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10 Candies That You Forgot Still Exist!


10 Candies That You Forgot Still Exist!

If you think back, you can probably remember those lazy summer afternoons that dragged on, no matter what you did to pass the time. Your only respite was a trip to the corner store where you found delight in the plethora of candies available. These days, it would be nice to enjoy some of those same treats, but the passage of time has disposed of them easily enough … or so it seems. Behold: some candies from your youth that you’d be surprised to know are still around, so join us as we take a look. 

10. Bottle Caps

There were of course those days where all you wanted was a refreshing bottle of soda, and sometimes, no matter the flavor, it would always do the trick … as long as it was sweet, fresh and bubbly. And those soda flavors were indeed a hot item. So much so, that they also came out with this famous candy from our youth, in which tablet candies were made to taste like some of our most favorite refreshing sodas. Grape, orange, cola … you name it. And they surprisingly didn’t disappoint. They are actually still out there and you can find them if you look hard enough. Of course not all corner stores or department stores have them—that’s a given, but they are out there, if you look hard enough. Of course this depends on how much of a craving you actually have. Some have been known to travel for over an hour to find something they have a craving for … sometimes even to another city, and all for a taste of something they miss and want to feast on once again. So … what do you say? You up for the trip? We are. These days however, they’re only slightly smaller than you may remember them, as the shape was slightly altered back in 2009.

9. Charleston Chews

Our older demographic readers may remember this one here a bit more, and really it can be compared to the Milky Way and Three Musketeers Bar in many ways, as it was quite similar, as it was chocolate coated nougat. Or rather, we should be saying “is” similar, as it’s actually still out there, but like a lot of the items on this list, you’ve gotta look pretty hard to find it, but find it you will. It was first introduced in 1925 by the Fox-Cross Candy Company. It was developed by Donley Cross, who was a stage performer at that time, and Charlie Fox. They named the bar after a popular dance from the era, the Charleston. The candy bar passed through many companies and many have laid claim to ownership of this historic piece of candy, some companies which included Nabisco, Tootsie Roll (who is he current owner and fabricator) and others. The similarities between this bar and the others that have a nougat center stops pretty much at the nougat as this bar is also available in vanilla and strawberry flavors.

8. Chuckles Jelly Candy

Back in the day, before tablets, I Phones and the listening of digital recordings of your favorite songs, there were many options of candies, specifically jelly candies than there seem to be today. These days, there seem to be only two or three … the Gummy Bears and worms, Jelly Beans and of course Jujube candies being the main ones. But a few decades back there were quite a few options available to one and all. But what if we told you that those options were still available to you? Would you believe us? Of course you would, as we’ve never led you astray before. It was in 1921 that Chuckles Jelly Candies were available to the public and their classic flavors were enough to have consumers chuckling with excitement every time. Original flavors included: Lime, Lemon, Cherry, Black Licorice and of course Orange. They are still being sold, only a little more limited than they were back in the day. It’s the Ferrara Candy Company that’s responsible for making these sweet treats and distributing them.

7. Crows

The Black Licorice flavor is often the candy that seems to get neglected by one and all, many deciding to leave them out of their course of attack when faced with a large and colorful bowl of candies, whether it be JuJubes or Jelly Beans of course. Oftentimes, a bowl of Jelly Beans or the aforementioned JuJubes will tend to have a bunch of licorice flavored ones left, all the other colors having been taken. But there’s always that one person that walks into the room exclaiming that the licorice flavored candies were actually his or her favorite, thus being delighted at the state of the bowl in question. Well, it was for this person specifically that Crows were invented. Those lovers of all that is black licorice, and for those of you who concur, you’ll remember these quite fondly. And if these days, you find yourself picking through packages of candy specifically for the black licorice flavored ones, or find yourself picking out of a bowl of remnants, fret not, because Crows are still out there. So when everybody else is feasting on their favorite flavors, you’ll be able to pull out your very own fresh box of your favorite flavor.

6. Goetze’s Cow Tales

Sometimes, it’s the simpler candies that are remembered most fondly, the ones that were eaten by one’s parents and grandparents from time out of mind, no matter how hard it is to imagine grandparents  as children. But this particular treat was definitely ingested by legions of grandparents, as this one certainly is a flavorful blast from the past. Now these ones sure go way, way back—to 1895 actually. Only the Goetze Company actually started offering only bubble gum at that time. Their first caramel flavored candy was offered only in 1917, just over two decades after they went into business. But just as soon as it was invented, the world hasn’t looked back since, and although some of you out there might think that they’re gone, just like the days of your misspent youth, you’re actually wrong. The candies, just like your youth, are still out there. Just go out there at lunch, start a game of hopscotch with the guys from legal or accounting and bring out a bag of these and see just how easy it is to travel back in time and forget all your woes … at least for the lunch hour period that is. It’s one of the only existing candies to still be under the same fabrication and distribution label, the company still in existence all these long years after, which clocks in at well over a century long … and their still going strong, and of course they now come in stick form, which is quite popular. As of 2009 they offer even more flavors than ever before, including: peanut butter, banana, chocolate, strawberry and even caramel apple.

