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10 Burgers Only America Was CRAZY Enough To Invent! Part 2


10 Burgers Only America Was CRAZY Enough To Invent! Part 2

Hamburgers are truly an American classic that have long been a favorite at cook outs. But in America basic burgers aren’t enough to satisfy some of the more extreme burger lovers who demand things like 100 patties and exotic toppings. The variety of hamburger inventions are only limited by Americans’ imaginations. 

10. Use Your Noodles

Ramen Noodles are a staple of college students, but usually aren’t thought of as a staple in hamburger restaurants. However, this might be changing after a self proclaimed Ramen connoisseur named Keizo Shamimoto decided to gift us with a hamburger that uses compressed Ramen Noodles instead of a traditional bun. The unique noodle bun seems to be the only ingredient that truly distinguishes this burger so there could be many variations as far as toppings and perhaps even the choice of meats. This burger is a close cousin of the Italian inspired Spaghetti Burger. This Ramen Burger suffers from the same potential weakness as the Spaghetti Burger: compressed noodles. Hamburgers and bread buns go so well together that its hard to think about one without the other. A good bun perfectly compliments a big, juicy hamburger, but can the same be said for a pile of pressed noodles? Probably not. Any time a hamburger’s identity is more about the bun than the burger it has likely wandered off in the wrong direction. However, on the plus side fried noodles with a burger does offer a bit of a novelty factor that may lead burger lovers to want to sample this one. But they are probably not very likely to make the Ramen Burger a regular choice over one with a traditional bun. 

9. Hamburgers At The End Of The World

Hopefully hamburger lovers would only choose to eat a hamburger can comes from a can because they are hunkered down in a bunker waiting out the zombie apocalypse, but to each their own I suppose. Maybe if you were going on a long hike or camping trip and you knew you wouldn’t be able to get a real hamburger for a while you could justify this, but it would still be doubtful. However, if you are for some reason still committed to trying one of these creations several brands are available that offer some variation. Most of these hamburgers in a can offer a basic beef patty with a bun and some even include a sesame seed bun so that’s something. However, some recipes offer a little bit more in terms of flavor and include pork mixed with beef and some even offer bacon. But instead of sweetening the deal this should make one wonder what the consistency of canned bacon would be like and not in a good way. Perhaps for some people there will be a curiosity factor that will compel them to try a hamburger in a can, but even this seems like a stretch. The only thing the hamburger in a can has going for it that it is convenient enough to take with you anywhere. The truth is however, if you’re in a situation where you’re eating your meals out of cans than hamburgers probably shouldn’t be your priority anyway.

8. Time To Make The Donut Burgers

Years ago when Dunkin’ Donuts was still called Dunkin’ Donuts instead of just Dunkin’ the coffee and pastry chain aired several popular tv commercials. These spots featured a put upon donut maker who had to get up in the dark because it was “time to make the donuts.” At some point it wasn’t enough anymore to be able to eat hamburgers or donuts so someone combined the two into one food and the Donut Burger was born. There is really no one burger joint or donut shop that is particularly associated with this sweet and salty creation, but many have experimented with it. The basic version seems to be a hamburger patty between a pair of glazed donuts, but there are certainly many other possible combinations. Chocolate donuts are a popular variation on this theme, but even for extreme burger lovers this might be a little too much. Some variations of the burger feature breakfast foods such as fried eggs and bacon. Like many of the burgers on the list the Donut Burger seems intended as fairground food, something to try on a lark but not something you would eat consistently because it’s kind of crazy to put a hamburger patty on glazed donuts. This extreme burger seems best suited for those who can’t decide if they want dinner or dessert, but most people will probably want to keep them separate. 

7. Gobble, Gobble

Thanksgiving is a great American holiday so it makes sense there would be a Thanksgiving themed hamburger. Burger purists may insist that even a Thanksgiving burger be made from beef, but rest assured you can order one with ground turkey as well. Regardless of the kind of meat used in the patty most Thanksgiving burgers offer a range of traditional toppings such as stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Some of these festive burgers offer additional ingredients such as sage mayonnaise and even a slice or two of turkey to complete this meal on a bun. However, it’s not clear if you can get a Thanksgiving burger with mashed potatoes or green bean casserole on top. There doesn’t seem to be much specific attention on the choice of bun, but hot and buttered dinner rolls would be a good choice for Thanksgiving sliders. A burger place called Slater’s will help you get into the Thanksgiving spirit with sweet potato fries with a tasty pumpkin sauce. These sweet fries might might be a little too much for some burger lovers, but don’t fret because standard french fries would be a wonderful side for any Thanksgiving burger. After all the sweet potato fries sound good, but they still won’t replace a delicious slice of pumpkin pie with a dollop whipped cream. 

6. Say Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is widely popular dish in America so the only question is why didn’t someone pile it on top of a hamburger sooner? Whatever the reason a lot of hamburger places are on board now so there a number of Mac & Cheese Burgers to try. There are two classes of Mac & Cheese Hamburgers: One features a traditional hamburger with a helping of gooey, cheesy pasta. Along with the burger and pasta you might also see slices of melted cheese as well as crispy bacon for a total taste meltdown. There are a lot of recipes for Mac & Cheese and include things like tomatoes, peppers and bread crumbs so you could potentially see all of these things as part of a burger. The other version the Mac & Cheese Burger is just is decadent and owes something to the Ramen Burger that features noodles pressed into the shape of a bun. If that appeals to you you will probably like a hamburger with Mac & Cheese for a bun. Most burger lovers will likely opt for the pasta dish as a topping. Cheese is very popular with burger lovers of course so this one seems like a home run. Remember, there’s a reason there’s something called a cheeseburger. Speaking of cheeseburgers, you can get one of those with Mac & Cheese too. The Mac & Cheese Burger takes burger fans’ love of cheese to the next level to create a cheesy sensation. 

