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10 Absolute Worst Challenges On Man V. Food


10 Absolute Worst Challenges On Man V. Food

Man V. Food is a show that is all about intense eating challenges. Its hosts, Adam Richman and Casey Webb, travel around America…and take on some daunting eating challenges along the way! Man V. Food fans will love learning about the craziest challenges to date. Could you win these challenges?

10. The Dagwood Challenge (Ohio Deli And Restaurant)

This challenge went down in Columbus, Ohio, at the Ohio Deli and Restaurant. It was one of those quantity challenges, and host Adam Richman often finds these types of challenges especially tough. He suffers for his art in order to entertain his loyal fans. When Richman faced down the massive Dagwood sandwich, with its epic height, not to mention a full pound of golden-brown French Fries, he worried about the high starch content. When eating challenges are heavy on starches, it’s harder to complete them successfully. This challenge was very popular with viewers, although it probably wasn’t the most intense challenge of them all. During the challenge, Richman utilized strategy in order to cope. He won the challenge. Could you win the challenge? To do so, you’ll need to gorge on a crazily huge sandwich made from a whopping twenty-one ounces of cold cuts. The Dagwood features seven ounces of ham, seven ounces of turkey and seven ounces of roast beef. It’s also adorned with mayo and cheese. The fillings are placed between slices of French bread. The huge pile of French Fries is on the side. You’ll have half an hour to tackle this carb-laden eating challenge. If you do it, you’ll get a pic on the eatery’s Wall of Fame. You’ll also receive a t-shirt that lets the world know that you devoured the Dagwood. If you lose, you’ll still get something. It’s a t-shirt that says, “The Dagwood Kicked My ***!” Challenge rules may change from time to time. Check with your Ohio Deli And Restaurant server before undertaking this one. Then, prepare to work your way through a veritable Matterhorn of bread, meat and potatoes. 

9. Fire in Your Hole Hot Wings (Munchies 420 Cafe)

Richman has a rep for excelling in the hellfire-style challenges. He can usually triumph when it comes to spicy challenges. However, a “fire in your hole” eating challenge at a Sarasota, Florida cafe was just too much for him. Richman visited Munchies 420 Cafe and felt that the odds were stacked against him right from the very start. He complained that staff members at the cafe, who were wearing microphones, could be heard talking about overloading the hot wings used in the challenge with a full bottle of brutally spicy chili extract. The hot sauce was called Jet Black Ghost and using the whole bottle was a trick that the staff members allegedly employed for the purpose of smoking Adam out. This hot sauce treachery may be the reason why Richman couldn’t win this challenge. Richman was upset that he got special treatment, which decreased his odds of finishing the ten seriously spicy hot wings. He wanted to take the same eating challenge that other people took. He was also angry because it’s not safe to put that much spicy chili extract in food. It can actually be a dangerous thing. Richman said that the same extract is utilized as a weapon in law enforcement grenades in India. So, Richman lost this one, but maybe not fair and square.

8. B3 “Big Badass Burrito”(NASCAR Cafe)

The NASCAR Cafe in Las Vegas is no more, but memories of its six-pound B3 Burrito linger…especially for Adam Richman. This challenge signified another humiliating defeat for Richman. He made a strong effort, but couldn’t muster the strength to swallow every bite of the mammoth burrito. If Adam had managed to eat the whole thing, he would have grabbed a spot om the Wall of Fame. He would also have been awarded a lifetime pass to the Sahara hotel’s “Speed: The Ride” roller coaster. The NASCAR Cafe was situated within the Sahara, until a 2011 renovation led to the cafe’s demise. To win this challenge, Richman needed to eat a 6-pound burrito that measured 24 inches in length. The time limit was 90 minutes or less. This burrito was made from onions, sour cream, shredded beef, 4 flour tortillas, enchilada sauce, guacamole and nacho cheese. It also contained beans. The whole thing had a calorie count of five thousand. That’s basically a couple day’s food for most people, or even more. During the second season of Man V. Food, Richman took the challenge. Before his attempt, only 2 out of 200 people had managed to inhale the whole burrito. So, the odds were against Adam from the start. He managed to eat 75 percent of the savory treat in just fifteen minutes. A little past the half-hour mark, he just couldn’t continue. A pound remained and Richman conceded defeat.

