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10 Burger King Secret Menu Items That Make Restaurants Jealous 


10 Burger King Secret Menu Items That Make Restaurants Jealous 

Secrets are exciting, right? Next time you are in a Burger King why not try to order something off-menu to get the thrill that comes with knowing something more than the rest! These top ten secrets on the Burger King menu have all other fast-food chains wishing they were as cool…

10. Frings

Frings are actually the best thing in the whole fast-food world. Already other fast-food chains are probably jealous. Fries AND onion rings together. Can you even imagine it took this long for something like this to happen? Not to mention it is off-menu and pretty damn secret. Ordering off-menu is thrilling because you’re assuming there is a chance the person on the other side of the counter knows what you are talking about. Ordering off-menu can also make you feel like you are part of a secret underground community of people. So this first secret order is fries and onion rings together. Yum! Doesn’t it seem like something legit enough to make it onto Burger King’s everyday menu? This is the best pairing since Sonny and Cher or Bonny and Clyde… Or since Tom and Jerry or Bevis and Butthead… Fries and onion rings just go together! They can please both sides of yourself! Next time you’re in Burger King and feeling like you have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on you just order the Frings and both parts of yourself will be satisfied! You don’t have to choose! Let’s say it again: fries AND onion rings! Finally!

9. BK Club

This hidden gem is just like the club sandwich you know well… So if you are feeling like a regular chicken burger just won’t cut it order this. Even though this is not on the menu it is carried at all of the Burger King locations. Get up the courage to pull into the drive-through and ask. We suggest drive through in case you are not brave enough to go up in person and ask for something off-menu. At least through the little speaker phone situation you can make this bold request without feeling like you’ll be called out. But, we are here to tell you that these fears really hold no weight because you CAN go ask in person and they WILL give you this secret item! So first-timers can give it a go in the drive-through, but you don’t have to! Trust the secret menu! It is secret for a reason! If everyone knew about this and it was a regular order then it would not be on the secret menu! Take the chance! The BK Club is at every location, so you shouldn’t worry about this one not being there or some newly hired youngling being like “We don’t serve that here…” in a whiney tone. No, no. The BK Club should be there. Go! Order it now!

8. Veggie Whopper

Why this isn’t on the everyday menu is surprising. In an age of rampant vegetarianism and veganism, it only makes sense that fast-food chains would have something up there on their glowing menu signs to cater to this market. That being said, it also makes sense to have a secret menu item that is veggie accessible. So now everyone can order things that are not on the menu and feel particularly badass! If you are not a vegetarian this can also be a good option. Don’t let this burger faze you, it’s amazing. Whether you are a serious carnivore or not, it’s tasty! It cannot be denied! This is a Burger King Whopper, but with a veggie patty instead. So you will still get the lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo! It will also still be served on the classic sesame seed bun! Thank you, Burger King, for having a veggie option of a classic! Thank you, Burger King, for giving vegetarians the opportunity to order off of the secret menu! How exciting!

7. Rodeo Burger

Yeeeeehhaaaaa Cowboy! Let’s get our western on at Burger King, secret menu style. This off-menu order is exciting because it also has a theme! Who doesn’t love a good theme!? One might close their eyes and imagine the dusty desert landscape in front of you and your trusty steed beneath bringing you to a rundown tumbleweed town and oh, what could that be in your hand? Is it your pistol? No, that’s holstered for sure, no danger in these parts. Could it be your lasso? No, you lost that in a battle with your old mare that rode off into the sunset. No, what is in your hand is a juicy, off-menu Rodeo Burger from Burger King. Not only is it from Burger King, but it is from their secret menu! Do other secret menus have themes? Come on? Do they? This burger is going to crunch in your mouth because it has onion rings! This burger is going to make you salivate because it has barbeque sauce! This burger will make you want to drop everything and pursue your cowboy dreams! Live your best cowboy or cowgirl life with this order. You know it will be worth it.

6. Ham and Cheese

While this might not seem as exciting as say, Frings or the Rodeo Burger, it is. Firstly, if you have a picky eater in the bunch you’ll be glad for this ham and cheese option. Secondly, it is very likely going to give you an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for a past you very likely have of eating ham and cheese. It was a classic when you were a child and why not continue that tradition into adulthood and beyond? Ham and cheese is a failsafe eating choice! However, at Burger King, you get the added luxury of adding bacon. Yummm. Or maybe even some pickles? Yummm. Or maybe even some frings on the side that you can take and shove into that ham and cheese! Woah woah, would that mean you are making like a Rodeo Ham and Cheese? Burger King, watch out because there may be another secret menu item on your horizon! The Ham and Cheese is a secret menu item will give you that off-menu rush of being special and it will fill your taste buds with memories! Maybe you can take whoever used to make your ham and cheese to your local Burger King? You can treat them, because, you know, they deserve some loving. And you can surprise them with your off-menu ordering. And most importantly you can let this Ham and Cheese bring you together! Awww… families coming together is so heartwarming! Thanks, Burger King for the secret menu item that will have the crowds coming in for a whiff of home!


