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10 Best Selling Items On Amazon

Amazon happens to rank third as the largest information technology company when it comes to revenue and is the largest retail company in the world. This company has made a lot of strides in the e-commerce industry. Being the largest online retailer with a steady increase in revenue annually, Amazon has made a name for itself is the world’s second most used online retailing platform after Alibaba.

In 2017 it was referred to as the world’s most innovative company. And for Amazon, it is not just about providing a platform for buyers and sellers to make exchanges online, it goes further to provide a high level of security with its cloud system. Amazon has sold millions of goods over the years since its inception and it has become widely accepted all over the world. You can buy almost anything ranging from toys to electronics, to beauty products, books and several others too numerous to mention. Here, we are going to be looking at the top 10 most often sold items on Amazon in detail, although Amazon changes their top sellers every hour, below are the items with the most sales on Amazon and their categories.

10. Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity is the number one most sold game on Amazon, it was released in May 2011. Cards Against Humanity has successfully topped sales on Amazon with over 32,000 reviews and 90 percent of its users giving it a 5-star review. This begs the question, what is this game all about? The game is actually similar to the Canadian game Apples to Apples (this is actually why Amazon doesn’t ship this game to Canada). In Cards Against Humanity, you get to learn the most inhuman words, and as the name implies, it is meant to bring out the horrible person in you. It consists of black and white cards and the black card is read out as a question and the other contestants reply with their white cards.

It is more conveniently played at parties and a gathering of friends for more fun, and it is played by adults. From the reviews of this game, a lot of people find it very addictive and interesting, while a few people see it as overpriced. It is actually sold for $25 on Amazon. It also has a red and green box expansion package for people that would love to increase players or add more exciting words. The full package including both red and green box sells for $64.99 on Amazon.

9. Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick is a very interesting device. It gives you access to every app available at a very affordable cost. Right now the tech world is evolving and most of our conventional media is going online, making it possible for you to just watch your favorite programs online. It can be very expensive to watch different programs and a bit stressful to search them out. The Fire Stick combines home entertainment with other online services, giving you a wide range of services. From Amazon services to online apps, including songs and home entertainment; that is your local TV stations and external TV services. It is more convenient and out dates the use of antenna services.

Another interesting fact is that you can carry it with you and plug it into any HDMI TV and get instant access to a wide range of services with just WiFi access. This wonderful device has been recently modified to include a voice remote too and it can be purchased for just over $39. It is mostly purchased alongside the Amazon Ethernet Adaptor and Fire TV Stick protection plan of 2 years for a total of $59.97. The Amazon Fire TV is the most purchased electronic with a 4.4-star review rating with over 173,000 users, it has topped the chart.

8. Echo Dot ( second generation)

The Echo Dot has taken convenience to another level due to its portable nature and functionality. The Echo Dot is just like a smart radio which can also connect with your home appliances. The recent modifications to the Echo Dot include a voice control that is sensitive enough to pick your command from a distance in case you are busy. You can call or message anyone by just saying the word while using the Echo Dot. It can also be used to control other smart devices in your home.

The Echo Dot device is amazing. It brings convenience to you, saving you the stress of operating each and every smart device in your home individually. You can easily connect them to your Echo Dot using Bluetooth or a cord and it will give you maximum satisfaction, so it is said. This device is the second most sold electronic on Amazon, with wonderful reviews from customers who have bought it for their loved ones. One just needs to speak the word and could hear music they wouldn’t have been able to listen normally. There are testimonies about the Internet speed of Echo Dot Alexis. With over 112,000 reviews, Echo Dot goes for $49, which is quite affordable, no wonder it is a best seller.

7. The 5 Love Languages

This book, The 5 Love Languages, is mostly targeted at couples. It lays emphasis on couple communication. The author, Gary Chapman, has the view that people tend to express love in the same way they expect to receive love. The 5 Love Languages is centered on understanding one another in order to be able to speak each other’s language, so as to live happy and in love. He went further to categorize the love languages into five, hence, the name; The 5 Love Languages.

He speaks about how people love to hear affirmative words that reassure them of what you feel for them and went further to warn that negative or abusive words can deeply hurt them. He also talks about people that value the time spent with them, and the group that are crazy about gifts. To them, they see gifts as an expression of love and that is how they also express their feelings. In this book, the 4th group of people value little acts of services, like getting interested in their activities to assist them, they believe you care for them, and the last group of people values those little cuddles, kisses and general loving body contact you have with them. To them, it is a way of showing them you love them. This book has been selling since 2015 on Amazon. It is among the top 20 most sold books on Amazon with over 12,000 reviews to testify the awesomeness of this book and a five-star rating. It sells for $9 on Amazon.

6. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi Cooker

The Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi Cooker is another best seller on Amazon. With way over 27,000 reviews and a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating given to this product by its users, this is nothing like your regular slow cooker. Let us take a look at what makes this pot a best seller on Amazon. When it is called 7-in-1 cooker, this means that first, it can be used as a pressure cooker and not your usual pressure cooker. This instant pot has 14 programs built in to aid cooking.

