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10 Best Pancakes You Can Get In America

Pancakes might be the ultimate comfort food. The have long been a staple of big Sunday breakfasts and moms have their own recipes with their personal touches. Plenty of places make good pancakes and you don’t have to go to one of the big chains to get the best pancakes in America.

10. Let’s Go Dutch

When you want pancakes you might not conjure up a relatively upscale niche eatery in San Fransisco, CA but you should if you’re in search of delicious Dutch style pancakes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Outerlands is a restaurant with a diverse and unique menu, but it also offers some of the finest classics. For example, you can order traditional Dutch pancakes with sweet, juicy apples baked in. But because it’s in San Francisco the restaurant also offers a savory version that substitutes the usual Greek yogurt and apples for sour cream and Dungeness crab in your morning pancakes. Yes, crab in pancakes. Both versions are baked in the classic style with a cast iron skillet and cooked to a perfect moth watering golden brown. These pancakes are only available on the weekends for brunch, but it sounds like they’re are worth the special trip – at least the classic sweet variety. But if you’re in the mood for something other than pancakes, Outlands is also known for its delicious vegan waffle and a sweet banana coffee cake. If you’d like a friend or loved one to try some of the best pancakes in the San Fransisco area you can give them an Outlands gift card and give them the gift of delicious pancakes. 

9. Red Hot Cakes On The Griddle

The Griddle Cafe has been in Hollywood, CA for years. Located on Sunset Boulevard, this restaurant attracts locals and tourists alike looking to satisfy their craving for pancakes. But not just any pancakes. They like to do things a little more dramatic flare in Hollywood so The Griddle Cafe offers a decadent red velvet pancake fit for the stars. If you can’t make it down to Sunset to order the pancakes you can by the pancake mix and grill them up yourself at home whenever you want. Maybe red velvet isn’t for everyone, but don’t worry because you can get class buttermilk pancakes, banana and scotch on the rocks that includes butterscotch chips, coconut and pecans. Unlike many restaurants that serve generic pancake syrups, The Griddle Cafe serves only genuine maple syrup from Vermont. This is reason enough to give this L.A. institution a try because nothing beats real maple syrup. They also serve up some delicious waffles and french toast such as one kind made with thick sliced apple bread and a cinnamon crunch batter and served with fresh baked apples. Egg lovers don’t despair because you can pick from about a dozen egg dishes  and even a few hot and cold cereals. But do yourself a favor and don’t order a bowl of oatmeal or granola at the Griddle Cafe.

8. There Once Was A Diner In Nantucket

The Downeyflake Doughnut shop obviously touts its delicious doughnuts as a great breakfast. This restaurant has served the people on Nantucket Island for more than eighty years and it has earned its longevity. You have to take a ferry out to the island, but it sounds like its well worth the extra trip. This local favorite offers classic house made doughnuts like sugar coated, chocolate frosted and maple glazed. However, loyal customers of this Nantucket, MA eatery like to rave about the outstanding pancakes. The blueberry pancakes are the fan favorites, and they’re referred to as “famous” right on the menu so you know they have to be good. As if this isn’t enough Downeyflake makes its own blueberry syrup every day. As you’d expect the restaurant offers their own take on french toast, waffles and a variety of egg dishes including a couples of omelets. However, there is not denying that Downeyflake has built its great reputation and its following through making delicious pancakes and doughnuts. Great pancakes and doughnuts in one location – could you ask for anything more? One word of warning: this is a cash only business so make sure you stop at the ATM before you show up with your appetite.

7. Live Free And Eat Pancakes

Benton’s Sugar Shack in Thorton, New Hampshire is known far and wide in New England as a great place to get Pancakes. In addition to the tried and true classic buttermilk pancakes, Benton’s offers a delicious variety of different pancake flavors to tempt even the most discerning taste buds. The family restaurant offers such tasty flavors as cranberry apple cinnamon pancakes and the always popular Maine blueberry pancakes. Even though Benton’s is in New Hampshire, everyone in New England knows the best blueberries come from Maine. Whether you order one of the pancake platters or a french toast platter you can top your choice with Benton’s own house maple syrup. This sugar shack also offers egg lovers a selection of breakfast sandwiches and omelets made with local farm fresh eggs. If you’re lucky enough to visit Benton’s Sugar Shack you can stop in to their store and get yourself a jug of the fresh made pure maple syrup. Even a small amount isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money. This is truly a special treat that you should not pass up. Take a drive through New Hampshire during the autumn months to admire the brilliantly colored foliage then stop in and get yourself a big stack of pancakes. 

6. Pancake Street, NY

The Clinton Street Baking Company isn’t just a restaurant that offers awesome pancakes, its also a full service bakery loaded with all kinds of delicious treats to sample. But pancakes first: the Clinton Streer Baking Co. offers pancakes at breakfast, at dinner and also weekend brunch. Like many other places, this one offers a Maine Blueberry variety, but also has a banana and a chocolate option. All the pancakes are served with fresh maple butter. Brioche french toast is a popular choice for people who need a break from pancakes. There are also a number of upscale egg dishes such as Eggs Benedict and a smoked salmon scramble. You can order the same tasty pancake and french toast recipes for dinner if the mood strikes you. February is pancake month at the Clinton Street Baking Co. In honor of this very special occasion the restaurant offers different speciality pancakes on each day of the month. These special flavors include Raspberry jam, German Chocolate, Japanese Pumpkin and Blackberry. All of these sound delicious so it looks like February is a good time to visit New York City after all. You could also visit their bakery where they offer a host of pastries including biscuits, cakes and pies. 

