to mind. Maybe even the catchy jingle will come to mind (and happen to get stuck in your head for hours until you satisfy the craving), but what shouldn’t come to mind—at least where a lot of people are concerned—is the spicy and tangy flavoring of wasabi, which is usually reserved to spice up your favorite sushi rolls. But as it turns out, the Kit Kat Bar is actually available in such a flavor, among many others. You’d be surprised to know that in Japan, there are close to 50 or more incredible and odd combinations like the one pictured and mentioned here. Some include:  Hokkaido cheese and chocolate, Pear, Maple, Miso Soup, Sweet Potato and so many more. One that stands out is Watermelon. Now we know that on the surface, that one seems to be okay, but not when mixed with chocolate. Watermelons are indeed epic fruits, but they should pretty much be reserved for eating on their own, maybe in a summer salad with grapes and cucumber and mint; even for bubble gum flavors and of course Slurpee flavoring, but not for chocolate. There’s something in that that just rubs us the wrong way. But then again, we may just be surprised at how these taste. After all, it is the great culinary minds in Japan that came up with these flavors, and well, at the end of the day, they haven’t really disappointed us before.

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