With this instant pot, you won’t be needing seven kitchen appliances in your home because it is capable of functioning as a pressure cooker or as a slow cooker. It can also replace your rice cooker in a better way. The instant pot can be used as a steamer. And you don’t need a yogurt maker when you buy this instant pot. Due to its configuration, it can be programmed to make very healthy and tasty dishes and lastly, you can use it to sauté and keep foods warm. The unique features of this instant pot make it a bestseller on Amazon.

5. Saferest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

This waterproof mattress protector is another best seller on Amazon. The Saferest Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector promises to protect the bed from bacteria, dirt, urine, allergies and other dirt-related issues. According to the description, it isn’t a regular bed or mattress cover, it is said to be waterproof, yet very comfortable to lie on. It allows air go through it to keep your bed like new and you don’t get hot like with a plastic cover.

It comes highly recommended for families with little children to reduce some surface related diseases and allergies and protect you while you sleep. Evidently, it seems these waterproof mattress protection users really agree with the manufacturer. Well at least 78 percent of a sample of its 29,339 users do agree with the manufacturer, while the others have some complaints to make, ranging from it’s comfortability and so on, although some of this number actually agrees with its use, just can’t give a 5-star review. But, being a best seller on Amazon speaks volumes, so maybe we would have to agree on a little with the manufacturer on this one. This bestseller mattress protection sells for $34 for the king size on Amazon, which is subject to change, although there are other sizes available.

4. Spalding NBA Street Basketball

The Spalding NBA Street Basketball sells massively on Amazon, 3,399 review samples and a 4.1-star review on this product. It is said to be very comfortable to grip and it doesn’t slip out of your sweaty palm. It is also said to be very durable, and it can withstand long hours of use without giving way. The Spalding NBA Street Basketball is designed for improved grip and its two-tone outdoor cover enables it to withstand long hours of outdoor practice. Although not all users agree with the fact that it is very strong and complain of it going flat when in it came into contact with a sharp object such as a dog’s paws.

This amazing best seller Spalding NBA Street Basketball sells on Amazon for $16. From the reviews on it, it is worth a try. This one is made for rough street games and not necessarily for the smooth surface of a regulation basketball court. It is made to the regulation size of 29.5 inches. It is also available in smaller sizes such as medium and youth sizes so the younger kids can play with a real NBA basketball.

3. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a very convenient and interesting water filter, especially for hikers or travelers. This water filter comes recommended also for places with poor water quality. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is said to have the capacity to purify up to 1,000 liters of water before it is no longer reliable. This water filter doesn’t require any form of chemical to purify water due to its 0.2-micron filter pore that has the ability to filter out bacteria, parasites, chlorine, bad taste and also microplastics.

It is said to be ideal for hiking and everyday use. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is classified into 5 types according to their capacity, price, and durability. These include; the LifeStraw go 2- stage, which is actually manufactured for everyday use and hiking with the lowest capacity and this is the regular type being discussed here. Also available are the LifeStraw Flex, LifeStraw Universal, LifeStraw Play, and LifeStraw Mission. They all have their different capacities and 7,091 users seem to think that this is a good buy at $14, although the prices vary depending on the particular type you are buying, in general, this is a good buy.

2. Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge

The Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge is another best seller on Amazon. According to the specifications, it has two arms rest with a foot resting place at the end. It also has a bottle or cup holder. It is said to be very comfortable and comes recommended for summer fun in the pool. It is also said to be easy to inflate, without the need to get an external pumping device, you can just twist the valve and blow air into it like a balloon.

In addition, it also has a very comfortable high back rest and cushy headrest for catching the rays. The inflatable lounge is 63” long and 33” wide, making for a great float for just drifting along in the pool. This unique product was first listed on Amazon in April 2004 and it is ranked the second bestseller on Amazon. At the list price of $4.93 it’s no wonder! It comes in blue, like the one shown in the picture, or you can order it in clear. Either way, the multiple colors on the lounge make it a great looking float to have at your house.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film comes in 3 twin packs which gives you a wonderful total of 60 instant pictures. It comes recommended for individuals looking to create memories on a low budget. This is film provides instant photos and one must have a Fujifilm Instax camera to use the film. Having the ability to share pictures instantly has always been a lot of fun and adds to the enjoyment of party goers.

Although this wonderful bestseller can give you great pictures, but from the reviews on this product, it can easily get damaged or the picture quality has the tendency to be blurred with little mistakes. This wonderful product is presently ranked the number one bestseller on Amazon with 4.1 out of 5 stars rating collected from 2,743 customers. It is really difficult to tell if this product would be a good buy or not judging by the customer impressions. It is better if you avoid passing it through X-ray scanning machines or it’s likes to avoid damaging your film as X-rays can possibly pass through and ruin the unexposed film. It is best to have your bag hand-checked to avoid problems.

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