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10 Amazing New Food Innovations That Will Make Your Mouth Water


10 Amazing New Food Innovations That Will Make Your Mouth Water

The Top 10 Amazing New Food Innovations That Will Make Your Mouth Water really will make your mouth water. Be ready. Grab a bucket or a bib? Or maybe they are not literally mouthwatering and are actually just so darn cool. Check it out for yourself to decide. Here are the Top 10 Amazing New Food Innovations That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

10. Fire Grain Freekeh

Cool name right? The Fire Grain Freekeh is apparently the “new” grain about town. It is kind of like quinoa and also kind of like farro. This innovation is amazing and mouthwatering because it will change up your healthy bowls, and let’s be real, healthy bowls are the bomb right now. The Fire Grain Freekeh comes from something called durum wheat and is harvested during a special time of year that only lasts about two weeks. That makes this little grain extra special. Once the little baby durum wheat is harvested it is roasted on an open fire; just like chestnuts at Christmas or marshmallows in the summer. But, don’t worry, you do not need to fire roast these grains yourself. That is all done for you. The durum is fire roasted then rubbed. The rubbing gets ride of something called chaff. The rubbing is actually what gives this little wheat its name; freekeh. Farik is an Arabic word for rubbed. This is all pretty neat. It may seem like nothing now, but just wait. This is the new bottom to your healthy bowl. The new grain on the town and it certainly is fired up and ready to meet you.

9. Activated Charcoal Ice Cream

This next item on our list of the Top 10 Amazing New Foods That Will Make Your Mouth Water is activated charcoal Ice Cream. Activated charcoal has actually been around for some time but you may have not heard of it or ever consumed it. Enter ice cream. Ice cream can take anything to the next level! Activated charcoal ice cream is super dope because you get the yummy ice cream taste while also getting a mini detox! That’s right! Activated charcoal is all about cleaning out your system and taking care of your body. That being said, it can also be rather dangerous. The reason activated charcoal is so great but also so hazardous is because it absorbs toxins. So it will suck up the bad things in you and when you “pass” it you will be saying goodbye to the charcoal and the toxins all in one flush of your toilet. That sounds great! Why not have some every day and keep our body rid of toxins? Well, the activated charcoal is so absorbent that it can also suck up medications. So, if you are on anything (even birth control ladies) the activated charcoal can render your medication ineffective. Some hospitals even use activated charcoal as a treatment! So cool! Apparently activated charcoal pills are used to help alleviate indigestion or diarrhea! Now, while all of this is good information to have it is also important to know that having one activated charcoal ice cream is not going to kill you. In fact, it may make you feel super-duper wonderful! It is also nice that you are getting the dope benefits and a treat. It is like working out while eating donuts. Also, since the new trend is activated charcoal ice cream it isn’t something you would consume every day anyway, right? The saying isn’t a spoon of activated charcoal ice cream a day kept the doctor away! The activated charcoal ice cream is a treat! An amazing detoxifying treat! Just wait, next summer it will be all over the place.

8. Barry Callebaut’s Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate. Pink in colour and rich on the palate. But, don’t take our word for it. Trust in the creators, the team at Berry Callebaut, who have come up with this mouth-watering new innovation! Barry Callebaut is one of the world leaders in chocolate. They have their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and employ over twelve thousand people. They also work out of more than forty countries; which means that they supply a lot of chocolate to a lot of people. This means that Barry Callebaut knows what’s up with chocolate! The new ruby chocolate that is on the market is no small feat. Nor is it some little gimmick in which they just put food coloring into white chocolate. No, no, it is nothing silly or lame like that. Ruby chocolate actually comes from the ruby cocoa bean. So, it is a totally natural flavor that we are experiencing for the first time ever. Mouth-watering, huh? Apparently cocoa beans are kind of high maintenance (whose surprised?!), meaning that they are dramatically effected by their surroundings. They need the proper temperature, amounts of sunlight, and humidity to thrive. Kind of like all of us, no? The ruby cocoa bean grows in Ecuador, Brazil, and Ivory Coast. It tastes super smooth and ever so slightly fruity. This is the newest kind of chocolate. It is cool. It is very real and it is also here to stay. Check it out and be ahead of the trend before it gets really wild.

7. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Science meets ice cream meets a declined group of people on Shark Tank meets all of us. That is right, the gang from Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream went onto Shark Tank and did not get an offer. Though they did not leave the tank with a shark they have still wowed everyone with their ice cream which basically becomes ice cream through a process of freezing using liquid nitrogen. So, if they are freezing using liquid nitrogen then do they need freezers at all? Nope! They don’t! How crazy is that! Customers get their ice cream freshly flash frozen when they order! How flipping innovative is that!? Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream first opened in 2004 with the aim of creating a yummy treat in a fun way. Now, they have franchised and can be found in the US as well as China and the United Arab Emirates. So find one if you can and get on in their can order from their long list of flavors and get your ice cream flash frozen! What will it be? Cherry? Cake Batter? Marshmallow? Will you put in any mix-ins? You can! You can put in Oreos or pecans or peaches or cheese cake bites or all sorts of other things. Get on it. Bet you you can’t find ice cream done like this anywhere else than at Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream!

6. Bubba’s Boneless BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Everyone! This is amazing! Baby back ribs without the bone! This is apparently a Shark Tank “Biggest Deal Ever” and really you probably know about this one already, but it is important to reiterate how innovative, how magnificent, how deliciously AWESOME Bubba’s Boneless BBQ Baby Back Ribs are. What more could we day? They render us salivating and speechless. This definitely makes the list of top 10 amazing new food innovations that will make your mouth water.