5. Look!

The exclamation mark in the name really says it all. And for those of you who actually recall the flavors available in one single miniature bite, will indeed remember this one fondly. But as it turns out, you won’t have to rely on the memory of the impactful taste alone, as this little treat is actually still out there as well, and only a little bit of digging is required to find your old favorite treat, or one of them at least. All you have to do, really, is look for them. Get it? Look for them. Anyways … It is still made, packaged and sold by Annabelle’s, so put your all-seeing goggles on and start scanning the shelves wherever candies are sold, and if you still can’t find them … try Amazon; you may be surprised how many candies from your youth you’ll find on there. That’s of course if you don’t mind waiting for your package to arrive via a courier service that is. But don’t worry, as a lot of these candies travel pretty well. After all, they do spend quite a bit of time on the shelves anyways. So, your happily ordered batch of Look Bars should arrive pretty much intact, that’s if they don’t happen to be opened by a courier who just so happens to get a craving for the chocolate snack from his own youth. But if Amazon goes with a pretty renowned name in the courier industry, you should be okay. So, when you are having a beast of a craving for a dark chocolate treat filled with nougat and peanut butter, don’t hesitate to whip out the credit card and order some off the internet should you have a hard time locating a bag of these babies.

4. Mallo Cup

And yes … if we dig deep enough into the recesses of our youth, these too will stand out. They were first introduced in 1936 and that means that it won’t be long until this candy too turns 100 years old! Now talk about an epic anniversary.  Of course the shape of it is very reminiscent of a pretty popular peanut butter candy treat and that is pretty much the dominant cup-shaped chocolate treat on the market today, but believe it or not, this marshmallow snack is still available for purchase, and fans of it won’t be disappointed, as the recipe has pretty much stayed untouched all these long years, so if you find a package and take a bite, it might be the single item that will be able to transport you back to an earlier time and space. So we won’t really need the help of Marty and good old Doc Brown for this trip to your youth. We’ve got the genuine article right here. So keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times while on this trip. So let’s say it loud and let’s say it proud, and in the name of the classic candies from our youth, one time … “Great Scott!”

3. Razzles

And speaking of trips taken to the past, this candy here was made quite popular again in the film 13 Going On 30 starring Jennifer Garner, a film that has achieved cult status over the long years since its release. And of course the character’s adventure is one full of nostalgia and this candy in particular was one of her favorites. It inspired many who remembered it from their youths to go out and find a package, and these searches were quite fruitful for those who left no stone unturned, as they too are still very much out there! They are available in convenient stores and gas stations, but not all locations carry this treat that was exceptionally popular in the eighties era where big hair and flashy pants were dominant. The name too suggests a different time and place, but that’s what these classic treats can do for you, so go ahead and find a box today. It’ll do you a world of good to go back and visit with your younger self. It did wonders for Jennifer Garner in that movie, so what do you say?

2. Sugar Babies

The candy in which the moniker was just as “cute” as its shape. These candies were indeed much smaller than other variants of caramel candies, essentially the size of Jelly Beans. And don’t knock it either. If the packaging, name or even the candies themselves tended to be a bit cuter than another, they seemed to garner quite a bit more favor from consumers, as everyone softens at the sight of a very cute item. Just look at the astronomical success of the little yellow Minions in the Despicable Me franchise of animated films, or the infamous Oompa Loompas of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory lore. They were introduced in the 1930s and their popularity was quite widespread. Really there was no wonder, as how could a milk caramel candy fail? It was a no-brainer. They even had a candy called the Sugar Daddy, which essentially was a Sugar Baby, larger in scale, mounted on a stick. The company is still producing the candy and variants, but one flavor is actually nonexistent today and that was the Sugar Mama, which was a Sugar Daddy coated in Chocolate as opposed to caramel. Hey .. you win some, you lose some. But the most popular was and is the Sugar Baby, which still sells quite well wherever they are available.

1. Warheads

There sure are a lot of chewy brands of candy still available these days. And when we look back, there were actually even more out there. The earliest candies were of course the hard candy sorts, and there were even more of those, but the chewy candies gained favor later, especially among those that had problems with the harder sort of candy, and yes, that would include senior citizens. They were definitely in mind when company after company decided to release a chewy option to the hard candies out there and there were those that were in fact ecstatic.  Of course over time, the chewy sort would create problems all its own, as you know just as well as we do, they tend to get stuck in your teeth, which can be just as bad as the hard candy of yore. Regardless, chewy candies have become quite popular and we can’t argue with their success. One brand in particular you may remember from back in the day are of course Warheads. Yes, we won’t doddle on the point here, as we’re sure by this entry you catch our drift and have more than begun to understand our theme here, so yeah … they are still out there and available for purchase, but of course, like all the other candies on this list, they aren’t everywhere. They are one of the youngest candies on the list, only having hit North American shores back in 1993, and for those of you that can remember their inception and arrival, it was a special time. You know … the days when you could still get excited about a new candy brand and all. What was really special about these ones was that they were sour and at the time, sour candy was like a new wave and boy were consumers buying into the new novelty. If a candy could make your lips pucker up and your cheeks pull back like when you sucked on a fresh lemon, the better it was. How many hours did you pass eating huge amounts of these things with your buddies, laughing at the ridiculous faces they induced? Be honest, we won’t judge.

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