5. Vermonster

This is the Vermonster Burger and it is not to be confused with Ben and Jerry’s giant sundae of the same name. Although, ice cream and burgers is probably something we should think about. Anyway, this Vermonster combines the classic burger with the sweet goodness of New England Apple pies. Nothing says New England like crisp Autumn air and warm apple pie so it makes Yankee good sense to combine them with burgers into one unique taste experience. There are several variations of the Vermonster, but the basic idea is to add the flavors of apple pie to hamburgers so obviously there will be apples. Some used sliced Granny Smith apples, although many pie makers prefers other varieties such as Macintosh apples. Cinnamon, brown sugar and maple syrup are included. Some recipes use a maple syrup mayonnaise. Classic burger ingredients such as red onion and bacon are included to counter the sweet flavors. New Englanders will tell you apple pie isn’t complete without a little slice cheddar cheese so you can get your Vermonster with a slice of cheddar. This hamburger is a classic mashup of sweet and salty flavors that will appeal to many adventurous burger lovers who also suffer from a sweet tooth.

4. What Elk Would You Expect?

Fuddruckers restaurants may or may not have the greatest hamburgers in the world as it claims, but the popular chain does offer an Elk Burger it is very proud of. Like its other burgers, the Elk Burger is made from fresh ground meat that’s never frozen and cooked to order. This popular burger chain also offers a Buffalo patty and both are usually described as tasting like more “gamey” versions of the traditional beef burger. The Elk Burger id the leanest choice at Fuddruckers, but the Buffalo option is also leaner than its beef counterpart. The Elk meat option at Fuddruckers is served on a wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and Swiss cheese. It is available as a 1/3 pound burger as well as a generous 1/2 pound version big enough for even the hardiest appetites. As far as toppings go with an Elk Burger you really can’t go wrong with classic choices like red onion, tomato and lettuce. Like any burger they would likely be even better with the addition of chili, bacon or cheese. Of course you could add all three of these to create some sort of deluxe Elk burger. So if you’d like to try something a little more exotic, and a bit healthier than the average hamburger, you might want to taste an Elk Burger.

3. Hot Dog Burger

Talk about two great tastes that go great together. Hot dogs and hamburgers are two American grilling favorites perfect for any summer cookout so a Hot Dog Hamburger is the next logical step. This blockbuster pairing has the dramatic feel of a super hero team up. As you might expect there are a number of variations to the Hot Dog Hamburger. The most common version is consists of a traditional hamburger an fixings with the addition of a sliced up hot dog. There are much more elaborate concoctions that involve fashioning a combination hamburger – hotdog roll to accommodate both pieces of meat. The version shown in the photograph above could arguably be called a Hamburger Hot Dog – a hot dog with a hamburger added to it. This one also has plenty of cheese and chili which are both popular hamburger and hotdog toppings. Most condiments including mustard, ketchup and relish are all equally fine additions to hamburgers and hot dogs and is only further evidence that the two foods were always meant to be together. Whether you want a Hot Dog Hamburger or a Hamburger Hot Dog you can find either one of these creations to satisfy your meaty craving and they look like they are equally delicious. 

2. I’m The Boss

Chili’s restaurants offers a hamburger that change the way you look at hamburgers. The Boss Burger is so much more than just a giant patty or even several patties it is a celebration of everything meat. Americans love their meats so in addition to the standard beef patty the Boss Burger offers layers of smoked brisket, rib meat, jalapeño – cheddar smoked sausage and bacon. This is a lot of meat and promises to be a unique taste experience. Vegetable lovers don’t despair because this giant burger also offers lettuce, tomato and is topped off with both barbecue sauce and ranch dressing to add just the right amount of tanginess. If this all sounds like a little too much even for most hamburger lovers you are probably right, but this doesn’t stop a lot of people from giving this Chili’s concoction a try. The Boss Burger appears to be another one of those burgers that is stacked so high with meat and toppings that it can’t actually be eaten as made. It looks as though you would have to consume this burger in several portions – perhaps even with a knife and fork, but I suppose this part of the challenge. Next time you need a hamburger/meat fix you might want to give Chili’s Boss Burger a try.

1. The Centurion

In-N-Out Hamburger restaurants are known for their simple menu of hamburgers and cheeseburgers. However the popular California fast food chain has a well known “secret” menu that offers things like animal style burgers and Neapolitan Milkshakes that include strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors. A variation of the so called secret menu is that customers can order burgers with more patties. A Double – Double offers four beef patties and this is usually enough for even big burger appetites, but in case this isn’t enough they can order additional patties. How many patties you ask? People have ordered all different numbers of patties and a few even asked for and got 100 patty burgers that also include 100 slices of cheese. Regardless of how hungry you think you are this is pretty glutinous and wasteful. In out Instagram era this smacks of a photo-op stunt meant more to give people notoriety on social media than to satisfy an actual hamburger craving. Even so, the In-N-Out 100×100 is an impressive burger by any standard. Unfortunately for extreme burger lovers this is one burger they will no longer be able to indulge in because In-N-Out has stopped honoring this request. But don’t despair because the 4×4 burger is plenty of beef and cheese and will satisfy all but the biggest appetites. 

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