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10 American Cars You Should Avoid At All Costs


10 American Cars You Should Avoid At All Costs

Stephen King’s novel titled 11/22/63, published in 2011 talks about the late fifties and the early sixties and the food at the time. King writes about the root beer being cheaper and tasting better at that time, pies taste better, too. Generally, everything tastes better in the fifties and sixties. If you don’t like reading, binge the miniseries version of the novel starring James Franco in Hulu with the same title. What Stephen King wrote in that book is true not just with the food, but with automobiles, too. They do not make cars like those anymore. 

Nowadays, people thinking of buying a car get a lot of help by just going online and checking out reliable reports from experts like JD Power and Consumer Reports. These firms conduct serious research, surveys, data analysis, and everything else that helps them submit a perpetual report as can be. Now, it is fun to find out what the best cars on the market are, and what kind of a car our budget can afford. Sometimes these two values don’t meet, so we have to compromise. This article will help one avoid the mistake of getting a deal you think is a good one, when, upon looking under the hood, so to speak, it is a bad one. We will guide you on when to pounce, or so to speak again when to steer clear.

10. Dodge Journey

This car company was founded by brothers John Francis and Horace Elgin Dodge. Originally known as Dodge Brothers Company, Dodge have been building cars since 1914. Before that, though, they were just suppliers of auto parts for companies based in Detroit. Throughout the years Dodge was ranked third out of all car companies in sales, back in the 1920s, and dropped to seventh when the Dodge Brothers died. As the years went by, company structures changed. Acquisitions were made, change in management, and the company is under the umbrella of Chrysler, now known as FCA. Dodge is most popular for making light trucks and pickups. Some of the best they produced were the Dodge Power Wagon Top Hand in 1978, and the Dodge Ram SRT-10 in 2014.

The Dodge Journey 2016 was not a bad ride. It was okay for standards sought out by experts, but when the time came to upgrade and develop a 2017 version, that’s where the problem began. While it’s cabin storage, ride quality and quietness are great, there are still problems everywhere else. Firstly, the transmission is unresponsive and was changed to a poor 4-shifter automatic. It has a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine with 173 horsepower and was analyzed to lose 75% of its value in just 5 years.

9. Jeep Patriot

Here is another car company under Chrysler or FCA. Jeep was developed during and after World War II, they were originally manufactured and supplied to support American soldiers in the war. The vehicles you see in war movies ridden by the majors or the star of the film driving or riding shotgun, that’s a Jeep. It was the main source of transport and was very reliable back then. It got so popular that the term jeep is now used for any kind of automobile with the same make and size that braves unusual and rough terrain.

Consumer Report has some good things to say about it, they say it has simple controls and is a compliant ride. But that easily overshadows the other problems in other aspects of the car. It has an awkward driving position and the seat is not very comfortable. It has a loud engine noise and the acceleration totally does not match the level of noise it makes. It hurts one’s botto and their ears, that’s a tough combination to ignore. Plus, feedback states that it has an overly complicated radio console. It has a very nice name, but the Jeep Patriot got low marks and bad reviews from both Consumer Report and JD Power. This car will just not cut it for the prospective buyer.

8. Ford Fiesta

Everything has a small version, including cars. Small sedans or subcompact cars are good, environmentally friendly cars that are all the rave in the market now. How many girls have we seen step off a car like the Ford Fiesta to buy something in the mall, to get their nails done, or to visit their parents or granny & gramps on a nice Sunday afternoon? Too many times, right? It’s an economical, easy to drive car, which occupies little driving space but enough legroom inside for an average-sized woman. Nowadays, these kinds of cars are driven by any kind of driver, that’s how good and comfy they are. Despite its cuteness and its overall appeal to the masses, the Ford Fiesta poses some problems, unfortunately.