5. Breakfast At The Jersey Shore

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House has been serving the beach going crowds at the New Jersey Shore for more than 55 years and has earned quite a loyal following over the decades. This family owned business has gradually expanded and now has 8 locations spread along the Jersey shore to offer hungry customers breakfast, lunch and brunch. But as a pancake house it is of course primarily known for its golden buttermilk, fruit topped and other delicious pancakes. Bill’s started offering gluten free pancakes for its customers that want to have this option. This long-time family owned restaurant also serves a selection of other breakfast items including several kinds of french toast, waffles and some egg dishes such as classic omelets and Eggs Benedict. They serve breakfast all day, but if breakfast just isn’t your cup of tea some of Uncle Bill’s Pancake House locations offer a tempting lunch and dinner menu as well. These menus include many of your favorites like steak sandwiches and pizzas to satisfy the biggest appetites. There are also several healthier options such as fresh salads with locally grown produce. The Jersey shore is a summer tradition and it seems that Uncle Bill’s Pancake House deserves to be one as well so dig in.

4. A Highland Form Of Pancake

The Highland Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia is definitely not your standard family diner, but it looks like they do know a lot about making delicious pancakes. Don’t expect just the usual buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup though because the Highland Bakery likes to take comfort food favorites and take them to another level. This restaurant offers its own variation on pancakes  such as its popular sweet potatoes pancakes and ricotta cheese pancakes. Both offer a tasty blend of savory and sweet for a pair of unique breakfast treats. You can also get a traditional french toast and a peanut butter french toast that uses challah bread and topped with caramelized bananas and brown sugar. Not surprisingly, at The Highland Bakery’s the egg dishes have a decidedly Southern charm so you can order things like country fried steak Benedict and fried chicken Benedict. Both tempting dishes are served on a fresh made country biscuit. The Highland Bakery started out as just a bakery that offered an assortment of fresh baked muffins and other baked goods, but it proved to be so popular that the owners decided to expand to a full menu. It has since evolved into a successful chain with a number of locations spread around Georgia. This means locals and tourists alike can enjoy some of the best pancakes in the South.

3. Apple Of Your Eye

Why do apple and pancakes go so good together? Maybe its science, maybe its just luck, but whatever the reason the Walker Brothers in Wilmett, Illinois seem to have it figured out. The Brothers Original Pancake House offers all the staples including buttermilk, blueberry and banana. These are probably very good, but these choices are just scratching the pancake surface. It’s not just on the menu, its a house speciality and a local favorite so you know it has to be good. The Apple Cinnamon Pancake is a giant mass of oven-baked goodness. Fresh apples, cinnamon and a sugar glaze make this a surefire hit, but you can make it even better with a big dollop of French vanilla ice cream – if this sounds pretty much like perfection to you you’re probably not alone. Another specialty at Walker Brothers is the German pancake. This is a thin concoction similar to a crepe and is dusted with a fine layer of powdered sugar for just the right amount of sweet. You can’t lose with the huge Belgian waffle the brothers offer either.  This giant confection is topped with fresh strawberries and generous serving of whipped cream. Even if you don’t love pancakes you’ll still want to have breakfast with the Walker brothers because they offer customers a hardy classic bacon and egg breakfast with thick cut pork to keep you happy all morning. For those with a fancy appetite the brothers offer an egg Benedict with Blue Crab meat. 

2. Berry Good Pancakes

Chicago, Illinois is well known for its deep dish pizza, but perhaps it needs a little more recognition when it comes to pancakes. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe serves pancakes to Chicagoans with its own unique twists. As usual you can get the classics like blueberry and buttermilk, but this cafe offers its own flavors up for classic status. Flavors like blackberry Key Lime pie and Oreo S’mores pancakes can’t be found everywhere. But at The Wildberry Cafe the signature pancakes are aptly named “Signature Berry Bliss” This stack of goodness uses fresh berries, Mascarpone, Vanilla Anglaise and Blackberry Coulis (a freshly prepared sauce used as a topping on cakes and other pastries.) Like any great breakfast spot the Wildberry Cafe offers a number of tasty egg dishes. They offer more than half a dozen omelettes including a Rutherford that is made with spinach, caramelized onions, goat cheese and bacon. The Espanola omelet features spicy ingredients like fresh Jalapeños, Cilantro and Chorizo sausage. This place also offers a whole battery of french toasts, waffles and crepes. How does a Gluten-free honey berry waffle sound? Or red velvet cake french toast? Next time your in the windy city you should have the pizza for lunch, but don’t forget to try Wildberry Cafe’s pancakes for breakfast.

1. Mr. Pancake

With a name like Mr. Pancake you’d better be good. By most accounts this family owned Wisconsin Dells eatery has been serving up the tastiest pancakes in the area for more than fifty years. If you like peanut butter than you’ll probably have to try the famous peanut butter pancakes. The fresh made batter is swirled with creamy peanut butter and topped with Reeses pieces and whipped cream. It’s like a sundae for breakfast! Another customer favorite is topped with strawberries and whipped cream so make sure you bring your appetite. But like any good breakfast spot Mr. pancake doesn’t limit himself to only pancakes and its a good thing because you can also order one of his specialties. Hot Fudge Banana Split Waffle that is pretty much what it sounds like. It includes bananas, ice cream, pecans, hot fudge and whipped topping. it sounds like dessert for breakfast and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if these are too much for you you can always get one of the classic choices such as buttermilk or apple pancakes. You can also choose Mr. Pancake’s very own Hawaiian pancakes that are topped with pineapple and powdered sugar. If you’re in the mood for something savory try one of the regional favorites in Wisconsin – the traditional Blintz. These thin cakes are wrapped around a creamy cheese filling and served with a side of sour cream. From the looks of the tempting menu items and regional specialties it looks like Mr. Pancake lives up to his name and is worth a trip to Wisconsin Dells. 

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