7. Hot Dogger Eating Challenge (Roast Grill)

This challenge went down in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was one of those challenges that is a record-breaker. During the Chili Dog Challenge, Richman scarfed down seventeen hot dogs. Each hot dog featured mustard, as well as chili that was made from scratch. Adam had 60 minutes to eat all of the hot dogs. He managed to get the job done in half the time. This earned him a record. After setting a new record, Richman was offered the chance to rename the eating challenge. He dubbed it the “Man V. Food Hot Dog Challenge”. After Adam set a new record, the person who held the record before Richman decided to step up his own game. He came back to the Roast Grill, ate eighteen chili dogs in just 23 minutes, and got his record back. The name of the challenge was then reverted to the original “Hot dogger eating challenge”. Richman outdid himself here, but there was a previous record-holder who was determined to reclaim his crown. Image eating so many hot dogs, all of which are loaded with chili and condiments, in such a short time. Pro eating challenge participants deserve props for their dedication and commitment. Remember, they do it all to entertain us. Maybe they want to beat their personal bests, too. Will Adam ever try to regain his record? Maybe not. It seems like his eating challenge days are behind him. Eating challenges put some tough demands on the human body. 

6. Stuffed Pizza Challenge (Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop)

Adam traveled to Connecticut to take a stuffed pizza challenge at Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop. This eating challenge required finishing a whopping ten pounds of stuffed pizza. The pizza measured twenty-two inches in diameter. This challenge was a big different, because it wasn’t just Adam trying to finish the food. It was a challenge that Adam took on along with another participant. While Adam had some help, he went all out during the challenge and distinguished himself by eating his share before the time limit was reached. He didn’t finish until there was just one second remaining on the clock. If you saw just how much stuffed pizza was on each guy’s plate at the start of the challenge, you’d know that this challenge was a daunting one. Adam and his compadre had a lot of dipping sauces that they could use to make things go down a little easier. Of course, dipping the pizza means taking in even more food! This challenge was right down to the wire, which made it very exciting. Fans cheered for the guys as they chowed down. Partway through the challenge, a light sheen of sweat appeared on Adam’s face. He was giving his all and it showed. Eating on this scale certainly isn’t easy. It’s a tough job and not everyone is cut out for it. 

5. Ultimate Slider Challenge (Chompie’s)

During this challenge, Adam Richman visited Chompie’s in Tempe, Arizona. The year was 2010 and the challenge took place during the third season of the show. In preparation for the challenge, bakers at Chompie’s whipped up tons of extra Challah buns, just to ensure that demand would be met. Unfortunately, Adam couldn’t manage to complete the slider challenge. The plate of sliders that he was served was so huge. The plate featured a mass of Jewish sliders. Perhaps too many Jewish sliders, because few people manage to ace this tough challenge. When the challenge was shown on TV, people flocked to various Chompie’s eateries in Arizona to get their own sliders. Over 7,600 of the treats were sold that day. This eating challenge was so hard. The plate of sliders weighed in at five full pounds. There were a dozen sliders on the plate, plus a bunch of onion strings. To get on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame, challengers need to devour every single bit in just half an hour or less. While Richman couldn’t secure a place on the Wall of Fame, he sure entertained the hungry crowd. He also helped the world to discover the wonders of Jewish sliders from Chompie’s. How many sliders could you eat in 30 minutes or less? When eating challenges are carb-heavy, like this one, it’s often tougher to make the grade. These sliders look tasty, in moderation. Their buns are rich and chewy and substantial. Their fillings are…filling.