Coming in all sizes the BK BLT is yet another off-menu item that feels like it should be right up front! Who needs their burgers stuffed with onion rings when you can have a serious classic! The BK BLT looks and tastes exactly like you would imagine it to. It is a summertime comfort food that will make you want to roll down those windows or open that sunroof. Blast the music too! There should be no holding back when eating comfort food and feeling good! Soak in the sun and enjoy the BK BLT. Saying it out loud is also rather satisfying and really makes you look like you are in the know… BK BLT… BK BLT… Order it loud and proud! There’s no acronym like a food acronym… let alone an acronym about secret food!

4. Mustard Whopper

Little differences make big impacts. The Mustard Whopper is a Whopper, just like the one you ordered last week. But… get ready… drum roll, please… It has…. You guessed it! Mustard instead of mayo! Now, if we all started making these little changes in our lives maybe we would feel a whole lot more relaxed. Sometimes we get too stuck in a routine. Little changes can bring a spark of newness to the monotony of the day. Save this order for when you are feeling like everything sucks. Like you are just living your every day, nothing to report, kind of life. Then, not only will you order off of the secret menu (hello cooler side of yourself) but you will taste something different than what you are used to (hello happiness)! When you eat this you will realize that there can be no boring day or monotony in life when you tweak the routine a little! The Mustard Whopper reminds us to keep things fresh and new! So why not give this a whirl? Other fast-food joints will be looking at this in curiosity… Hmmm… Very interesting. Yeah! Take note you other restaurants! You don’t need to change it all to make something wonderful! Burger King got it right with the Mustard Whopper! They and their secret menu have got it going on!

3. The Quad Stacker

Four. Four. Four. Four. Did you get that? Four patties on this one burger. No, you are not supposed to open it up and use this one burger to feed a family. Though, you know, no one is stopping you but some people would get no bun and this could be weird… Just keep away from this kind of ordering. This burger is not a family burger. This is all for you! Order this off-menu item after the big game or before the long road trip. This burger will fill you up and make you feel like a superhero! You can conquer this burger! The Quad Burger was first launched in the UK in 2009, but it did not last long because it is full of calories. Duh! T has four whole patties! However, even though it packs in 1000 calories it was worth keeping this around as a secret option. Burger King knew that it was special. You just never know when you’ll need that boost, you know?! Try it to breakfast! Try it before a big exam. Try it just because it’s a Tuesday and you want it to feel like Friday! The Quad Stacker is like the high rise of all fast-food burgers, isn’t it? Wouldn’t this make other chains jealous?

2. Mezzo Mix

Now, this off-menu option should stay off-menu. Only people in the know can know about it and that is what keeps it so special. Okay? So keep this to yourself. The Mezzo mix is when you mix Coca-Cola and Fanta Orange together! Wow. Doesn’t that sound just right? This was first thought up in Germany, where you can also call it a ‘Spezi’ if you are feeling local. Try this mix in any way… half Coke and half Fanta, on part Fanta three parts Coke, or the other way around… This mix is really a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of order, which adds to the fun factor. Not only can you go to Burger King and have something off meu, but you can personalize it to your own preferences as well! Add lots of ice to keep this cold and don’t be afraid to order this if you are not at a Burger King that has a fill your own drink station. Just explain your order to the teller, if they don’t already know what it is, and presto! You are in business! The Mezzo mix is really under the radar. So if you find a friend who knows about it keep them close, they are pretty dope and know what’s up. This is a great thirst quencher and brings out the best in both drink flavors. Other joints should be jealous because this soda mixing actually is an off-menu order. This is no being silly at the drink station. This is an honest to god off-menu order that tastes wonderful and deserves its own name. So, how will you take your Mezzo Mix?

1. Suicide Burger

Last one! Saving the best for last. Ready? Okay, if you thought the Quad Burger was as cool as it got? Think again! It gets even cooler and more packed in calories. The Suicide Burger is four patties, four pieces of cheese, and four slices of bacon! It is topped with sauce and placed between two sesame buns. But, if you really want to be extra, extra, special you can ask them to swap out the top bun for two bottoms! This way you will be not only special, but you will be extra special! This kind of order should only be done if you feel you are up to the task! It is not for the faint of heart or the over-ambitious. It is for true burger eaters. If you thought the Quad Burger was full of calories, well this is even more so! So go, go, go! Run! Swim! Exercise! Eat salad for a week! Or just order the off-menu Veggie Burger instead of something else… do what you need to do so that you will not feel guilty when you take the plunge and dig into the Suicide Burger! You don’t want to be eating this thing with a conscious. Life is too short for that! So take your time and make a plan before you do this. Eating the Suicide Burger is not as dangerous as its name will make it out to be. We believe that you can enjoy it and not be committing some horrible act upon yourself. Promise. But, your taste buds should be ready, your stomach should be ready, hack, your whole soul should be ready because this burger will be a suicide in another way. It will be a suicide of your burger life. How can you enjoy any other burger after trying this one? Really? Ask yourself this when you are in line at your local Burger King. Can you risk it? Can you risk having this burger if it will be so good that it ruins all other burgers for you? Weigh your options. Maybe you can start with the Rodeo Burger and then go to the Quad Burger and eventually work yourself up to this Suicide Burger. Because, really, it is like no only fast food Burger out there.

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