The Ford Fiesta is actually the smallest car that Ford manufactures, they introduced it in the market in 1976 and it weighs just a little over 1000 kilograms. Fuel economy is top notch, let’s get that straight. But the rough-shifting, the slipping transmissions, they are legit problems. To date, they are poorly designed and overpriced as a result. It received low reliability and dependability ratings. This car could still bounce back, with just a makeover, just a redesign would change the picture for this cute little Ford Fiesta. But for now, let’s cross it off the list.

7. Chevrolet Suburban

Right at the top sits Chevrolet, it is an American car brand that’s a division of GM or General Motors Company. It was founded by former GM co-founder William Durant and former race car driver Louis Chevrolet. Theirs was a match made in heaven. For they will partner up and in just 10 years, would pass rival company Ford as the top-selling car company in the United States. This car has been in the bloodstream of American culture for almost a century now, developing iconic cars through the years like the 1957 Chevrolet. You won’t see a film set in the fifties and sixties without a Chevrolet car passing by in the background. Other popular and all-time great Chevrolet cars are the Impala, the Corvette Sting Ray, and of course the Camaro, which is known in today’s pop culture as Bumblebee.

The Suburban is the oldest car model of Chevrolet, it’s been around since 1935. It’s been around so long that it is now in its eleventh generation. Throughout the years, the Suburban has had issues, most notably in 2007 and 2009. The new model does not have those big problems the Suburban had, but these are problems that we cannot ignore, nonetheless. Mostly mechanical issues, reports, and feedback state issues with maneuvering and parking, power equipment an in-car electronic glitches.

6. Chrysler 200

The brains behind the Chrysler car company is Walter Chrysler, he founded Chrysler Corporation in 1925. It did not have a steady business story, making acquisitions here and there, merging with other companies along the way, and now it is known as FCA or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Before the Italian company Fiat, Chrysler had ties with Dodge, Mitsubishi, and American Motors Corporation. Classic Chrysler cars that are American favorites are the 1964 Imperial, the 1967 Newport, and the Chrysler 300. Subtract a hundred to that last car model and we have a different story.

Statements and feedback gotten by Consumer Report from their survey and questionnaire results were reliability albatross, rough and unsettled, uncooperative, and a lethargic 4-cylinder engine. You cannot deny that Chrysler makes some very beautiful-looking cars, and the Chrysler 200 is a real beaut. But aside from getting the overall lowest road-test score in its car type, it was also the last in predicted reliability rating. It had problematic drive systems, rough shifting, slipping and transmission lock-ups. It had good features and an optional V6 engine, but the interior looks cheap, and not very spacious. These issues have led to the company CEO Sergio Marchionne deciding to run its course, which is executive talk for we are trashing this car.

5. Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is one of many sport utility vehicles, or SUV in the market today. It was introduced to consumers in 2007 and has for two generations. To be exact, the Jeep Compass is a subcompact crossover SUV, meaning it’s like a mini-SUV. A car that’s supposed to have the power of an SUV and the comfortability and space a sedan lacks. From 2010, the Jeep Compass has seen an increase in sales every year, that is after 2016. From 2017, there was a significant 31% decrease in sales of the Jeep Compass SUV. The 2017 Jeep Compass has got problems that are very hard to ignore and some of them are annoying ones for the driver.

In the category SUV or subcompact crossover SUVs, the competition is fierce. Having said that, customers looking for such a vehicle are unforgiving, looking for the tiniest hole in the fabric, finding sub-par quality, and will certainly be more sensitive and more fault-finding than that single aunt of ours from the eighties. A measly 158-horsepower 2.0 liter engine, a cramped cabin, the annoying whistling or wind noise driving hear from inside, and engine noise as well. If we are looking for a car like this, let’s look for other subcompact SUVs first.

4. Lincoln MKS

The problem with the Lincoln MKS is that it did not have enough changes from the original back in 2009 to warrant a more expensive sedan. The Lincoln MKS has lost the luxury in its luxury sedan classification. It should be changed to an antique luxury sedan if they want to keep at it. Save for some cosmetic changes and revisions, there really is not much to look forward to in the new models every time a release is announced. Their pride, the mylincoln touch multimedia system is not fooling the Lincoln fan, it’s just a smokescreen, a distraction that masks the puny attempts at a “new” model.