4. 15 Dozen Oyster Challenge (Acme Oyster House)

When Adam dropped by the Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, he was ready to try and join the “15 Dozen Club”. Only those who can eat 15 dozen oysters at one sitting become members of this exclusive club. We’re talking about eating 180 oysters. That’s a lot. Adam did get the job done. Acme Oyster House is located on Iberville Street in New Orleans. Adam joined the 15 Dozen Club in January of 2009. The most prolific Oyster eater ever at the French Quarter branch of Acme Oyster House is Pat Bertoletti, from Palos Heights, Illinois. Pat has consumed 44 dozen oysters at Acme Oyster House. Pat accomplished this feat in July of 2015. There’s no shortage of raw oysters at Acme Oyster House. Other delicacies include Po-Boy sandwiches, Boo fries that come with cheese, gravy and roast beef, seafood gumbo and crab cakes. The oyster overload that Adam experienced during the challenge had an interesting and understandable side effect. He basically lost all desire to eat oysters afterwards. He has eaten several since then, but less than a dozen. They aren’t his first choice when it comes to chowing down off-camera. If you want to retain your love of oysters, you may want to sit this challenge out. 

3. Kodiak Arrest Challenge (Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse)

This food challenge was a bit more exotic and interesting. It wasn’t the usual hot wings or mega-sandwich challenge. According to Richman, this was the eating challenge that he liked the best. Food offered during the Kodiak Arrest Challenge was out of the ordinary…and very Alaskan! During the challenge, the Man V. Food host has to consume a feast that weighed six pounds. It included reindeer sausage, Alaskan crab legs, cakes made from wild salmon, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. Plus, he had to eat ice cream for dessert. The time limit for this challenge was ninety minutes. This meal was big enough to feed a crowd, but Richman had to devour all of it on his own. It took him fifteen minutes just to crack open the Alaskan crab legs. However, Richman managed to swallow everything and complete the challenge. If you want to try this challenge, head for Humpy’s in Anchorage. If you complete the challenge within the time limit, your food will be free and you’ll get a funny t-shirt, plus a spot on the winner’s Hall of Fame. The fastest time so far for this eating challenge is twelve minutes and thirty-eight seconds. You won’t be able to leave your table during the challenge. If you lose, your feast will cost you $179.99.

2. Absolutely Ridiculous Burger Challenge (Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar)

With this challenge, the format was a little different. Adam took on a challenge with 40 or so other people. He headed for Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Southgate, MI, and he and his crew then attempted to polish off a burger that weighed 190 pounds. The burger was a Guinness World Record holder! This challenge had never happened before. It was a new and different thing. Adam and his group of eaters could not finish the burger within the two-hour time limit, so this challenge resulted in a team loss. If you want one of these burgers for your own group event, you’re welcome to order one, but you’ll need to shell out two thousand bucks for this mammoth savory treat. The burger-eating event was exciting. It included a KISS tribute band, and firefighters and hockey players were there to help Richman win the challenge. Each person would have needed to eat around five pounds of food in order to win the challenge, but the group just couldn’t do it. This challenge was too much for the group. People seemed relieved when it was over. Have you ever eaten five pounds of food at one sitting? If you have, you may have what it takes to enter these crazy eating contests. Some people can handle a lot more food than others.

1. Five Milkshake Challenge (Crown Candy Kitchen)

The idea of consuming this much dairy at one time is really kind of gross. It’s just a lot of rich, creamy dairy at one time. Even the most passionate milkshake fans may find that drinking down five big, thick milkshakes in one sitting is just impossible. Richman did complete the Five Milkshake Challenge at Crown Candy Kitchen, but vomited afterwards. He had consumed 120 ounces of the challenge drink in less than half an hour. It’s no wonder he made a beeline for the bathroom afterwards. Richman has pushed himself to the edge for our amusement. These eating challenges are just out of hand. Most people could not complete them, and Richman’s completed plenty of them. Adam eventually gave up the eating challenges. Some of those challenges, including the Hellfire challenges, caused him physical pain. He doesn’t miss the feeling of pain and uncomfortable fullness. While he was still in the competitive eating game, he reigned supreme. There will always be other who are willing to follow in his footsteps. Competitive eating isn’t a healthy activity, but it’s a crowd-pleaser. Now that you know about the worst challenges on Man V. Food, you can try them for yourself. These challenges are very tough, and those who prevail get bragging rights. They usually get t-shirts, too. 

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