5. Sous Vid

Okay. Let’s be real. You may have head of sous viding food and you may have thought that it was either crazy expensive, super snobby, super difficult, super unattainable, or just so different that it could not possibly be for you. But, it can be for anyone! It really can! Using a sous vid really is not that hard and it makes food so moist and delicious you will be literally salivating. All you need is the sous vid machine and then you can get yourself a bin from anywhere to use as the water bucket. What you do is you cut up your food and season it, for example meat. You can cut your turkey for Christmas and season it with a whole bunch of stuff, heck, you may even make a roulade of some kind! Or you could even just spice up some steaks for a big BBQ. Then you take your prepared food and put it in a bag. Using a Food Saver always helps. Then you put the sealed bag into the water that the sous vid has temperature regulated. Then that is it. The water will cook the food at a sustained temperature for like five or so hours! Then you take your food out of the bag and sear it on the stove or even on the BBQ and boom! You are ready to serve. This is a great way to free up your oven if you are hosting a big group and have a lot of other things going. Sous vid can also be just to pickle things! It is super cool and fun to use. It is not for big time chefs. It is for you. In your kitchen. So you can play around and get to cooking in a new and innovative way!

4. Cricket Flour 

There is yet another super food on the market that you probably never knew existed and that is cricket flour! It is also known as hamen by some. It is new and it is innovative. Well… new may be a stretch, it is not really that new, but it is new to Western cultures and the Western market. Cricket flour is basically crushed up crickets. As weird as that may sound you have to consider that crickets are totally edible! Just like grasshoppers or mealworms. Crickets are rich in fiber and nutrients. So, when using cricket flour you are getting way for protein rather than the typical starches that come with grain based flour. Cricket flour is also super sustainable. There are tons of crickets out there, they reproduces really fast, and there is almost no maintenance needed to keep them alive. On the flip side crickets feed on some pretty icky things. So, not everyone who has consumed cricket flour has felt so hot afterwards. But, that is not the case across the board. This thing would not be on the market and would not be doing so well if it wasn’t super awesome. People have been using cricket flour in their breads, cookies, and even in their smoothies. There is a lot you can do with this new flour! If you are on a Keto Diet this flour is a super substitute for grain flour! Keto dieters… aren’t your mouths watering?

3. O.Vine Water

Everyone, gather round and let’s have a toast. Now, imagine everyone is picking up their glasses of wine and clinking glasses and making eye contact and having a grand old time. Now, oh, wait… What’s that? They are not drinking wine? What? What can they be drinking? Oh! It is just the water infused with wine?! Duhhh! Water infused with wine. Can you even believe it? You better believe it because it is real! O.Vine is a company that has created “a deliciously refreshing water with the essence of fine wine” according to their website. They upcycle the grape skins and seeds that had been used for wine making to create a low calorie and high in antioxidant water. If you had been looking to up your water game – this might be it. Nothing says swanky like wine water. They even have some options that are “gently sparkling.” Ohhh! How fancy! Not only is the product inside the bottle pretty classy, but the bottle itself is also exciting and pretty. It is tall and slender, almost like actual wine bottles are. It is also pretty cool to have a “wine” option that is alcohol free! Give this one a try. Maybe it will be something nice to sip on at a picnic or maybe designated drivers can drink it at a party and still feel like they are drinking wine! Either way this is a neat new innovation that deserves trying!

2. Impossible Food’s ‘Bleeding’ Veggie Burger

Believe it or not having a burger ‘bleed’ is sort of part of the experience. There are so many things that happen when we eat that our brains have registered as normal and when they are no longer there we feel kind of odd. For example, a burger ‘bleeding’ slightly is totally normal and something we register as what should be. Veggie burgers obviously do not do that, until now. Impossible Foods has come up with a burger they call the Impossible Burger that ‘bleeds’ just like any other burger. This is crazy! How interesting! They use something called “soy leghemoglobin” to give the burger the ‘bloody’ look and iron like taste that you get when eating a meat burger. Not only is this neat but it is also FDA approved! So, for the people who are not accustomed to eating strictly plant based foods this burger could be their answer to helping them transition. Or, the Impossible Burger could be a great way for them to enjoy the veggie burger without feeling like they are sacrificing something. Even for vegetarians this burger is cool. Sometimes a vegetarian misses meat and this way they get some of those meaty burger feels without actually having a meat-y burger. How innovative! Well done Impossible Foods. You have made what was seemingly impossible totally happen!

1. Edible Water Bottle Orbs

Next on our list of the Top 10 Amzing New Food Innovations That Will Make Your Mouth Water is water! Ha! The Edible Water Bottle Orbs are so amazing that you will want to experience them right away. The Edible Water Bottle Orb is exactly what it sounds like, an orb of water that you can safely consume. The orb is made out of algae and is totally biodegradable. So, if you are not into eating it then just throw it into your compost and bam! It will go right ahead and decompose. This is such a great invention at a time when our planet needs less plastic bottles that take forever to decompose and basically just fill up landfills and clutter the oceans. Having a more bio-friendly view on things is pretty hip right now and is honestly the right way to be thinking and acting. But, let’s be real… all of the good aco stuff aside the Edible Water Orb is flipping amazing! You will feel like a person from the future when you consume it. Or like a person or alien from a different planet. Or like some kind of wizard. Its so so so so so cool! So, let’s try to help the planet while experiencing a water that is so different and clever and cool that you will want to drink more water just for the fun of it! Hey! There is yet another great bonus of the Edible Water Orb! Hydration! You will probably be way more hydrated once you start popping these orbs! Water rules!

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