Let’s start with the price, luxury sedans are relatively more expensive than the regular sedans. With that said, the expectation from a luxury sedan, especially when it is a new model, is cutting edge technology, advanced features, and generally new and exciting things in store for the prospective owner. But its almost the same thing, from the V6 engine, turbocharged or non-turbo, the 6-speed shiftable automatic, they are all old news. If this is what we are getting, we might as well buy the older models, the cheaper, the better. Give us more, Lincoln MKS.

3. Tesla Model X

Tesla is one of the newest car companies today. It was named after Nikola Tesla, the great inventor, and was co-founded by Elon Musk, the great PayPal inventor. Kidding aside, Elon Musk has a mind that looks to the future 20 years in advance. He is the Chairman and CEO of Tesla, a car company specializing in electric vehicles. In its young 15-year history, Tesla has produced 3 car models. The Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X, and the Tesla Model 3. The Tesla Model S sold almost sixty thousand cars all over the world, making it the number one plug-in car in 2016. While Tesla Model S is the luxury sedan type vehicle, the Tesla Model 3 is the regular sedan type, but it’s Tesla’s third generation car. The last car is the Tesla Model X, and it’s a crossover SUV type.

For a company that’s so innovative and so ahead of the others in terms of technology, they somehow forgot the practical things that entail car ownership. The issues with the Tesla Model X are more like persistent insects at a barbecue party. The falcon-wing doors, they’re cute and futuristic. But they are slow as heck when opening, and even when closing! And lots of people are asking why the rear seat back cannot fold, are they doing something wrong, is there a special button? Other issues are locks and latches, climate systems, and onboard electronics.

2. Lincoln MKT

Lincoln, or Lincoln Motor Company, is a car company operating under the Ford. It’s a car company producing all luxury-type vehicles, sedans, town cars, and limousines. Named after one of the greatest President of these United States, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln was founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland. During the 1920s, Ford Motor Company acquired Lincoln because it did not fare well in the market and before it got bankrupt Ford stepped in and saved the company. The best-ever produced Lincoln cars of all time are the 1961 Lincoln Continental, the 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, the 1984 Lincoln Mark VII and the 2003 Lincoln Town Car Cartier L. The Lincoln MKT is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV type vehicle that was released in the market in 2010.

The same problems discussed with the Lincoln MKS is what we are facing here with the Lincoln MKT. This luxury SUV received below-average scores from JD Power for reliability and initial quality, and the depreciation value is also below-average. What else are we looking at if the same model is released for the last 7 times they said that it’s a new model. We understand it’s the recipe that works for them, but it’s a taste that the consumers are starting to get tired off. They can’t expect us to eat luxury meatloaf every day, are they?

1. Cadillac ATS

The Cadillac Motor Car Division, or Cadillac, has for it’s daddy General Motors. Just like its rival Lincoln, Cadillac specializes in luxury vehicles. And just like Lincoln again, this company was co-founded by the same man, Henry M. Leland. The company name came from the French explorer, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit. And again, kind of like Lincoln, Cadillac was acquired by General Motors in 1909. The best cars produced by Cadillac are the 1937 Cadillac Phaeton 5859, the 1941 Series 62 Convertible, and the Eldorado Biarritz. The Cadillac ATS scores were 57 overall and -120 in reliability, what happened to this car?

Traditionally, the Cadillac ATS problems are in its engine and the interior accessories. Years later, these are still the issues. This car drives very well, the style and design, no problems there. Firstly, it has an under-powered turbocharged engine, how is that possible, how did they manage to do that. When it comes to the interior, the trunk space is lacking, the seat uncomfortable and cramped, and it’s not very easy to get in and step out of the car. To add to those things, the depreciation value is not very good. Only 31% of the car’s value sticks after 5 years. Let’s pass on the Cadillac ATS today.

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